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2.)  Archangel Michael: You Are in the Portal of a New Epoch
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4.)  Archangel Michael: Each Moment Is A Moment Of God
5.)  You Are a Holy Being
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Isis' Message of the Day -
The Divine Father/Mother is in All and is All. You may be experiencing being male or female in this lifetime but the truth is you are androgynous . . . a blending of the Divine Creator.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. Open your heart to receive. Allow the love we have for you in. Allow the blessings that are yours. Open to these blessings. Open to the good that is inherent in all things. We are here for you. Many of you are rejoicing. Many of you are struggling. Many of you are sailing. We see the ups and the downs. We are here for both. Know that there is always a beautiful sunset after the storm. The storms you weather make you unique. The sunsets make you shine. Know that everything is okay. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"
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Archangel Michael: You Are in the Portal of a New Epoch
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman
 * Lm-8-2010 *
Beloved masters, the stage is set and the curtain is about to rise on the new dawn of tomorrow.  There are cells/areas of higher consciousness manifesting all over the world, and the ascension columns of Light from the great Cities of Light in the higher realms are being anchored at an ever-increasing pace.  The great infusions of Creator Light are building in strength and momentum and they are making a greater and greater impact upon the minds of the masses.  
It is very apparent that there is still much violence, resistance and negativity in the world. However, the World Servers’ influence of balance, peace and harmony is gaining momentum, and more and more beloved Souls are awakening as they begin to heed the nudgings of their Soul-self.  Because of you, the tireless wayshowers who have prepared the way, those who are now heeding the call are moving onto and progressing much more quickly along the path of illumination. 
During these accelerated times of epoch-making change, it is more important than ever that you strive to increase your radiance quotient and to Shine your Light. You must endeavor to combine the vibrations of unconditional love with the desire for active service. Remember: harmonious, focused thought leads to ever-expanding pathways of higher consciousness.  You must develop and perfect your power of conscious selection within the accepted,  narrowed spectrum of Light and the density of the shadowlands. In the refined reality of humanity’s future, peace will prevail and conflict will be resolved via diplomacy as everyone learns to focus on the greatest good for all and seek the most benevolent solutions. Each of you is composed of units of energy which create your Soul Song / Energetic Signature. To attain Self-mastery, you must learn to control your thoughts and focus your God-given power. You are learning to be a director of the higher forces of Creation.   You must strive for continuity in consciousness as you endeavor to become a divinely inspired observer of life and a master of detachment. You must disengage from the mass consciousness belief structure in order to begin the process of becoming a Self-master, a unique and Soul-inspired spiritual human Being. The path to higher consciousness will, in the distant future, result in directly experiencing your God Self/I AM Presence and the splendor and majesty of the Creator in a variety of ITS many forms.
You may wonder why you have been subjected to so many tests and seemingly negative situations.  We tell you, brave Souls, you are in the midst of an intense initiation/transformation process that is all a part of the ascension process.  Many of you have been on the path of initiation for many lifetimes and are well on your way to Self-mastery.  When you first step onto the probationary path of ascension, the personality/ego becomes aware of the Soul’s nudgings.  Soul Fire or quickening higher vibrational patterns begin to burn off the negative energy that rises to the surface to be addressed.  The purification fires eventually become the Light of Illumination as the process is repeated over and over until facets of the Higher Self begin to merge with the Soul and the process of ascension is accelerated.
One of the major obstacles you must overcome is to take back the power you have given to others.  Also, consciously releasing the energy everyone else has placed in your auric field or attached to your Solar Plexus over the many past ages is a primary phase of reclaiming your sovereignty, which is required in order to once more become a master of Self.  You will find that gradually the stressful situations in your life will become pleasant and harmonious, for you will no longer be feeding energy to the unfavorable time-lines of the future.  You must contemplate, discern and claim that which will be your blueprint for expansion. Be mindful and aware every moment so that your focus becomes one-pointed and clear.  You will gradually develop a sense of self-assurance and security, a knowing that all is well and will remain so. With new Self-awareness, you will actively initiate the step-by-step process of creating your new reality.
