A New Hope A New Light

The Healing Power of Your Consciousness
January 14, 2010

Dearest Beloved Children of God,

You are beautiful and radiant miracles of God's creation, and God has blessed you with the gift of life, and the gift of choice. You are a divine and holy being, and your essence is spirit, love, and truth.

During this sacred time on the Earth, you are returning Home to the glory of God's creation. You are blessed beyond measure. How is it then, that so much can feel so difficult during this most sacred time?

Beloved ones, this is the time of the great purification, spoken of for eons by native elders and by those who have been keeping the flame of hope for the Earth alive even in the darkest of times.

A new hope and a new light are arising, still in its beginnings, and yet with a vast and glorious purpose which is to free humanity from the bondage of separation and fear. At the present time, it may be difficult to feel anything but fear, as these energies are being released from the bodies, minds and hearts of all of humanity, and transmuted by the greater light that is now present on the Earth.

Beloved ones, a new time is dawning that will one day see the complete liberation of all of humanity from the chains of separated consciousness. You will not lose your individuality, but rather will gain a deep, body level knowing of God's reality and God's presence, both within yourself and within all others.

At the present time, there is still much that has yet to occur, and so for many it remains a time of waiting. For others, this is a time of activity and forward motion, because many souls who are here on the Earth to assist during this time are being activated to the next levels of their service to the Divine.

For all, it is a time of transformation. It can be held with love and trust, or with fear, anger and despair. The choice is yours dearest ones, although at times it may be difficult to remember that you have a choice, when events and energies around you are so intense and challenging.

Beloved ones, there are points within the process of purification that feel like an impasse, where forward movement appears to be impossible. Some souls are facing this in their lives, and this energy is happening on larger levels as well. The urgent need for major and significant change, and for humanity to come together as One to solve problems, continues to collide with the energies of fear, resistance to change and unwillingness to listen and experience other points of view.

These energies continue to be present within your social, political and economic arenas, and are carried by individuals and amplified by cosmic energies which seek to disrupt the movements toward light that are happening.

You dearest ones can serve as a major bridge and force of healing at this time with your consciousness. It is not possible to be present in all areas at all times, but it is possible for you to hold within your awareness the situations that are unfolding on the Earth. Your major news events are just some of the many arenas in which events are unfolding that need a healing presence.

For example, situations you face at work, that your co-workers, friends and family face, all can benefit from the healing presence of God's light which can come into even the most difficult of circumstances through love and prayer. It may be difficult for you to face the feelings of helplessness at those situations that you cannot change, but if you are willing courageously face these feelings and move towards the experience of divine love, greater healing can happen for all.

Beloved ones, your consciousness is changing. There is greater telepathic communication happening now among all souls on the Earth, and this is also manifesting in increasingly sophisticated communication technologies that make it possible to connect more deeply with others. This will be one of the greatest tools for the future, as more of humanity awakens spiritually. The force of divine light can travel in an instant around the world, and illuminate all.

As we prepare for the changes ahead, it is useful to remember that all of God's children are being affected by the spiritual light that is streaming to the Earth from the spiritual dimensions, and also from the embodied light that is being anchored within the physical dimensions of matter. Whether or not people have awareness of what is happening, they are transforming and require tenderness, love and forgiveness.

Beloved ones we wish you all of God's blessing now and in the sacred times ahead. It is with great gratitude that we send this message at the dawn of humanity's awakening. With all love and blessings, Amen.
Love and blessings,

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