A New Year Prediction

The Masters of Light
As Received by Ruth Ryden
Question from Ruth:
I have not asked the Masters for a New Year’s Prediction for many years and, due to the changes in our planet that have been speeding up, feel that now is the time to do so.
Answer from the Masters:
It is human nature to want to know what is going to happen the next day, the next month, the next year as a world in confusion makes for an underlying uneasiness in most people today. The planet is undergoing natural alterations that will affect the climates, sea currents, weather patterns and the natural habitats of birds and animals. This is not news – it has been happening for years now. And it will continue to happen, but gradually enough so that intelligent leaders and governments will be able to make the necessary changes to move people out of areas where human life would be impossible to maintain. Farmers all over the world are having to change their ways of farming and substituting different crops that the new conditions will allow. Sea waters are creeping up on coastal areas and island kingdoms, forcing their populations to make some difficult decisions. We will cover some areas of interests in this issue, to give you at least an inkling of what to expect so you may do some planning and make changes in your locations or life styles, if you feel it is really necessary.
First of all, since many of you have been bombarded by false information regarding the year 2012, we will say again – the world is not coming to an end! The Mayan prophecies saw that the cycle of the planet’s journey around the universe was changing and they could see no farther. The Dark Forces that do exist are forcing fear upon those who will listen and the movies regarding such things are not helping. The conjunction with a part of the Milky Way (to put it simply) is a perfectly natural function of the journey. The increase in the inner pressure of the planet that causes the movement of the plates, the earthquakes and volcano eruptions will indeed make a mark upon the face of the Earth and cause humanity to make many changes in their way of life and (hopefully) their thinking processes. As the Earth moves away from this conjunction, everything will settle down into the new configurations and life will continue. All life is subjected to the frequencies that surround it. There will be a change in global frequencies during the conjunction, as there has been in the last few years. The consciousness of humanity is being affected, which is obvious as the storm of deranged activities by those who are not in control of themselves has caused untold agony in millions of people all over the world. On the other hand, spiritual awareness is increasing as it has not done so since your species was set upon the Earth. As the Earth moves back into its orbit, you will be experiencing a new wave of Love, as expressed by a renewal of concern for other people. Even now, there are many people of means who are helping with donations to the countries where starvation has become normal. In countries where oppression of personal rights has been run by tight-fisted rulers, their people are rising up and refusing to live this way any longer. The current uprisings in Iran are a part of this. The new frequencies will be the greater part of the “new world” that has been written about for centuries. Churches that have taught intolerance will no longer be part of the new understanding.
2012 will not bring about an instantaneous change, but a gradual modification in the way people think and react to the ordinary paths of life. Animal, air, and sea life are already seen to be changing their feeding and living habits, following the alterations in their habitats. Some species will die out, regardless of the loving help many people are trying to give them. Polar bears will become a rarity, but a few will survive to renew this species in the years to come. Many new species of animal and sea life will be created to fill the gap when needed. Did you think the Creator has gone out of business? Live each day now as a new adventure as the earth beneath you and the atmosphere above undergo interesting modifications. Humanity is still one of the most important features of this universe and is being given every opportunity to rise above its lower aspects to become the shining light of creation!
Now, Ruth has requested us to give New Year’s predictions. We have been teaching that the future rests largely upon the actions of humanity, and this has not changed. We will look into the next six months and give you the PROBABILITIES of what we see. Every thought, every action, has in its frequency more than one probability of action, depending upon the person (government, country, etc.) involved. Every action demands a reaction, and that can change drastically what is hoped for or planned.
Global warming is a fact of life, which is upsetting the plans of many bureaucrats and leaders, but the melting of glaciers all over the world cannot be denied much longer. South America and China are in desperate need of the waters from these glaciers and their rivers are drying up. The Arctic and Antarctic oceans are loosing their heavy ice packs, and Alaska is seeing land that has been covered for centuries.