You must be aware that the Path of Soul illumination creates a dramatic upheaval of inner life.  You must still experience and diligently strive to return to harmony any trying, challenging relationships. It will take time; however, when you gain access to your Sacred Heart, you will slowly develop heartfelt sensitivity and serenity along with purity in thought and actions. We tell you that there are multitudes of brave Souls in this world who are well on their way to Self-mastery, and who are honored disciples on the Path who will one day become the Ascended Masters of the fifth-dimensional Earth of the future.
The next phase of the forthcoming Divine Plan is now in place, and many of  you, the faithful Starseed  on the Path, are being prepared to become members of the swiftly growing group of World Servers.  In the past, the wisdom schools and esoteric teachings were kept secret and reserved for the few who were advanced enough to understand and pass the stringent tests in order to become initiates and Self-masters. Those times are now in the past and you, as the vanguard and wayshowers, are to be the visible examples of the new wisdom teachings as you show the way and assist those following behind you to become aspirants and initiates on the Path.  You are to become intermediaries between those seeking en-LIGHTEN-ment and a reunion with their Divine Self and the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Cosmic Council of Light.  You are also being encouraged to take an active role in anchoring the Ascension Columns of Light in your local areas.  What better way to serve than to be an anchor for the ever-increasing infusions of Creator Light which are being showered down upon the Earth.  It is vital that you understand: this rarified Light must have an anchoring source on Earth, for it cannot be disseminated in a blanket effect as the preparatory, lower-frequency waves of Light were during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. The present century is the pivotal era of Cosmic change throughout this universe.
One of the most dramatic changes that is taking place on Earth at this time is that there will no longer be a great diversity in the universal teachings sent forth to humanity.  All wisdom teachings brought forth from the Cosmic Council of Light will be from a unified Source and will be composed of the same basic spiritual philosophy with only slight variations.  In past ages, the great Avatars and Christed Beings were infused with the maximum amount of Creator Fire/Light that they could contain, and were then sent forth with specifically designed teachings/messages for each era and for each Race.  You must understand that in the beginning each Race was infused with specific qualities, attributes and talents; however, over time they developed  deep unconscious weaknesses, negative traits, habits and imbalances which were then stored within the DNA of the future members of each Race.  It is time for those negative attributes, traits and imperfections to be healed and harmonized so that the unity process of returning to ONENESS can proceed.  This means you will still be known for your uniqueness, for after all, this universe was designed as an experiment in diversity.  However, you will admire and respect all others for their uniqueness; for each of you will have originally developed talents, abilities and virtues to present to our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator as your gift to the Whole. Nonjudgment, compassion, gratitude and a heartfelt love for all humanity are the most important attributes you are to strive to develop at this time.
Shortly after the beginning of your year 2010, we gave our messenger, known in this lifetime as Ronna Herman, a vision.  This vision was shared with those who attended her May, 2010 * Opening To Channel * Becoming A Cosmic Telepath* seminar. It is now time to share this information with all of you who are diligently seeking the Path of Light.  We will convey this vision to you in our messenger’s words as it was given to the group who attended the event.
 “Dearest friends, the vision I am to share with you happened shortly after the first of the year 2010.  In meditation, I saw a group of shining Beings in white robes, standing  in a half-circle around a gigantic double-terminated crystal. The crystal was radiating a beautiful spectrum of colors, and there were also complex geometric patterns of Light flashing throughout and from the Crystal. There were others present, but the Beings I recognized were AA Michael, Jeshua, Djwal Khul, El Morya and St. Germain.  I was told that specialized, individual information from the masters, archangels and great Beings of Light would continue as before. However, in addition, there would be unified messages/wisdom teachings from many great Beings, Avatars and Masters of the past and the future.  The wisdom teachings of old would be merged with the wisdom teachings of the future and they would be presented as Teachings of the Cosmic Council of Light. The messages would be encoded within the great crystal (they likened it to a giant cosmic computer), and they would be available to those whose frequencies were compatible with the specifically graduated frequencies of the Great Crystal.  The more refined frequencies you embody, the more refined levels of information you will be able to access from the great Cosmic Crystal.
I was told that any information I receive would still come through AA Michael’s vibrational patterns since I am attuned to his energy.  He will still relay his monthly messages to me; however, for the Quest For Mastery School and the seminars I  hold,  I will also receive teachings/information from some of the members of the Cosmic Council.  In order to distinguish between the two, for any messages from the Council, I am to use the title:   * The Sacred Scribe * Ronna Herman *.
