A New Earth is Emerging

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: The New Earth is Emerging
3.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
4.)  Hastening Midst The Quickening Days
5.)  Preparing For Ascension (A Study Course)
      Part 10, Religion and Spirituality
6.)  Rise Up from Circumstances
7.)  New Guides Message: Pearls

Isis' Message of the Day -
It isn't what is normal or abnormal . . . it is how you deal with the reality of What Is.
There is no right or wrong . . . there are only choices and lessons to be learned from those choices.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear ones,
What bring you joy?
Think on the things and people in your life that make you smile. Think on the activities that bring you a sense of elation and happiness. Think on the times when you have felt most yourself and at peace.
This is the attitude of manifestation. When you are in this place of lightness and "rightness" of being, then all good things will find their way to you. When you are feeling intense joy and gratitude, then everything is fuelled to reach you that much faster.
Today, practise being happy. Let nothing take you away from this primary feeling. Let the adverse things that may happen just roll off your shoulders and keep smiling. In this way, you will see the difference that the attitude of joy and gratitude will make in your life.
And remember that we are ever walking with you, to assist and inspire in your day. As you smile, listen in your heart and hear our words of encouragement. All is well.
Till next time…
Deb and Jean
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SaLuSa: The New Earth is Emerging
October 1, 2010
All around you there are more people than ever suddenly finding that they have the ability to channel messages. As with any skills that suddenly appear it takes time to settle in, and the clarity of them is dependent upon your level of consciousness. We would certainly encourage you to persevere with channeling, and if successful you will be contacted by Beings who can resonate with your own vibrations. It is possible that the messages you get are personal and for your own advancement, as not everyone will be expected to go public. These could for example come from your Higher Self, but care needs to be taken in the early stages to ensure you do not attract lower entities. As you might expect, when you sit for such a reason you need to place protection around yourself. Michael invokes Warrior Angels that work with Archangel Michael, and you could hardly do better than follow this example. Some of you will develop your own methods, and what you need is to surround yourself with Light, and for example the Golden White Light is most powerful.
As time passed you will find your psychic abilities also developing, and telepathy will become more commonplace. Many of you already experience it often without realizing it has taken place. It comes in the form of knowing something that has not yet been spoken or taken place. You probably call it intuition and that is why we regularly advise you to use it where you can. When you meet new people it is a “feeling” that speaks to you volumes, and it is indeed first impressions that tell you a lot about them. With your expanding levels of consciousness you will begin to experience a “knowing” about matters that are of a spiritual nature, and it will become your measure where other information is presented to you. To continue developing, you will need an open mind so that you do not pre-judge a situation. This way you will allow your Guides to come closer to you, and they know exactly what you need by way of spiritual knowledge. In reality you do not need help, as everything is held within, even if it is in your subconscious memory. However, wiser Beings can point you in the right direction, and you can take it from there.
Hitherto you have not been encouraged to develop psychically, and indeed there has been outright opposition to it. This has usually centered around fear, and through religious teachings that associate it with the Devil. The only one we will acknowledge is the one that Man has created through so much negativity. It follows that what you believe in becomes real for you, so it is best not to focus upon such creations. Of course there is evil, but there is no point in blaming it on some mystical beast. Negative energies are all around and even embedded in the earth, and part of the cleaning process that is taking place is to transmute them. Some of you carry out such wonderful unselfish work for the good of all, and that is greatly appreciated. Dear souls of Light incarnate for such purposes, and it becomes their life’s work.
The Lightworkers do tremendous work, and many have come from the higher dimensions to which they have already ascended. Therefore although outwardly there does not seem to be much evidence of it, without their help you would be in a worse predicament. For many years they have sought to bring more Light to Earth, and succeeded in opening people’s eyes to the truth. You needed to move on, and throw off the mindset created over millennia of time that stifled original thinking. The time to be led has passed, unless you wish to remain shackled with beliefs that will hold you back. We of the Galactic Federation are part of the revelations, that have opened your eyes to the existence of life beyond your Earth. The civilizations represented by the Federation are light years away from you, yet are easily in touch because of inter-dimensional travel. It was not that long ago it was thought to be quite impossible, but now the idea of meeting us has expanded your understanding. More importantly it is beginning to be known that many of you originally came from the Star Nations. You no longer think of yourselves as a unique form of life, or that you are God’s only creation. The Universe teems with life and it is recognizable as humanlike, and at a soul level you have all come from the Source.