In the next year, and the years to come, water is going to become a major problem for humanity as that moisture becomes more and more scarce. The North American Continent and Europe and Asia are not unaffected, as sea levels encroach upon coastal areas. The moisture that is being sucked up into the atmosphere will return to the earth as heavy rainfall in the coming months and years. Flooding on the mainlands will continue to be a problem and the dykes that have contained high waters will have to be raised continually. Farm lands on low lands will wallow in many places from too much water and crops will be in danger. As the temperatures warm, more flooding will occur. The Holland Dykes even now are becoming unstable and in the coming months we see the water rising upon the farm lands that were rescued from the sea a long time ago. There is, however, a truth that has been ignored by humanity because of its inability of drilling very deeply into the earth. Your planet is a water planet, and this water does not only exist upon the surface, but beneath the surface in huge amounts. You will be hearing about deep drilling for water in the very near future, not only in the deserts of the world, but especially where there are mountains that formed eons ago, forming great caverns where water collected. There is water of unprecedented amounts just waiting to be found and used. Deserts will bloom again in the next decade as the wells are put into action – Egypt was once almost a jungle of water plants, and will be again, along with the deserts that surround that country. The plains of the U.S. that have been hurting for water, will soon be watered more than needed, as clouds fill the skies and release water from the melted glaciers. It would be well to plan ahead for at least small earthen dams to contain flooding and send the water where needed.
What about earth changes in the next six months? Because of the shifting plates in the Pacific Ocean, all of the surface plates in the world are being moved slightly. There have not been many 9.0 quakes recorded because the pressure is being released all over the world in smaller tremors and shakes. You might say it is a domino effect. Expect quakes in areas where they are normally felt to continue, but at this point we see no serious earth movements, especially along the coasts of the world. The New Madrid Fault is moving slightly, as pressures from both sides of the continent are affecting its structure. We do feel there will be some slight quakes along the Fault in the next months. The volcanoes along the Western part of the North American Continent are feeling the inner movements of the crust and rumblings will be heard from many of them. We do see a small eruption from a volcano near the Canadian border in a few months – mostly ash and smoke.
Now, Health Legislation. This is a big issue for the U.S. The exploding population in the United States has put millions of people at risk because of high medical and insurance expenses that many cannot afford. There will be a bill signed after the first of the year that will give some coverage and be of help to many, but because of the greed involved (no news, is there in that?), the real needs of many will still be ignored. There is a growing consciousness in this country, as in many others, that the greed and need for power of too many people have resulted in misery for millions, and this is going to undergo a great change, starting even in this new year. The dark and dangerous thoughts that have invaded humanity since its inception are being muted by the increase of frequencies, as we have mentioned here before. Yes, there will be a change in thinking, even in the halls of governments all over the world. Government representatives who have been taking advantage of their offices by legal and sexual misdemeanors are coming to light and are resigning or being kicked out of office. We see at least three more people being discovered in this way, and new men and women who will be working for their cities and states coming into office. This next year will see a dramatic change in the concepts of administrations. By the summer months, a bill should be signed that will see that all citizens of the U.S. will have medical help when they need it. The expense will be covered by import fees and higher taxes for the wealthy.
Will it be safe to travel by air? Terrorism is increasing all over the world and the spread of fear is part of what is being produced by those whose minds are consumed by their own need to rule and the mis-conceptions of their religions. The need of humanity to travel from one place to another has been expedited by the movement of families and individuals to find new ways of life and better incomes, at least partly so. The airlines that fly all over the world give terrorists a convenient way to cause mayhem in a large way. Unfortunately, we see many more of these attempts to explode an airliner in the air by brain-washed young people who are persuaded to commit suicide for religious reasons. As stringent as the efforts may be to screen all who fly, there are still many ways for this to happen. Please think very carefully about flying, especially from country to country or over the oceans. Use your inner senses about this, and if you really feel a heaviness in your chest when thinking about it, reconsider. At this point in time, we are seeing a large airliner exploding over Europe.
Can terrorism be stopped? Is their "great leader" still alive and kicking? No, he is dead. There are many others who are training young men and women by force to do their bidding. In the months to come, the suicide bombings will continue, then suddenly stop. There is a point at which Divine Intervention will step in and completely change the thinking of these poor misguided creatures. The Creator has willed humanity to continue on Earth in a peaceful and productive way. When the Dark Forces hit this Wall of Spiritual Force, their minions will simply fall to their knees and ask for forgiveness. There will be an end to this, though it will not happen all at once. Be careful where you are; do not travel or walk alone for some time, for there are many who are trying to take what they need from those who have more than they. Terrorism is found in many ways. Keep your own aura of Love around you – it is a powerful “bubble” of energy that each one of you have and have always had. When you know you are protected by your own energy and by the energy of your Angelic helpers, this is felt and you will be left alone. Read the article on Angels in last month’s newsletter again.
Regarding the "war" in Afghanistan, we are seeing direct movement by the citizens in the U.S. to draw back from there and let these people work out their own problems. The religious clerics have ruled too long and their people have had enough, now that global communication shows them other ways of peaceful living. Even the lives that have been lost in the demonstrations are deemed to be worth the changes that need to be made. Watch for some drastic decisions in the next months.

North Korea is still brain-washed by the leader of this country and the population is not allowed to see and appreciate the ways of life in the rest of the world, especially in the small villages. Their "leader" is in failing health and will pass away very soon, leaving his son in a very precarious position. There will be a great deal of confusion and some mistakes made that will bring harm to South Korea and neighboring countries, then common sense will prevail and many changes will be made. Watch this country and do some prayer energy for the people and their leaders – they need it.
Will the economy improve this year? Yes, because we see people helping people and realizing how to take care of their money in a realistic way. Sticking to the necessities of life and stepping back a bit to nature and communion with each other, will make changes happen even faster. Advertisements on television and all the little hand-held instruments are twisting the basic concepts of life into following the expensive and non-negotiable ideas of habits and actions that prohibit the healthy growth of young people today. Money is flowing, but in the wrong directions in many cases. As to food availability, it would be wise to stock up on canned goods, especially vegetables, as flooding will hinder some crops this summer. If you can have a small garden, or a large one, it would be very helpful. Gas prices will go up we see, but not as high as last year. Plan your trips wisely. We see more homes being built, but many more being remodeled and made into multiple dwellings. The population increase will make educating children a high priority, as those who speak other languages will have to learn English in order to get jobs. Employment in the U.S. will still be a problem for a few months, then take a swing upwards as exports increase to European markets.
Has Atlantis been found? The undersea ruins of a city found in the Caribbean have stunned the world. Sorry, no. The ruins of Atlantis are far under the mud of the Caribbean and will never be found, but this ancient city arose many, many years later. This will be a grand expedition for divers and a lot to be learned about life in antiquity. The Earth will continue to expose ruins of unexpected ancient civilizations as the ice draws back from the earth.
The future months on your world are full of dangers and of great promises, which need to be looked at seriously and carefully. What can be is wide open to those who see what needs to be done and train themselves to do it. Communication is important, to each of you in your private lives and to all humanity as ideas, good solutions, and bad ones, continue to fly about. See the best in people and forgive their errors, as you wish them to forgive yours. (Sound familiar?) Live each day as the most important day in your lives, and it is. Plan for the future, but do not fear it. The Creator has given you a beautiful world. Take care of it and take care of each other. That is essentially what you are here to learn. "Happy New Year!"
Ruth Ryden