Even Angels Don't Sing Sometimes ...


The Tide and Ebb of Life:
Symptoms & Solutions
Question: "Sometimes I would like to hide myself in a dark hole."
    There are waves of energy. Sometimes it is a tide and some-
times it is the ebb. When you are in a tide it is very easy to relate,
communicate, be open, to love, to receive, to give. When you
are not in a tide and energy is ebbing, it is very difficult to com-
municate, almost impossible. But both come and go -- they are
both part of life. Nothing is wrong; it is natural -- so remember
to accept it.                            
    When you feel that the ebb period is there, don't try to
communicate. Don't force yourself to open because that open-
ing will not be an opening. That is the seed time. One simply
closes oneself and remains in oneself. Use that time for deep
meditation. It is very fertile for meditation. When you are in a
tide and energy is flowing and going higher, that is the time for
love. Then relate, be open, share. That is the crop time, but it
cannot be all year round. They say that even in heaven, angels
don't sing all the time.                          
    So when there is a song arising, sing. And when you feel that
everything is closing, just help it to close.That's what being natural
means. By being natural it is not meant that one should remain
open for twenty-four hours -- you are not a magical store.There
are moments when one should close; otherwise it will be too tir-
ing, too tedious, boring. There is no need to smile continuously--
only politicians do that, and they are the most stupid people in the
    There are times when tears are welcomed, and should be                  
 welcomed.There are times when one feels sad--sadness is beau-
 tiful, so when you feel sad, be sad. When you feel happy, be
 happy. To be authentic means never be against that which is al-
 ready happening. Go with it ... trust it. In the night the petals
 of the lotus close, in the morning they open again--but that's a
 natural process.
     Now in the modern mind--particularly in the new gen-
 eration--a very wrong notion is arising, the notion that one has
 to be always open, that one has to be always loving. This is a new
 sort of torture, a new sort of repression, a new fashion in vio-
 lence. There is no need for it. An authentic person is one who
 you can rely on. If he is sad, you can rely on the fact that he must
 be feeling sad, he is a true person. If he is closed, you can rely on
 that and you can trust him. It is a state of meditation--he wants
 just to be within himself. He does not want to go out; he is in
 deep introspection. Good! If he is smiling and talking, then he
 wants to relate and go out of his being and share. You can rely on
 such a person.
     So don't try to enforce anything from your mind upon your
being. Let the being have its say, and the mind should be just a
follower, a servant. But the mind always tries to become the
master. I don't see that anything is wrong. Just live this period
and by and by you will see that every month it will be so. For a
few days you will be very open--for a few days you will be
    It is more clear in women than in men because women still
live in a periodicity. Because of their monthly course, their chem-
istry, the body chemistry goes in periods of twenty-eight days. In
fact, the same happens to a man, but it is more subtle, more in-
    Just recently a few researchers have revealed that there is a
sort of monthly period for man also, but it is invisible because
there is no release of blood. But as for four days of each month,
a woman goes into a very low energy state, every man also goes
into a low energy state for four days each month. This state in
man is not so physical, not so visible; it is a psychic one--more
inner than outer.                                         
    But if you track your moods you will be able to chart them.
Note them on a calendar. My feeling is that you and your moods
must be moving according to the moon, so just watch and relate
how you go with the moon. Make a calendar for at least one or
two months, and you will be able to predict your states. Then
you can use it to plan your life.
    If you want to meet friends, never meet them when you are
closed; meet them when you are open. But there is nothing
wrong with this, it is just a natural process.

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