The more you accept the wonders around you the hand of God will be seen. Man may play with genetics and your DNA but whilst he can create a body, he cannot and never will be able to create a soul that can animate it. You are a godspark that is immutable, indestructible and has infinite life. You were sent out from the Source to experience whatever was your choice, and originally you had immense power to create for yourself. As you climb back up through the dimensions it will return along with your expanded consciousness. However, first you must complete your journey upon Earth, and so little time remains. You are about to embark upon the last episode that will see an end to duality, and all will eventually change from what you know it as now. The new Earth is emerging, and with Ascension you shall join it in all its beauty and splendor. It will truly be a paradise that you would call heavenly.
The wait has been long, but now the changes will start in earnest and a great peace will settle upon the Earth. It is what you have longed for and sought in vain. It was in fact beyond your reach whilst the Illuminati retained their power, because their intent was exactly the opposite, by fomenting war and destruction. All of this will soon end with the conclusion of this cycle, and then you will be taking a giant step on the path to Ascension. This is not therefore the time to wilt or give in to outer pressures, as they will not impinge on you for much longer. Take whatever happens in your stride, and keep looking ahead.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that predictions involving us are more than usual, but that is to be expected as people are picking up the vibrations involved. This often happens when changes are near, and as a result sometimes the predictions are fragmented. Again use your intuition to sift out the likely messages against those that are clearly false and meant to be misleading.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Are we there yet? Yes. The realized Christ is there already, feeling quite able to go freely, joyfully in the world, and not even to judge the world, but just to realize that the world is doing the best that it can within the parameters that the collective consciousness has set for this reality, and to know that you are pushing the envelope, evolving.
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Hastening Midst The Quickening Days
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
September 29.2010
Everything is speeding up, time is imploding or falling in on itself; how many times have we heard this or words similar of late, as we indeed hurry along our individual-collective pathways on this ever rolling roller coaster of a ride?  Opportunity and expansion are the keywords to this venture as patience along with fortitude are the ingredients that are specifically required to fuel the fire!

Without the determination, trust, faith and true grit, will the highway to heaven not be realised. We truly are the packhorses, the mules, the power houses or  indeed the way-showers in these current now times, preparing or prompting   all those whom are alongside, with confidence, positivity, power and purpose, with encouragement and upliftment, with sheer faith and belief in ourselves.
"We never promised you a rose garden," gently flows through the ethers, and the angels' chorus blossoms forth, invoking the harmony of the spheres which are indeed blessed by the Universal Mind. We are the wayshowers, and we  are also the gardeners of beloved Mother Earth. We gently hoe the soils and plant the seeds that will be born forth on the morrrow, nuturing all, sustaining and uplifting the many young growths that are searching for the so comforting warmth of the central sun, of the crystaline light that pours forth it's nectar and it's promise of greater things to come. We bathe in the adamantine particles that flow down with such precision and perfection, the very manna of heaven that blesses and caresses us which only the holy shekinah will issue forth.
There are doors that are opening now that have been closed for aeons upon aeons of linier years and it is now that the keys are being found and re-honed by the master locksmiths, technicians, the specialists and the key men and women, that do honour and bless this mighty and beautiful Mother Earth with all her concubines and entourage of wondrous beings of the light and love. We are slowly and surely beginning to re-find our way back to the heartiness and to the oneness that we were, are, and will ever always be. Pan is the coordinator and the surveyor of the vineyards, so to speak, and he oversees the many factions upon the planets' grand orchestration, assisting the dearly beloved Earth Mother in her regality and unconditional, unadulterated love!
The mighty crystal cave of Merlin lies deep within her sacred heart centre, in  the very depths her mighty body, it being the animation and injection of said energies over seen by the dear Lady Gaia in her mystical majesty and beauty unrivalled, measuring not by turn of cheek but by the love that eminates forth from her very heart and soul, for all and sundry, it matters not  who or when! When energies are proffered by the many adept lightworkers upon Terra, they are distributed here in this mammoth bank of crystals and gemstones that are ageless and endless in their magnificent beauty, power, and crystaline purity.
Here lies the very heart-centre of beloved mother earth, and Lady Gaia homes these monumental miracles of nature here in her loving breast, in her mighty treasure chest! And when instructed, by Lady Gaia, she magnifies any healing balm maybe one thousand fold as She, with Pan, with Merlin, with Sophia, all with one mind and one heart direct the love energies world wide, to the very heart of any situation, any place, any country,any person, anytime, for they do see so precisely with clearer vision from their immaculate vantage point deep in the crystal heart centre of beloved Mother Earth. All that we forward to her in the manner of love and healing, does she and her illustrious concubines in the Oneness of Heart and Soul, disperse these jewels and gemstones of love directly and precisely to the place where it is needed most. They surely know!
