Reuniting Your Ancient Memories with the Now

You have been conquered through division and distraction. The only way to change this force in your life is to change how you view it. First you were taught to place your life into 24 hour segments, which was divided into school time, work time, and play time. By doing that you took something that was supposed to be continuous and beautiful and gave that beauty to a controlling monster called authority and time management. Once you had divided your life into those compartments, you then were taught to go internal and see things as either good or bad. This totally divided how you saw yourself in terms of trying to be good but occasionally thought, said or did bad things. Where did that leave you? If you had done thirteen good things but four bad ones for that day, how did you define yourself?

That wasn’t enough, but then you were taught to divide yourselves by how much money you had in the bank or how many nice things you had. It made sense then to divide you by the color of your skin or what belief systems you embraced. Finally, it became necessary to make sure you could not survive without “authority” telling you what to do, so they divided you by your sex. That was done to ensure that your soul would be divided, as well. Initially, the idea of exploring a feminine role verses a more masculine role worked very well. Each gave you different perspectives on life and relationships. But once the world became imbalanced with the masculine trying to control the feminine, the division grew even stronger and the whole world suffered.

We would ask that you start by not dividing your life into those compartments. You do not want to see that you are working at something from 9-5 everyday and then have your “time off” to do what you want to. Do you really want to look back over the last year and say that you spent over 2,100 hours of that year in something that was miserable? You greatly define what you expect out of life by statements like that. Obviously you are willing to be miserable for the “security” of having a pay check. In the end, that pay check may bury your body, but what will the cost to your soul be? How many happy moments (not hours) did you experience in that lifetime?

You do not want to divide your thoughts and actions between good and bad. If you do that you will be continuously spending as much energy judging what you’ve said or done and then punishing yourself for it as the initial thought itself. This, also, teaches you to judge others by their actions or words as good or bad, knowing full well you cannot react to something unless it also resides in you somewhere. Of course it does exist as you all have the capacity to answer to a wide variety of choices in a full range of reactions and emotions. Would you want someone to judge you by one word or one sentence for the rest of your life? It’s totally ineffective.

Good and bad is also reflective in how you react to those lovely teaching situations that happen often in your life. Would you say that something was bad if a lot of good came from it? How would you determine how much bad was needed for the judgment and how much good would need to be there?

It seems a little silly to say someone is successful simply based on the amount of things they’ve acquired. Instead it would seem to be better to look at the quality of life instead of quantity. Anyone can acquire things, it’s tougher to be happy in all of it and not let those things distract you. Often we hear people saying they are happy, but in their hearts they fear loosing their things and then possibly losing those people who are in their lives too.

If you could see all the different types of beings that exist in the worlds all around you and in other universes you would not get so caught up in skin color. To us that’s like one group of ants passing another group of ants and the one group thinking they are superior because their antennas point a certain way. They’re all ants. So you are all of the same type of energy no matter what kind of package you’ve chosen this time. Each one is carefully selected before birth knowing that package and family would determine what direction you would start out with. Each package (body) allows you an opportunity to try on a new costume on a new stage.

The idea of allowing beings the chance to divide themselves inside by choosing to accentuate either male or female was, in the beginning, an experiment. The idea was to see how the parts worked separately with the hopes they would come together and incorporate bringing the best of both worlds. Instead, it became necessary for the “authority” to control the feminine in order to make sure they could determine outcomes. What they didn’t realize is they also upset the natural order to things and as people became imbalanced, eventually Mother Earth followed. You cannot shut down essential parts of yourself like fingers, toes and feet and think that you could possibly run. You’d be lucky to just be able to stand.

The only way to bring all those parts back into a whole, which is what everyone is trying to do, is by first letting go of all of those segments and compartments. In its place see yourself and your life as being one river flowing together effortlessly. The river intuitively knows where it needs to go and is not stopped by things that would block its flow. It knows how to go around those things and actually incorporate them into the whole flow. Those of you who have gotten stuck in the sand on the side of the river or are hanging for dear life on one of those large rocks in the middle I would say, LET GO. See that you are one with everything around, above, and inside of you. Let go of anything that holds you back and does not allow you to feel the incredible joy of existing and being part of the river.