I will still be OverLighted by AA Michael’s energy, and the composite messages I receive will most often be from: Archangel Michael * Jeshua * Djwal Khul * El Morya * St. Germain.
A few days later I began to get a huge download of information.  I would sit down at my computer and type the information that came forth, title it and put it in a folder on my computer.  This continued off and on until about two weeks later (early March) that I realized I had been given much of the text for the workbook for the "Opening to Channel" seminar. I was given instructions as to how we can tap into the Cosmic  Wisdom Teachings as we lift our consciousness and become proficient in communicating with our spiritual guides and teachers. It takes dedication and an intense desire to serve; however, the rewards are beyond compare.  I am told that more and more precious Souls are clearing the way to reclaim their God-given ability to communicate and interact with the Beings of the higher realms.  In the not-too-distant future, channeling or telepathic communication as we know it today will be the norm for all en-LIGHTEN-ed Souls.
At this time, the Opening to Channel Booklet is only available to those who attend our seminars and go through the clearing process and understand the guidelines, techniques and how serious an undertaking the procedures are for tapping into the telepathic communication airways of the higher realms.  As with other teachings which have been introduced at my seminars, the specialized advanced information is eventually given to the masses, but not before there is a strong thought form created that will help convey the Essence of the teachings, which will help to keep the information pure of  content.
Dear friends, I share this information with you so that you will know that we are in extraordinary times, and that your time for miracles is also at hand.  However, you must decide how you wish these next years to unfold and how you wish to experience these times of dramatic change.  Each of you reading this has the potential to become a World Server in some capacity. No matter how large or small, all are integral to the whole.  Ask for guidance, proceed as your truth is revealed to you, and then share your wisdom with others so that more will be given to you.  Eternal Love, angel blessings and wondrous miracles.” ~  Ronna
Archangel Michael:  Beloveds, the Cosmic Council of Light is in the process of making the advanced wisdom teachings available in every way possible so that all of those who wish to do so will have the opportunity to join the ranks of ascending humanity.  Previously known as The Great White Brotherhood, the Cosmic Council is a division of the Order of Melchizedek.  It is composed of highly evolved, non-physical Spiritual Beings from all areas of this universe along with select members of the Angelic Kingdom, many Ascended Masters of the Earth, and also many advanced Initiates of the Earth who represent the masses.  Whether you accept it as your truth or not, you are in the process of becoming galactic citizens, and one of the future steps of cosmic awareness will be the reunion with many members of your solar and galactic family of Light. At a future time, be assured that some of you will be asked to join the Council of Light as representatives of ascending humanity and the Earth.
We know that many of you wonder why your personal world is not changing for the better, and why you are not receiving some of the many gifts and benefits of mastership that we have promised.  It is being said by some discouraged Souls that we are conveying to you a vision of the future that is impossible to attain, that we are making promises to you that will be impossible to manifest, and that life for the average person is as difficult or more so than in the past.  We tell you that we do not make false promises; and we would not be spending such a vast amount of our time and that of our blessed, dedicated messengers that it has taken to convey the advanced cosmic wisdom teachings if what we are telling you were not true. Teachings that are vital to the ascension process,  information that has never before been available to humanity.  In fact, humanity could not possibly have reached the stage of evolution that is now prevalent on Earth without the tireless, constant service and assistance of the Cosmic Council of Light and the angelic realm. You are in the midst of an evolutionary process that was initiated by the Supreme Creator and is fueled with the Essence of Life, Adamantine Particles, which is being radiated throughout the Omniverse, as well as to and through our beloved Mother/Father God to all Creation within this universe. You must understand that the ascension process is a joint endeavor. We are showing you the way and giving you needed instruction; however, it is you who must take the steps and make the needed changes in your lifestyle and belief structure. Beloveds, we ask you to rise above the fear and sense of helplessness that are rampant around the world. Call on us and we will assist you in bolstering your resolve. Know that we are always with you and we radiate to you the healing, inspiring love of our Mother/Father God. 
I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.
TRANSMITTED THROUGH RONNA HERMAN * STAR*QUEST* 6005 CLEAR CREEK DRIVE, RENO, NV 89502 USA * Phone/fax: 775-856-3654 * Email: RonnaStar@earthlink.net *  I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of AA Michael * Copy freely and share * For Archangel Michael’s books, tapes and information on courses given through this Channel please visit: www.RonnaStar.com  * 

