A New Spiritual Event On Earth



A New Event
December 2009

Dearest Beloved Ones,

A new spiritual event is occurring on the Earth which some sensitive souls can perceive already, but which many more will be able to experience later on. There is a joining of physical matter with the realms of spirit in ways that were not previously possible or accessible to the human organism.
This new level of joining has been in preparation for a long time, but began to manifest in more direct ways since October 2009. Since that time there has been a funnel from the higher dimensions of light, creating a passageway that has allowed the higher dimensions of light to infuse physical matter at the very core of its manifestation. [See Passing Through the Vibrational Gateway below.]

There is much celebration in the Realms of Light for this new level of light that is now manifesting. This would be akin to a seed that has finally taken root and is beginning to emerge from the ground into the light of day.

This divine seed of new light still requires a great deal of nurturance to sustain itself, and will not yet be visible to large numbers of people. Your commitment to God's love, to God's light, and to being of service on the Earth according to your unique soul's plan, is crucial for the continued expansion of light that is occurring.

Beloved ones, many of you are reaching transition points, or preparing for transitions that will catapult you into entirely new lives. These are some ways that you can assist not only your own process, but in the larger spiritual acceleration now happening on the Earth.
Release fear as much as you can, and make use of all spiritual supports that can help you attune to your soul's wisdom. The energy of fear is quite strong on the Earth right now, as so many souls are suffering and do not yet have an inner understanding of what is happening.  Fear can cloud the mind, cloud spiritual guidance, and can attach to events and situations in disruptive ways. Do all that you can to free yourself from this energy, and to remain connected to your heart's wisdom which knows deeply how to trust and how to live in faith.
Release self doubt which can cause you to not take seriously your spiritual mission and purpose. Each soul on the Earth is present for a sacred and divine purpose that can bless all other souls. No matter how small or large your purpose may seem, living your spiritual purpose has a profound impact on the whole of humanity. You may not be able to directly experience this impact yet, but know that all choices that you make have a powerful impact.
Join with others in order to strengthen the light both within yourself, and in the larger whole. Find other souls that you resonate with, and make a connection. This does not need to be a physical connection if your location does not permit, as the greater light and the presence of the physical internet and telephone system makes possible all that is needed to manifest communication and sharing.

Regularly align with light through whatever activity helps you to feel more connected to your divine source. Whether it be through a specific spiritual practice, prayer, meditation, communion with nature, group sharing, or simply attuning to the present moment, a regular experience of light and connection can greatly aid you at this time, by opening your intuition to guidance, and nourishing your body with the higher dimensions of light.
Beloved ones, much will be accomplished in the coming new year that will make visible the new structures of light that are manifesting. The process of purification will move into a new level as well.

Anything that you can do at this time to release the past, to forgive, to open your heart, and to face within you those things that are difficult to see, will allow you to move more easily and smoothly into the new time that is ahead, that will see a major restructuring of so many physically embodied and energetic foundations on the Earth. A new time is ahead and with joy we bring you news of the blessings to come. With all love and blessings, Amen.

Passing Through the Vibrational Gateway
October 22, 2009

Dearest Friends,
A divine cosmic portal is being created to assist all embodied souls, and to assist the Earth herself to more fully step into the new vibrational reality of light that is manifesting on the Earth. This cosmic gateway is a time of vibrational shifting, and exists in all dimensions including time as an entity which was created for this specific purpose.
This portal is being activated now in order to move all embodied souls into the next levels of their divine plan. For lightworkers and faithful servants of God who are on the Earth to assist in this shift, you are being moved into the next levels of your service.
Beloved ones, the physical changes that will accompany the movement through this divine portal may cause all manner of physical symptoms, some of them quite extreme. Fear not beloved ones, for this divine doorway will also attune you more deeply to your own inner guidance, so that you have greater access to your soul's wisdom and can navigate more easily through the discomfort or symptoms that may appear.
Beloved ones, this divine doorway is also connected with physical time, and much movement through this passage will happen between now and the end of this current year. There is nothing you need to do differently, except to strengthen your love, light and faith so that the challenges that appear as you move forward can be met with an open heart and with the desire to love and serve.
Beloved friends, we will be available to assist you and this process and stand ready to support all those who will be passing through this divine doorway. With all love and blessings, Amen.
Love and blessings,