Look at those things you do not like to do and release them. Either find someone else to do them, or another way to accomplish your desire. If it’s your job, quit and what you really want or need will appear in your life. If it’s based on things, let go of them. Keep only what you need for they tend to own you very quickly. Simplify your life. If it’s a relationship, let them go, knowing you cannot wait on them any longer. If they are to be part of your life they will let go also and follow you. If not, they have someone else planted in their journey as you do.

Change your thoughts and words by not including good and bad. Instead, see everything as working perfectly, effortlessly for you. See that everything that happens to you in your daily life is a gift no matter what type of package it comes in. Give thanks for the gift and decide if you want to keep it or not. Look in wonderment at the beautiful way nature intuitively knows how to take care of itself and still has time to communicate and connect. Above all give thanks for the things you do have in order to receive what the Universe wants to send your way.


There are three parts to the soul. The first part pays close attention to the different memories that are so important to you and your journey. This part holds the different ideas and certainly is the oldest part of the soul. The second part is connected to Prime Creator from whence you came. This part holds the critical role of maintaining that foundation that each of you need in order to expand and explore. It also allows for the possibility of all the different venues of love to be examined and experienced. The third part of the soul is the part that not only needs but seeks action. It is the part that contains all the road maps that you will ever need to direct you towards those places you’ve always wanted to go. This part also includes in this action the desire to connect with others and see things from their perspective.

With these three parts you need only to recognize that they make up the totality of who you actually are. That’s what you are trying to find, that is what you seek. It seems to always be hiding from your vision yet drifts by from the corners of your eyesight. You see you don’t actually know who you are until you’ve discovered all that you can be. All that we ask is that you seek and accept those parts you do see and be willing to be true to their original nature. Once you have that piece of information you can begin your journey anew into other directions and other planets.

Your soul was arranged so in order to allow you to experience life in layers while still remaining connected to your creator. So you have the incredible capability of being right in the middle of the whirlwind while still remaining calm with perfect vision. Do you understand what that actually means? It is yet another tribute to how incredible you are and also reflects all the different expansions your soul can experience all at the same time. Since God is diverse and inclusive at the same time so are you.

God desired that you always remember who they are and what they offered you. They wanted you to always have the map to get you back home when you were ready. So one area of the map was given the gift of memory while also carrying the urge to continue the search. It is this part of your being that pushes you to continue on even when things look doubtful. Alas you will always carrying within you the original memory of that perfect place, that perfect being you are part of. So you compare everything else in life to it. What you are receiving as you travel along is different layers, different bits and pieces of the whole that you are attracted to. What a lovely way to see, feel, and know other parts of God!

This accounting and remembering became necessary as the soul evolved and expanded. You demanded to remember the most incredible details of many experiences so you developed within yourself a library of memories both pleasant and otherwise in order to pull towards you that which reminds you that you are separate from God. Knowing you would want to share those memories with others also made it important that you retain the original experience and freeze it within a circle of white light. This is also part of your guidance system to remind you that you’ve already done that particular thing numerous times and don’t necessarily want or need to re-experience again.

Free and open love comes only from Prime Creator. The rest of us simply allow pieces of that original love to flow through us. No one being can hold all of it without evaporating into a million tiny lights. It’s too difficult to hold a form if you contain this love. So you will need to be content with just have moments of this warm fullness knowing you are very much loved. It also allows you to share this feeling, this warmth by seeing the truth in each other. Let go of the outer shape in whatever form it is in. Instead develop the ability to define the task of seeing much further inside to that soul’s original code. By doing that you will better understand them and in turn open more of your own knowing.

The other area of your soul contains all the push and desire you can hold. It cajoles you and teases you with “what if”. It pulls you into places you would not normally go and invites you to things you would be reluctant to travel. The reason for this is action demands that you move in some direction that you’ve not experienced before. Action pushes you towards taking chances while pulling up the very best and strongest within yourself. Action will not let you sit and lick your wounds for very long. If left to it’s own devices it becomes reckless and angry. See it as your gift, your strength. For action is the hand of God that is gently moving you forward while supporting you as you stand on your own two feet.

Why do you need to know this information? I would tell you it’s because you judge yourself too harshly. You do not allow yourself the luxury of seeming to fail or the ability to succeed your own unique way. You become too rigid in your thoughts and beliefs and do not make room for learning opportunities you call mistakes or errors. So I challenge you to look very deeply inside of yourself. If you spend just l hour a day on this you will discover the greatest journey, the most extraordinary memories, the largest achievements are within.