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Q: Is anger
related to ego? Several Rishis in the Hindu tradition have been known
to be very short-tempered. How did this affect their peace?
Sri Ravi Shankar: Not several. One of the Rishis is known for his
anger. But always good happened through his anger. That’s why I say,
even the anger of a wise man does so much good, and love of an ignorant
person causes more problems.
See, an illiterate mother, an
uneducated mother, she doesn’t like her children going to school
because the young ones cry while going to school. Then she says, ‘No,
no. Ok, don’t go to school.’ They say they don’t want to study, and she
says, ‘Ok, don’t study.’ Her love for her children has spoiled their
whole life. Isn’t it? So, even the love of an ignorant person does
harm. And even anger of a saint always does good.
There are so
many stories about one sage, his name was Durvasa. In India, if someone
is very angry, they say ‘Oh, he is a Durvasa!’ means he is someone who
gets angry at the drop of a hat. But he would come back to normal state
This is to say, don’t feel bad about yourself if
you have anger. Even a Rishi had some anger. So, you don’t have to be
too hard on yourself by blaming yourself. That is just to give you self
confidence. To make you feel, you are ok, inspite of your little bit
anger. That is only one rare case. That is to say that enlightenment is
unconditional. It is what? It is unconditional. You can’t put any
condition on that freedom. Just to tell you, there is no conditioning.
So it’s possible to get angry also. And, sometimes anger can also do
1. Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: When Someone Blames You -1
Sri Sri: When someone blames you, you feel a heavy load on your head,
and when you talk about it you spread the unpleasant feeling all
around you. At this moment wake up and see you are Being and nothing
can touch you. This is all just a drama, which you yourself have
created. You have gone through this over and over again. All the
blames you face in your life are your own creation. Knowing this, you
feel free and light.
Owning responsibility for all your experiences in life makes you
powerful and will put an end to grumbling, planning counter attacks,
explanations, and all those host of negative tendencies. Owning full
responsibility you become free.
Q: What is more important- knowledge or devotion?
Sri Sri: They go in hand. Its like a chairā€¦ if you pull one
leg, the other will also come! Knowledge brings devotion and
devotion brings knowledge
*Q*: How can you incorporate spirituality in daily life?
*Sri Sri*: The first step is not to think that spirituality is not for
daily life. It is not different from daily life. So you donā€™t have to
make an effort and try to incorporate it in your life. Your life can
never be away from spirituality, it is only a matter of awareness.
*Q*: If there is Shiva inside us, then why do we do bad things?
*Sri Sri*: When you do bad things, your Shiva is sleeping. When your
Shiva wakes up, He says, ?It doesnt matter. Go ahead and everything
will be alright.He brings back the power, the enthusiasm and the
energy to move on and on.
*Q*: In business or commerce, we only think about taking or getting, but
on spiritual path, it is all about giving. How can we shift from one to
the other? How can we remove the feeling of guilt?
*Sri Sri*: Being on the spiritual path is also about getting?you get so much joy just by seeing the joy in others. So, you do not have to feel guilty. Business is done with the head you take more and give less. Spirituality comes from the heart you give more and take only,little. So never do business with your heart and spirituality with your head.
*Q*: We all say that if we are more spiritual, we can be better human
beings. How can I be more spiritual?
*Sri Sri*: Just this question is good enough! From time to time, it will
give you many ideas. How can I be more useful? How can I be more
spiritual? That very question, that very inquisitiveness, is enough.
*Q*: Comment about attraction, desire and entanglement. How can we avoid
*Sri Sri*: You are the source of energy. Attraction happens when the
energy on you wakes up. It is just electro-magnetic energy. One energy
manifests at various points in the body (the seven chakras) as different
flavours, different colours. When attraction gets satisfied very
quickly, then love does not blossom in life. When attraction is
difficult to attain, it turns into love; and when that love matures, it
becomes unconditional, it turns into dedication or devotion, the ultimate.
Love and longing go together. If there is no longing, if u kill the
longing, then love also slowly dies way. How can you keep the longing
alive? By being centered, by being in yourself. Do not get completely
lost in the other person, this becomes too much for the other person as
well. Getting lost in the other person is called entanglement. If two
lines run parallel, with some goal ahead, they will always be parallel,
but if they focus only on one another, they will meet, cross and go in
opposite directions! So, with attraction, you come together, meet and
then separate; but if there is a goal, then the attraction remains
forever. Thatā€™s why, in life, your charm is never lost when are
well-founded and centered, when your attention is on the knowledge.
Love has no completion?because it is infinity. Something which has no
boundary also has no completion. Radha is the longing, and Krishna is
the love. Sometimes, the longing brings pain. To avoid the pain, you
try to fill your space with something, but that pain makes you deep.
*Q*: What is the greatest responsibility of a human being?
*Sri Sri*: Every responsibility, whether small or big, is important at
different times. Even the smallest task can be done with perfection. You
do not have to be a geniusā€¦ just be simple.
*Q*: How can I maintain happiness?
*Sri Sri*: Do not make such an effort. In order to save your happiness,
you have to spread it. Share your happiness with everyone. Why worry in
this short span of life when there is such beautiful knowledge.
 When someone blames you, directly or indirectly, what do you do?
Do you register it in your mind and get emotionally upset?Do you dismiss them altogether without taking a lesson from it?Do you talk about it with people and waste your time and otherŅ³ time and money?Do you pity yourself and blame your shortcomings?Do you blame the other person right, left and center?Do you generalize and eternalize the problem?
Then you are not living up to the knowledge. You need to do the basic course at least half a dozen times and read all the previous knowledge sheets.
Do you laugh at it and not even take notice of it?Do you treat it as a non-event, not even worth talking about, let alone taking any action? Do you treat comments and accusations as passing clouds and more of an entertainment?Do you discourage dwelling on unpleasant and negative moments?Do you remain non-judgmental and absolutely unshaken in your space of love? Outwardly you may be calm, but do you also remain centered and calm within you and not even take pride in your growth or wisdom?
Then you are a pride to your tutor - the Master.
- Sri Sri
(To be contd.)
How a Man Discovers and Lady Enjoys
The man discovered COLOURS and invented PAINT,
The woman discovered PAINT and invented MAKEUP.
The man discovered the WORD and invented CONVERSATION,
The woman discovered CONVERSATION and invented GOSSIP.
The man discovered AGRICULTURE and invented FOOD,
The woman discovered FOOD and invented DIET.
The man discovered FRIENDSHIP and invented LOVE,
The woman discovered LOVE and invented LOVE TRIANGLES.
The man discovered TRADING and invented MONEY,
The woman discovered MONEY and invented SHOPPING.
Thereafter man has discovered and invented a lot of things...
While the women STUCK to shopping...