Message from the Unified Council
Received by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
July 26, 2010

* Note from Meg ~ This message is about as strong as they come. It is clear in its intent and to many of you may seem as if we have gone off the deep end. I hesitated whether or not to put this out because of how many may take it and frankly I expect it will create quite a stir. So be it. I do not see this as a message of fear, but one of deep truth that many of us don’t like to hear. That they came and delivered this message in the way that they have tells me that it is time fir us to listen deeply to the message they brought. If we look beyond our fears, there is truth in this that is undeniable. If it fits wear it, if not, discern for your self, for no one else can.
In peace and with all Blessings,

We greet you in unison.

We wish to speak with you in this now regarding you as humanity. As in all creation there are many aspects of the human race, many colors, traditions and beliefs and yet underlying in all of that is the simple truth that each of you is a soul who is infinite who has come to earth to experience life.

To each of you, your experiences are either similar or far different that that of others. Depending upon where you are in your world, your lives are calm and prosperous or are devastatingly interrupted by war, strife, famine and other trials to living. And yet somehow no matter where you are, the eternal connection between you seems to have become a nebulous aspect of reality, an idea or perhaps and ideal, but not of cold hard reality. Not of unconditional grace.

You are aware of others in your world having different experiences and still it is difficult for the reality of your communal experiences to be felt. The reality of each other has become buried in the necessity to survive, to achieve, to become whatever you imagine it is that you should. In your very perceptions of value many of you have negated your relations to each other in exchange for competitive or isolated existence. It concerns us deeply that empathy for fellow humans seems to be lacking in many hearts. Further, it appears that for the most part, living in communion with your earth also lacks truth. There exists great denial as to her true condition. Your earth has been injured many times, and in your current days, there are injuries in place that are devastating life and lives yet who stands up and speaks on her behalf, speaking for her and all those whose lives she supports?

Who stands in the truth of your souls and your planet, commanding change and expecting miracles? Not the general population who consume the natural resources with barely a thought as to their limited availability. Not the general population who has allowed for corporate gold to be the downfall of individual value. Not those in general who remain silent as one injury upon another is inflicted to your planet and therefore your very futures.

As the earth bleeds oil, nuclear tests continue, grids of electromagnetic frequencies in the form of H. A. A. R. P. and other auspices are set up and even directed specifically toward populations in the sea and on earth, lasers and sound are designed to cut to the quick or to destroy human life while ignoring the rules of nature. Garbage is buried in the ground or dumped on your oceans. The byproducts of fuel and other emissions are released into your atmosphere causing tearing and thinning of your atmosphere. Pollutants spew regularly into your oceans and water supplies, and genetically modified foods are slowly moving through the food change causing mutations in the metabolic processes of most creatures great and small. Your populations grow without foresight of how to balance all of their needs with the limited resources of your planet. Many crops are utilized for fuel instead of growing something otherwise that could feed starving masses.

As all of this occurs, in general most of you are comfortable and therefore consider that things may not perhaps be as bad as “they” say. No. They are much worse. And they propagate randomly and without restraint or restrictions because not nearly enough souls on your planet have said that they have had enough or have acted on behalf of the planet and therefore the sustaining of life upon it.
These kinds of unawareness cannot go on unendingly as ultimately the integral lack of awareness or concern spreads like a cancer throughout your world allowing for those in power to suck you in even without you knowing. Complacency is viral and manages to interrupt the greater course of humanity into stagnancy and worse, victimization on a grand scale.

To you, these may appear to be harsh words, or perhaps even to your perception, of a negative nature, but then not all truth is borne of fragrant light. Some truths are borne of denial. Often truth brings a reality check that is necessary for a change of direction to occur toward a positive outcome. A change that otherwise would not have taken place.

What you must understand is that what happens upon your Earth, affects worlds upon worlds outside of your current and local reality. The expressions of energy that occur of and on your planet travel across all reality as if propelled by an unstoppable force. The expressions of your consciousness are heard like Clarian calls across all universes and we are listening. We have heard.

In most respects the frequencies of consciousness amongst humanity have risen at an impressive pace while the frequencies of darkness remain less prevalent. They are there, nonetheless, and as always will seek their own balance in the scheme of all things. In the next few years, you, as beings of the One, have the opportunity to stand and be counted, to speak for your right to survive, to command change in your world, and to believe as you may toward whatever outcome you wish to envision.

You as beings of creation carry within you the light of lights, that which is of the source from which all of us came. Knowing that, you can reach deeply into your beings and ignite the fire within you. It is not to command and fight, but to have mercy upon the ignorant. To raise your voices in righteous anger as others seek to betray you and the land upon which you walk.

