A New Cycle Has Begun

A New Cycle Has Begun

As we move into a new cycle, one in which we all have the freedom to demonstrate that we are indeed capable of co-creating anything we wish to co-create, we come together in new ways. We create in new ways. We bless in new ways.

It is a cycle of growth, a cycle filled with opportunities to take on what we came here to take on. It is a cycle which will enable us all to demonstrate that we are indeed filled with the purest of energies, and that those energies will allow us to manifest anything we wish to manifest. It is a cycle of great understanding as to who we are and what we wish to co-create on this beautiful planet, together as One. It is a cycle of co-creation never achieved before.

We are all at a time of new beginnings, a time to reflect on that which we wish to accomplish as co-creators, a time to bless fully through the use of our Hearts.

The energies that are present at the moment within and without are allowing us to purge many unwanted patterns of behaviour which interfere with that which we wish to accomplish. I suggest to you that these patterns will allow you to co-create a new reality for yourself, a reality filled with the true essence of your Being.

These patterns may be identified through the careful observation of one's feelings and emotions, particularly those which do not bring a sense of well being. These are truly indicators of that which needs attention, that which needs to be 're-created'.

These patterns of behaviour have served us well in the past, however, this is no longer the case. We have come to a point in our evolution where they must be looked at for what they are and what they are allowing us to accomplish. We must look at the blessings that they bring to us. We must look at the opportunities that exist within them to co-create ourselves anew. We must be diligent in our efforts to co-create new patterns of behaviour within ourselves which reflect our true nature.

Patterns of behaviour are made up of intelligent universal energies which are able to co-create anew. They are able to take on new dimensions of their own reality and to re-create themselves to reflect that which you wish to accomplish, through your own intent to do so. Therefore I suggest that pure intents be considered as you co-create anew in order to achieve a greater understanding of that which you are and that which you came to accomplish.

It is now time for each one of us to consider that we are much more than what we have allowed ourselves to be. We are co-creators of the highest order and we have come to this beautiful Earth at a most auspicious time in our evolution to allow that which we are to take on a new dimension of our own reality and to bless in the process.

This must be undertaken through love and only love. The process is one which requires much patience, courage and determination. It requires that we allow our old patterns of behaviour to be rectified within a new field of energies which will bring us to a place of being able to co-create in new ways. It also requires that one be willing to undertake what one has agreed to undertake in this lifetime, in order to fulfill one's own Covenant with the Beloved.

The energies that we are privileged to experience at this time are truly the energies of our own Hearts. They have always been and always will be. It is a matter of identifying them and learning to utilize them again in a way that reflects a new understanding of that which we are and that which is taking place on our Planet as well as in our Solar System.

We are all evolving at great speed indeed and the 'moment in time' that we are presently experiencing is one of great importance to say the least. It is a moment of great introspection, co-creation and manifestation. It is a moment dedicated to allowing us to be the true Beings that we are.

This can only be accomplished through the Heart, in the greatest love and dedication to the One. This can only be accomplished in a way that reflects our true nature - the nature of 'That Which Is'.

No longer are we at the mercy of karmic forces which allowed us in the past to repair any damages we may have caused to those we love, or to relive a past which is no longer appropriate for us to live. We have been given 'Carte Blanche' as it pertains to our Journey of Co-creation. This brings unto us unlimited possibilities to re-create that which once was and to begin to demonstrate once again our abilities to bless in ways that allow the world to be a better pace.

No longer are we 'puppets' in our own game. We have come to a place of being able to co-create a reality of co-creation of the highest order through the beauty and bounty of the energies of our own Hearts. We have come to a place of peacefulness, a place of beingness which, as we co-create anew, will allow us to thrive in a world designed to bless us fully.

All is truly well as we co-create anew! All will always be well as we allow ourselves to understand that this world we live in is a mighty Sphere of Co-creation of the Highest Order, one able and willing to take us to a place of higher wisdom and beauty, a place of 'reflection' of that which is within us. In Her beauty, she will do so. She will bless us without a doubt, as we allow the blessings.

May the Light of Co-creation bless you fully and bring unto you all that you are!

With love,