Do Animals Have Souls?




Animals and Reincarnation
    On a lighter note, we interrupt the life and death discussion of
Humans to talk about animals. There are the questions not asked,
but lying there, of which you are more than curious.
It has been asked, "do animals reincarnate?'"
    Again, the Human Being looks at animals as one word that
covers trillions of entities on the planet. You believe that all of them
either do or don't reincarnate, and you want one answer for them all.
What if I was from another planet and communicated to you this
question: "What color are animals? I want one answer, please. "You'd
laugh, and wonder what kind of singular consciousness I might
have in my reality to ask such a thing.
     So I say to you regarding your reincarnation question: Which
ones? "You mean there's a difference?" Oh, yes! We've already
gone over the purpose of animals on the planet. We've told you
 many things about animals. We've told you that some of them are
 actually designed to be eaten, and they come for this very purpose.
We've indicated to you what's wrong with the way you're treating
 them, and that you don't honor them in their death, or even as you
 extract their resources while they're alive. And that, my dear friends,
 is the reason there's disease in the meat. When you start honoring
 these animals in their death so that they can create the food that's
 needed for you, then you'll see the disease disappear.
    This is a factor that has yet to be named in your language or your
 culture - the idea that there's an energy that the Human creates
 even in the appropriate slaughter of animals for food, the results
 of which change these animals and the health of the Human who
 consumes them. Why is it that the indigenous knew about it and
 you don't? It's an energy that addresses the consciousness of Gaia
[Earth] and the animal kingdom. It addresses the way animals are
honored in death.
   Animals don't all reincarnate, but some do- if it's appropriate
for the Humans around them. Most of the animals on the planet
don't reincarnate, but there are a select group and individuals who
 do, and even a "rule of thumb" that you can apply to those who do
 and those who don't. When I tell you about the ones who do, you're
going to understand a little bit more about the process of who you
 are. Blessed is the Human Being who walks this planet in lesson:
Everything revolves around you! It may not look like it, but it does.
Gaia knows who you are when you walk on the dirt! You have a
light that you can strike [create] and carry with you that will change
the very elements around you. Matter will respond to what you do
because you are the angels disguised as Human Beings.
     Some of you have selected various animals on Earth to be your
 partners or friends, and you call them pets. Even some of the ones
 to be slaughtered, if they have a Human who loves them, are pets...
 if only for a while. These are the ones who reincarnate.
      "Why should such a thing be? How does that work? Do
 they have souls? What's the 'rule you speak of?" In a way, they do have
 souls, but not as your souls are structured - not with the lessons
your souls carry or the multiple aspects you have. They're not angels,
 but they're support entities to those who are. [Humans] When they
 reincarnate, the reason is in honor of the Human Being, you see?
Animals, in general, don't last that long on the planet. You might
 have this beautiful partner, this love essence that you have with an
 animal pet-friend. Then that animal-friend disappears in death, for
 again, they don't live that long. The rule of incarnations is, therefore,
"If the Human needs it, it happens." So there is a scenario created
 within the system that helps Humans temper the loss of this love,
 and we'll give it to you.
     When your precious animal-friend dies, go look for another one
 right away. Don't wait. Don't wait! I'll tell you why. Immediately go
 looking in places where animal babies are. Make no presuppositions
 about the kind of animal or the gender. Don't necessarily try to
 match the one you lost. Instead, go to the places where you intui-
 tively believe the young animals are, and look into their eyes. One
 of them will be the one... because it - and the Universe - knows
 intuitively where you're going to look!
     This is the system that honors you. Many know this and have
 said, "I know this is so because when I found this other animal to be
 my partner and my pet, it started doing the same things that my former
 animal did - it even responded the same way to me." It's a beautiful
 system in honor of you. It's an acknowledgment of a broken heart,
you see? So you can pick up where you left off.
     Some may now ask, "What size animal are we talking about?
Is there a limit?" We say, there you go again.
What size do you want? An elephant or a mouse? It doesn't make
 a difference. If they're loved by you and part of your karmic energy,
they'll reincarnate.However,it might be prudent of you to intuitively
look for the size of animal that meets your living needs. God doesn't
give you an elephant when your mouse dies...


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