Reach deeply within you for the recognition that you are created of the wisdom of the entirety and left to become what ever your free will brings forth. You carry within you the seeds of all time, the races who have come and gone yet contributed to your very existence. You are the children of creation, babes in a span of infinite time, innocent at best and brilliant amongst the stars as well as within our hearts.
No more is the time to be complacent.
No more is the time for indecision.
No more is the time for inaction.

Your planet calls infinitely for your assistance. Its pleas have been heard across the galaxies. Do not let them fall on deaf ears where you stand. Rise up and claim her in the name of humanity and of all who walk upon her as well as those of us who seek to maintain balance within the greater One. We are listening. We are your greatest ally’s.
With sentiments for Universal Peace and balance amongst all things, the message has been given.
About Dr. Meg

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. the author of “Pyramids of Light”, the “Online Messages” and  “The Children of Now.”
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Archangel Michael: Each Moment Is A Moment Of God
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
August 2010

Dear Ones,

When you find yourselves in moments of indecision, know that you are in a perfect Now Moment, a moment in which a spiritual test and lesson is being presented to you.  In each Now Moment, you have the choice to make the most of this Now Moment and choose the path of highest light and make the choice to learn the lesson and pass the test.  Each day lessons and tests are presented, large and small, and it is in the passing of these tests and lessons that you make spiritual progress on your path.  Progress is slow and steady when you do this.  You may see it as being a turtle slowing moving along on the path, while the hare runs around, bounding from side to side, without focus and direction.  It is the turtle which ultimately wins the race, through dedication and perseverance.  This, Dear Ones, is where the analogy ends, as you are not in a race to win, you are on a sacred journey.  Your spiritual path will take you all the way to the God Source, and then you will begin a new and glorious undertaking.  Let us focus in your Now Moment, so that you may begin to recognize that your spiritual growth occurs every moment in the Now Moment.  You must be vigilant and monitor your thoughts and actions, treating all others with kindness without exception.  You must remain to the best of your ability in your Sacred Heart Center.

You are here, Dear Ones, to create heaven on earth.  Creating heaven on earth begins with creating heaven within your Selves.  You must be right with your Self.  You must be right with your relationship to your God Self, and you must balance your four bodies, so that you move into harmony and experience ease and grace, in your day to day life.   When you have accomplished this, your world will change dramatically as each one of you radiates the Love of the Sacred Heart, joy, peace, and harmony.  You cannot have peace upon your earth until each of you holds the vibration of peace with your Self.  You cannot have joy and harmony upon your Mother Earth, until each of you holds these vibrations within your Self and radiate these vibrations out to Mother Earth and all life forms.  As more and more of you hold the thought forms for peace and harmony and radiate unconditional Love to the earth and all life forms, your world will transform in the "blink of an eye".  This, Dear Ones, begins in the Now Moment, in every thought form you hold and send forth.  Every thought form affects all life and Mother Earth.  In every Now Moment you have the ability to radiate thought forms which lift up all life or you have the ability to radiate thoughts forms which lower the vibration of collective consciousness.  You are more powerful than you know, Dear Ones.  You must be mindful, and increase your dedication and your diligence, your vigilance.

Each moment is a Moment of God, and those who understand and incorporate the knowing of this are able to more clearly see the overall expansion of consciousness, as each moment is a moment of eternity.  Each moment is The All, it is the eternal past, present, and future, it is the All That Is, it is God.  Every step you take physically, every thought you think, every action you perform, are all activities in service to the Divine.  When you are at your daily job, when you are cooking dinner, when you help a child with homework, every moment is a Divine Moment, in service to God.  When you approach life this way, you are living in your Sacred Heart Center every moment and every moment is a Holy Moment.  It is a Moment of God.  You do not stray from your God consciousness, no matter what you are doing.

There are those of you who believe that you are in connection with God only when you are meditating.  You are in connection with the God Source, your inner Divine Self, in every Now Moment.  Strengthen this connection, Dear Ones.  No matter what activity you are performing, see it as a Moment of God.  See every encounter with another being as an encounter with the God Source.  You must understand that every soul on the planet is an incarnation of God, even as most are not aware of it.  Each soul is on their path and all will ascend.   You cannot know what path each soul has chosen, but you can interact with each being in Love and compassion, yet you must hold your personal power and maintain your boundaries.  You must use your spiritual discernment at all times.  See all life forms as incarnations of God, and honor them.  In this way you will become harmless and will greatly lift up the vibrations of all around you, your community and the earth.

