ANALYSIS - The method of the head is analysis and the method of the
heart is synthesis. --- When you analyze something you destroy its
life. For example, if you give a rose flower to a chemist and you tell
him, "Look, what a beautiful flower it is!" he will say "I will have
to dissect it. I will have to find where the beauty is." And he will
analyze the flower. He will find how much earth is there and how much
water and other chemicals, but he will not find beauty because beauty
is not a chemical, beauty is not matter. He will simply deny it, he
will say there is no beauty. --- But the poet or the painter, they
approach life through a totally different way. For them chemicals do
not matter, MATTER does not matter. For them beauty is the most
significant phenomenon. They will dance and rejoice. Their way of
seeing is through love. Love reveals beauty, logic destroys it. ---
All that medical science knows about man is about dead bodies, because
they go on doing postmortems on dead bodies. Even if you cut up a
living body, the moment you cut it up, it will be dead. So whatsoever
medical science knows about man is about a dead man, not about an
alive man. That's why they will deny that there is a soul, because
they have not found it. They cannot put it in a test tube; it is not
observable either. It is a totally different world: it is found
through the heart. --- Analysis is not the way to find the ultimate
truth, the living truth. Analysis is right as far as matter is
concerned. Synthesis is the right approach towards life. ---
MEANING - There is no meaning. In fact, because there is no meaning,
joy is possible. Because there is no meaning, playfulness is possible.
Because there is no meaning, dance is possible. --- Listen to the
birds - do you think there is any meaning? There is no meaning! But
why should there be? Look at the tree, the flowers, the stars. Is
there any meaning? But why should there be? ... Children running
hither and thither, so excited, do you think there is any meaning?
Do you think they have found a treasure? Do you think they have found
diamonds? Nothing much, maybe just colored stones or a dead butterfly,
or maybe they have collected a few old leaves, seashells on the
seabeach ... but they are so immensely blissful. --- Blissfulness
need not be rooted in meaningfulness. In fact, the very idea of
meaning destroys bliss. Once you start looking for meaning you become
a calculator, you become a mind. You lose your being. Then you will be
in tremendous trouble, because everything will only make you ask
again. --- For example, "Why did God create the world? What is the
meaning?" Even if some fool can supply you the answer ... And there
have been very foolish theologians who have been supplying all kinds
of answers, because whenever there is a demand there is going to be a
supply. When fools ask, foolosophers answer. --- +