Life is ever a conundrum, an exquisite and beautiful magical condundrum, so it is ever mysterious and mystical, it is ever incredible and incredulous. Yet  it is also the simplest of purest principles in action, and as it is proffered forth to those who would accept to experience this supposed conundrum, then man had swayed something quite simplistic into something that was of his making.
This conundrum then was made of man, and as he proceeded to sing high his claims of melody to God, did God in It's infinitive perfection send forth his/her most precious and perfect harmonies, so that man would step out of this very quagmire of his own making, the veritable conundrum that is NOT of God.
God is simplicity, simplistic, simply pure  and precisely true perfection. God is our inner light and outward vision, God is in every part of our incredible being and sometimes we see him/her not....so, let us stop searching for that illusive 'conundrum outside' of ourselves and simply, so simply dare to peep within. By God, you will have found him/her here where the quagmire desists and the green, green freshening grass is ever underfoot, and our hearts will leap and bound likened to that first time when we uttered forth,"I Love You!"

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an Ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share giving full credit to the source and may your God go ever within you and leave you never without! *  gabbitas1@aol.com  * 

Preparing For Ascension (A Study Course)
Part 10, Religion and Spirituality
by Mary Mageau
October 1, 2010
‘Understanding the power of beliefs and the power of the mind, both individually and en-masse, is the most pressing and crucial issue for humankind to grasp.’
~ The path to Empowerment, by Barbara Marciniak ~
We are living in a time of shifting paradigms. Many of the established religions and churches are currently witnessing an erosion of their membership, as people look elsewhere for answers to their contemporary problems. Pamela Richardson suggests that, ‘Churches are empty for a simple reason. Informed people know that God operates an open, real-time, 24/7 free communication service across the entire cosmos. No elaborate buildings, man-made beliefs, rituals, hymns or fancy dress are required for access.’ While the traditional religions continue to lament their decline, the roots and branches of a vibrant new spirituality are forming everywhere. Another soul pathway is being chosen and experienced by many persons world-wide.   
This new spirituality is expressing itself in the following ways: caring more actively for the environment, exploring Eastern religions and the practice of meditation, espousing social justice concerns, balancing male and female energies in all aspects of decision making, seeking a more abundant economic system for all, and employing peaceful negotiation as a counter-balance to warfare. The new spirituality is growing steadily and powerfully today as our established cultural, political and economic systems all appear to fail us. Because our contemporary experiences of alienation are so overwhelming, a deep desire for a strong personal connection to a sacred presence within us and to nature itself is driving these changes forward.   
History reveals that during times of great change people head for the two extremes: either seeking the security of religious fundamentalism or a deeply personal spiritual experience. Without membership lists or even a coherent philosophy or dogma, it is difficult to define or measure the new spiritual movement. But in every city, many who seek greater insight and personal growth now cluster around metaphysical bookstores and internet websites, a spiritual teacher or an education/meditation centre.   
This new spirituality is in a class by itself. Unlike most established religions it has no holy text, central organization, formally constituted clergy, no geographic centre, creed or dogma. It is a free flowing spiritual movement, a network of believers and practitioners who share somewhat similar beliefs and practices. Book and magazine publishers and a plethora of web sites take the place of a central organization. Seminars, conventions, books, informal study, prayer and meditation groups all replace traditional sermons and religious services. These new practices are often freely grafted onto whatever formal religious faith is still adhered to. In the coming new age we may witness the fusion of spirituality with science and the unifying of the major religions. This will be achieved by re-focusing on the simple but profound truths that are commonly held, while pruning away the man-made dogmas, cultural symbols, beliefs and rules that divide and separate us. Many old outmoded teachings are already being discarded. The love-based empowering religious beliefs will be retained while the fear-based controlling concepts will fall by the wayside. In future, the religions that survive are those that are willing to expand their philosophy and theology to incorporate the higher Creator truths. But before considering this further, let us first define a religionist and then a spiritualist.
A religionist is a person who follows a codified doctrine or dogma in blind faith without questioning it. The religionist also obeys a set of rules or a text (the Bible, Torah, Koran etc.) to guide one’s every move. In the world of a religionist, the Creator is viewed as an all powerful male being, singular in itself, who rules over human awareness and watches every move to judge the worthiness of each participant. Those who are designated to speak for this power determine that which is right or wrong. The religionists believe that the Creator will do everything for them and if they give their best, their reward will be to ascend into heaven where joy and beauty abound.