You are in a great cosmic moment of opportunity.  You have each chosen to incarnate at this time so that you could assist in the ascension process and bring forth the piece of the puzzle that is unique to you.  As you clear and harmonize your four bodies more and more, you will find that your inner wisdom and knowledge will become more and more easily available to you.  You will find that you are radiating your piece of the puzzle forth to the planet as you become strong and secure in the knowing of your Divine service, your piece of the puzzle.  Your Divine service will make your heart sing.  It is unique to you, Dear Ones.

We of the higher realms are here to guide and assist you, as you each bring your Divine mission to the earth and create heaven on earth, as you have been waiting to do for so long.   You must ask for our assistance, as we cannot help you unless you ask.

I am Archangel Michael, and I bring you this truth.
Michelle began her spiritual practice in 2002. She studied intensively, meditated, and extensively educated herself. She continues this practice each and every day. She fully immersed herself in the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman. She quickly became so dedicated to the joys of her spiritual journey, that she was ordained in March of 2003 as an honoring of who she is.
Michelle attained certification as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner. She became a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human energetic matrix. She is a messenger for Archangel Michael and Jeshua, and also receives wisdom from the Ascended Masters & Teachers through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage. www.transformingradiance.com  *  3472 S.W. Oar Court, Palm City, FL. 34990, USA *  Email:  michelle@transformingradiance.com   *    

HEAVEN #3535
You Are a Holy Being
July 30, 2010
God said:
And you are love. You think you are something else. You think you are less. I understand that you do not always hold awareness of love in your heart. I understand you hold awareness of less than love, disturbance, outrage, despair, dislike and so on. Because of these varied emotions, you may think you are not love. Nevertheless, I made you love. I made you love from My love. Love you are. Love is in a class of its own.
Those small emotions are small stuff. Do not make them big. Sense of smallness does not befit you. What are these emotions that seemingly disrupt your love? They are little electrical bumps on a graph. The lesser emotions lie down on your bed of love, and then they get up and leave. The lesser emotions may cover up your love. They take your attention away from love, and yet they cannot take your love away. Your love is established. It is permanent. I gave it to you. It is built in. Your basis is love. Despite appearances, you are nothing but love.
The lesser emotions are here today and gone tomorrow. Love is always waiting for you to let it emerge. Love is always there quietly waiting for you to wake up to that which you are made of. Love reigns. Anything less amounts to little sparks in a fire. The fire is. The sparks are just little sparks that erupt from the fire. They don't belong there, and so they get out. They amount to nothing. Love is everything.
You confuse your body with yourself. Bodies rage. Bodies have functions. All the while, you are a Holy being, and that means you are love indelible. Your love does not waver. Your love does not malfunction. Your love has been overlaid with nonsense. Anything but love is nonsense. Anything but love makes no sense at all.
It makes no sense to harbor anything but love. People go to a lot of trouble to dissuade themselves from love. They hurt feelings, and they hurt bodies. Some even go to the trouble of killing other bodies. To what avail?
There is something in themselves that they want to kill. They misunderstand love and so denounce it within themselves and affix the blame on others. If one disguises the love within himself, no one else bears the responsibility but the person himself or herself. If one allows his anger to boil up, he has hoarded that which does not belong to him. He has stolen anger. Anger is a foreign object.
No one has to keep anger. You do not have to keep anger. It is not your right. It is not your necessity. It certainly is not your strength. Anger takes away your strength. It is your possession of anger that angers you. Anger is a leech on you. You don't have to keep it. You certainly don't have to lull yourself into thinking that you must keep it as an emblem of your rightness that which hurts you. What can be right about what hurts you and that you might wish to defray to others so they will hurt as you do hurt?
Get up from that bed of nails. Lie there no longer.
You have choices, and there are choices you must make. If you have nailed yourself to a bed of anger, it is a choice you have made. If you made that choice, you can make another choice and another and another. You can choose to get up and replace each nail with love. You can get up in love. You must get up in love. Undo from your heart anything less, and everything else is less. You are more. You are love. Now attest to it.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, remember who you are, and live from that place of the master. Be aware. Ask yourself every five minutes or so, “Am I living as the master?” And if you haven’t been, do not judge and put the heavy guilt upon the shoulders, but allow yourself to say, “Oh, okay, now I will choose anew. I will step back and I will look at the holy picture. I will see more of what is going on with the interplay of the brothers and sisters. I will see more of the interplay of how I am involved with the weaving of this beautiful tapestry called life.
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