Animals & Ascension

The Pleiadian Light: Animals and Ascension
Channeled through Hannah Beaconsfield
The ascension process you are experiencing is planetary in its dimensions. All species, elements, and energies on Earth are changing and receiving an upgrade in consciousness.
We would like to turn your attention to the animals with which you share the Earth, especially your pets that are taken in as members of your families. You are aware of the changing attitude toward pets, which has expanded dramatically in the last century. Many animals went from utilitarian elements in an agricultural society to creatures treated like children or siblings in a family.
During the 20th Century human consciousness en masse began to expand allowing for more empathy and communication to flow between peoples who formerly considered each other foreign and, by extension, to include a growing sensitivity toward domestic animals. This opening to animal consciousness is nowhere near ideal in your current situation; however, there are many more individuals who openly communicate with animals and large portions of your society who actively support understanding, appreciating, and improving the circumstances of animals on Earth.
Those of you who have dearly loved companion animals are the ones opening the doors of communication with animals and are the ones most likely to become aware of how animals are expanding consciousness with the ascension energies. Many pets that are emotionally attached to a person or a family will interact in a way to take on some of the life challenges of the person or family.
A family divided against itself may have a dog that chooses to transition when the family is deep in conflict. By doing this, the pet “takes a death” for the family, releasing the energies that were “killing” the family as a harmonious unit. And then the family situation begins to improve.
Companion animals will often act out emotions that their person or people have repressed and to which they cannot give release. They will, sometimes, take on symptoms and “share” an illness with their person in order to assist them. On a more positive level, animals often provide much needed unconditional love for people and, sometimes, even energetic protection in this time of chaotic energies.
People often ask us if their pets have souls; do they have a continued life after death? We will paint with a broad stroke and tell you that there is a spiritual extension to every element of the material world. Even rocks have a level that is part of the spirit world. There can be a unified spirit pool shared by all the members of a herd or a flock. And there can be very individualized animal spirits animating some of your pets.
You have been exposed to the concept of souls “walking in” to human bodies that have been left by the spirit that came into the body at or around the time of birth. And there are many other permutations of body/spirit interactions: braid-ins, blend-ins, stand-ins, and other combinations. The concept of rigid body/spirit connections is one created by human societies to counter the insecurities of life laced with illusions and separation from the God Source.
All aspects of Earth life have a fluid flow of spirituality and your companion animals have the same malleable body/spirit interactions available to them as humans do. The relationship between humans and companion animals can have elements that are very rare between one person and another. An individual closely bonded with a pet can project a fragment of their own spirit into the pet and the two will work together sharing the challenges of the life.
Extending this concept, the human spirits of loved ones who have transitioned or are simply separated on the Earth plane are able to project a spirit fragment into a loved pet in order to continue the connection and/or be present for protection and guidance. The fragment of a loving grandparent who has transitioned could be projected into the family dog because they still wish to look out for their grandchildren.
Yes, animals have spirits and can even have the experience of a spirit exchange (walk-in). A cat that has died and who was tightly bonded with their person could enter into an “agreement” with a new cat adopted from a shelter for their spirits to change places. Or the beloved cat spirit could reincarnate as a new kitten. The relationships of humans with pets have a simplicity and clarity that is not easy to attain between one person and another. Life on Earth is not easy and the connections between people and their animal companions bring support and blessings to both species.
All the attributes of people/animal interactions that we have just written about will be growing stronger and expanding with the ascension of the planetary consciousness. The recognition of the communications that go on between humans and animals is growing and a greater conscious awareness of how you interact and help each other is part of the ascension expansion.
Ascension energy is a UNIFYING force. You are witnessing unifying forces all around you. Even with reactive dark energies of divisiveness, the unification of all levels of your planetary elements can no longer be ignored. This coming together of disparate energies is a step on the path of unification with the God Source. The expansion of consciousness and unifying interactions between humans and animals is another part of this process.