A spiritualist is one who realizes that human society is in a constant state of evolutionary change, thus he or she must continue to resolve the possibilities that every new opportunity brings. As each life experience contains a learning lesson, the self-imposed beliefs of others must not be allowed to dissuade the potentiality of one’s evolution. To the spiritualist, the Creator is the Omni Presence of all light in creation and is held within each human and all things that exist. It’s not enough to know that God is in everything, but that God is everything. In order to return to the fullness of the Creator’s Light, the learning of all lessons must be experienced with every possible encounter met and completed. Each one must develop fully and evolve through the awakening of the love essence within.
The religionist believes in the ‘Spirit of One,’ the acceptance of a fixed belief as the universal ideal for all. Against the walls of established dogma new experiences, awareness and teachings frequently collide thus new insights are excluded. While these people worship, study and strengthen their minds, obedience to the rules and defense of the walls becomes their purpose. Militancy is their virtue and evangelizing for converts their activity. Fear and prejudice against others frequently results. The motto of the religionist may be, ‘Only we have the truth.’ Because of their rigid adherence to a set of fixed and unchanging beliefs, their minds will continue to remain tightly closed.
The spiritualist believes in the ‘Oneness of Spirit.’ The new spirituality is the opposite of established religion in that it is holistic rather than dualistic, incarnational rather than transcendental, inclusive rather than patriarchal, and democratic rather than hierarchical. Since each human soul is known to be a particle of the Creator’s Light we must return to a remembering that all was brought to life in love. One believes and knows that separation from the Creator’s essence is only an illusion. We then understand that we have never left the Creator’s Light because we are that very Light ourselves. The spiritualist will not impose a set of beliefs upon another as it is believed that the Creator wishes to experience infinite variations on the theme of spirituality. The motto of the spiritualist may well be, ‘Let all the flowers bloom in their individual truth and beauty.’     
The Buddhist concept of the Middle Path is very consistent with the new spirituality that is emerging today. The middle path is inclusive of the opposites without being controlled by one or the other. It values both extremes, the positive and the negative. The new spirituality that is seeking to manifest is a challenge to the consciousness of people who are caught up either in the old religious dichotomies, or in reactions against the old style religions. The traditional religious dichotomies describe reality in terms of right and wrong, good and evil, with specific belief systems clearly defining which is which. Those who take the opposite stance of discrediting these views, maintain that there are no such objective standards, or at least not in the way they are traditionally defined.
Instead the new spirituality avoids any judging of opposites and finds value in all expressions of life. It understands that whatever exists is part of the whole, and therefore is meaningful in terms of potential learning for us humans. Much of what people see as wrong or evil is a great challenge to our selfishness and ignorance, urging us toward compassion and understanding. It is not a matter of identifying what is wrong and trying to eradicate it, but to discover what the lessons are and then learn from them. Through our learning we are then capable of expanding our consciousness and being of greater service to others.
The Great Creator, our Father/Mother God, does not care which religion we practice or what we espouse as our personal beliefs. We are known to God only by our radiance, and by the love/light we freely give forth. This is determined by our love for the Supreme Being, our desire to personally know the Creator, an acceptance of the intrinsic goodness of humankind, and the priceless values of love, harmony and service to others.
In our daily lives many of us freely assume our own co-creative powers and honor our own creations by choosing to experience different journeys on the Earth plane. And within the great Creator’s light of which we are all a part, and there is only the unity of love, then we might perceive this experience as a matrix in space and time wherein humanity is encouraged to experience and play out every possibility. A new sense of responsible freedom will emerge as we acknowledge the Creator’s respect for the free will decisions of all its creations.  And so the choice of the religionist is one journey and the choice of the spiritualist is another. In our Father’s house there are many mansions and the focus and experiences of either journey can be freely chosen for the particular growth possibilities each provides. Neither one journey is better than the other as all paths hold the potential to lead us to the fullness of the Creator’s light and love.
Questions For Your Journal
1.   Do I manifest ways of acting or presenting myself that foster a deliberate sense of separation between me and others persons or groups of people? Name several.
2.   What beliefs do I hold that feed my sense of separation? Where did they come from: family, church, friends, the media, or others? Write down my findings.
3.   While I am not required to ‘like’ or choose to associate with everyone I meet, am I able to respect these persons by extending kindness and courtesy to them?
