A New Day Is Coming

New Blessings for 2010
Dearest Beloved Ones,

The momentum of accelerating light will take a more significant step forward in 2010. Although this step forward has been impending for a number of years now, this shift was not yet able to manifest fully into the physical dimensions.

Something different is now occurring on the Earth that will ensure the rapid forward movement of the establishment of greater light on the planet, and the release of many energies of darkness that have previously limited this expansion.

This movement forward is both a cosmic event from the spiritual levels, and is also a physical event that was long ago encoded into the genetic and cellular structures of the Earth and her many inhabitants.

It has been set in motion by a combination of greater light, proximity to several significant astrological gateways of transformation, and the heartfelt prayers and diligent work of so many souls both embodied and in the realms of light.

Beloved ones, no one knows exactly what events will manifest in the coming year, however there is a strong probability that there will be significant changes to social and political structures, and a more active mass awakening spiritually.

It is also likely that the number of light body symptoms will increase for many, which will motivate and inspire healers to develop new approaches to assist souls on the energetic levels.

For some, the coming year will activate a new level of their spiritual work. Others may find doors closing and endings that open unexpected possibilities for new directions.

Although there is some probability still that the current state of contraction will continue as it has been for the past several years, it is a less likely manifestation.

A critical mass has been reached on the Earth, and because several impending astrological gateways in 2010 will create the needed physical changes that will bridge the gap between the spiritual templates of the New Earth, which are now already present on the planet, and their full manifestation into physical matter.

As spiritual light strengthens on the Earth and combines with the physical matter of the Earth, a new energetic template is created that will have the capacity to transform energies of darkness, and to ensure the forward movement of God's plan for the Earth, that all shall know and feel divine love, and the divine Oneness of all of creation.

At this time, energies of darkness can no longer remain entrenched within the physical body of the Earth, or within the consciousness of humanity. They are being purified from the Earth on a massive scale, and at the same time, human beings are becoming more aware of the darkness they carry within themselves.

Although some souls are clinging to fear based realities, many souls are already awakening, and receiving healing and being shown a new way to live that is based on love, truth and faith.

Because God's love and God's light are the strongest energies in the universe, and because the three dimensional Earth plane is transforming and therefore more receptive to light, light has already gained a new foothold within physical matter.

So many souls who have been incarnated on the Earth, especially those from the previous cycles, have grown accustomed to living with long term disappointment and disillusionment. This is due to the long period of time in which love, light and truth were not enough to create positive and lasting changes in the world, and also due to the many delays in recent years which have created a sense of impending change that then does not occur.

Many souls have grown weary, and some even have developed cynicism as a way to cope with the devastating disappointments that have occurred.

We say to you, and to all souls that are drawn to this message, that a new day is coming, when love, light and truth will triumph. Darkness will no longer hold human beings hostage, and will no longer cover the Earth and create despair, pain and confusion.
Beloved ones, humanity is preparing to turn a corner. It is likely that this shift will be intense, and yet the new light anchoring on the Earth will ensure support, safety and comfort for all that call upon God's holy name for assistance.

We wish all love, all blessings, all love and light to you and to all souls that you are connected with. May God's love, God's love and God's truth manifest fully on the Earth with ease, with speed and with grace. With all love and blessings, Amen.
Love and blessings,