And There Is GOD



God said:

There is no top to evolution. You evolve and evolve and evolve. There is no stopping it. There are no happy endings in the sense that there are no endings. There is happiness, and happiness mounts a white charger, and the white charger leaps over mountains, and higher and higher you go until the tallest mountain looks like a little mound from the height you reach.

You are getting a new perspective on everything. Everything is the same, you understand. It is you who changes before your very eyes. You are seeing with new eyes. Now you have wide-angled vision. Now your eyes penetrate the surface and reach the nucleus of life. You have entered atoms. You swim into the makings of the Universe. You are everything you see. Everything is contained in you, and you are contained in everything. Oneness is comfortable, very comfortable, yet you need to get used to it.

Your heart and mind take you everywhere, and everywhere is within you. I am within you, and I am Everything, and so are you too. As you rise to Heaven in this lifetime, you feel it. You may not know how to name what you feel, yet you feel something. You are learning a new balance. You stand tall in the Universe. You are pregnant with the Universe.

Very soon there is no out there. There is only inner. Know that the outer you have seen has really been inward. You are attractive. The world gravitates to you, for you are powerful. You are far more powerful than the outer world, and you begin to see your place in the cosmos, that the cosmos is made up of you and your thoughts and your Being, and My Being which are One and the Same.

This may seem complex to you because you are not used to this. Nevertheless, this new way is simpler than all the confusion you are used to simmering in. Now you are have simplicity. You and I are One. There truly is no one else and nothing else, and yet all these pictures crop up. They dance before your eyes.

Whatever you embrace, it is yourself you embrace. You have projected yourself out there. You are everyone you meet, and everyone you meet is you. And now you meet yourself on new ground. You are the trees and the rustling of leaves. And you are the apples on the trees. You are the still waters I lead you to. You are the depths, and you are the waves. You are the tides, and you are the little ripples on the water as well. You are the green pastures, and you are the lion and the lamb who lie down together. There is nothing you are not, and there is nothing you have not lived.

You saw photographs, and they seemed like the real thing to you. Your mind is a camera, and it takes pictures, black and white and colored pictures, and records sound too.

You are the music composed, and you are the dancing. You are the opera-singer you hear. It is your Voice everywhere. I am your Voice, and you are Mine.

Thoughts are voiced, and you voice them. You entwine the world. You weave it with your thoughts. You embody the world that embodies you.

The world is a photograph of your mind and your heart. Where anyone is, you have been. You may have climbed out, and they are still climbing. Of course, there is no they. It is all you, and nothing but you. There is not even you. There is I.