4.   Am I able to see the good in those around me while allowing them to choose and follow their own path?
5.   Am I able to set my personal boundaries by not allowing others to deter me from following my own path?
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HEAVEN #3598
Rise Up from Circumstances
October 1, 2010
God said:
Remember that guilt is not a high vibration. It is not honorable to feel guilt.
It hurts your heart that some go hungry while you waste food. There is a tug here, and yet it is incumbent upon you to digest the food you eat. You do not help another when your stomach is heavy with indigestion or your heart is heavy with guilt. Guilt is itself a kind of indigestion.
Money is not your consciousness. Money is not the cure. Consciousness is. You cannot appease guilt with money. You cannot atone.
Everyone on Earth deserves prosperity. Everyone on Earth does not presently have it.
Human asks: "How can it be that God leaves some without food and others with plenty? There is an imbalance."
Yes, there is an imbalance in the world.
Only consciousness can right wrongs.
Yes, and those who have are to help those who do not have. And yet such help is a stop gap. The boy in Holland could keep his finger in the dike for only so long. His finger in the dike was a temporary measure. So is feeding the poor a temporary measure.
Listen to Me carefully here. The circumstances of birth are not an accident. All circumstances are to grow from. Someone in opulence certainly seems wealthier than someone in hunger. If you were born spoiled, you have to rise from that. If you were born poor, from that you too have to rise. Each person born on Earth is born to rise from the circumstances he finds himself in.
When one is in a hot desert, it is too easy to say: “You must find water.” And yet each man must find water for himself. And if you are in the desert, and you have a flask of water, of course, you share it. You share your water, and yet you do not foster dependence in another upon your water.
If you are a thirsty man in a desert, how are you going to find water for yourself when you believe that others must come to your aid? It is true that all are brothers, and all help one another, and yet each man must help himself.
If you are thirsty and you see no solution but another’s coming to your aid, then you have limited your possibilities. If you are sure there is no other way, you have made it so.
Once upon a time, there were no airplanes. They were not believed in. It took two brothers, so I have heard, to believe in the idea of man’s being able to fly before the airplane could come into being.
Belief is important. If you believe that water has to come to you from someone else’s hand, what water will you find on your own?
It has been said that to him who believes, all things are possible. And to him who does not believe that all things are possible, all things are possible, yet, what has he cut himself off from? I am speaking of lifting consciousness so that all men on Earth are free and independent and no one is needy. Neediness has been believed in. What purpose could neediness serve but to point the way to fulfillment? Neediness is not needed. It is not necessary. It is not inevitable.
The world does not need the have not’s in order to have the have’s. All the bonds of life are false premises, and they are to get beyond.
Discouragement is understandable, yet it is not meant to be a way of life. Discouragement breeds discouragement. Have courage instead. Break the bonds that bind you. Open your heart to yourself. Blame no one and nothing. Rise.
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New Guides Message: Pearls
There are pearls on your road, they have always been there, are there now and will be there in the future. When you recognize them or when you don't. They come at unexpected times, at unexpected places in different forms. Perhaps in the form of an old friend, a nice teacher, a beautiful song at the radio, a flower, a smile of a child. It comes in the good words of a stranger that touch your heart from which you know once you hear them, " I am safe." At those moments you get an imprint in how life could be, beyond your expectations. You get the imprint of safety, and of home. Perhaps it's a crosspoint in your life, a confirmation of life how you expected it to be before you came. Life is filled with those pearls dear one, and you don't have to look for them when you open yourself for it. Those pearls have been there all along placed a long time ago, or very recently. You have worked many lifetimes to get those pearls at your road. Some pearls are placed by other energies, some by an old you from a previous lifetime. Sometimes it's a friend from the future that visits you and places this pearl at your road. It works magically, and is illogical for the human mind. One thing is sure: those pearls stay there forever and live in your heart and in the hearts of many many others. These days your road is filled with pearls from far, far away, old pearls and new pearls. They are here in large numbers waiting for you. Pearls are waiting for you so they can shine even harder in your presence. Because that is what they came here to do: Raise their vibration in your presence. And you are the one who is making it possible for the pearls to be here and to do their job. And they thank you deeply for that, just as we thank you.
We shine brighter because you are here letting us play our role and we cannot thank you enough for that. We bow for you and sing holli poppi hajoe tonight when we watch the stars as an angel standing next to a spirit that is pretending to be a human. And that will be you dear one when you choose so.
Elleke Verhoeckx * http://newchildren.net *  ellekerocks@gmail.com   *  

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