A Most Wondrous Time Ahead

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Sananda's Peace Exercise
3.)  Sanat Kumara: A Most Wondrous Time For The Growth Of Humanity
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  Suddenly, There Was Love

Isis' Message of the Day -
There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life.  When we love, we open ourselves to all that life has to offer.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~
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Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. How are you today? We have been watching much of what has gone on during the holidays. It is amazing how stressful the holidays seem to be for people. What is supposed to be a time of great Joy is instead a time that tries the patience of most of you. People talk of wanting peace in the world but cannot get along with their family. We suggest an activity for you during the rest of the holidays. When you are around each of your relatives, find as many things to appreciate about each of them. And remind yourself over and over what you appreciate about them, instead of what drives you crazy. You will find your holidays will have more joy and less stress. Now go take on the day and bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *   

Sananda's Peace Exercise
Given through Susan Leland
December 14, 2010
Sananda addressing the December 14, 2010 teleconference:
Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, Sananda, come once again to celebrate with you the Peace and the Joy of being together in this glorious time upon Planet Earth. The one known as Jesus, Yeshua Ben Joseph, has many stories told, many embellishments that were added by, those who came after the lifetime he shared upon Planet Earth with all of the people and its Kingdoms, who did not really understand. And his words and his teachings were further corrupted by that which you call the priests of the church, even after the first accounts had been written. So it is no wonder that there is confusion, but let this be known, and let this go out from your hearts to all:
The message that he brought was very simple. It was the message of Love. It was the message of Oneness. It was the message of loving all upon the Planet, and of loving yourself too. Sometimes this has been corrupted, as you know. And sometimes extremism has been based upon someone's misinterpretation. Wars have been fought in the name of Jesus and the other great teachers. Indeed there is a situation which is not peaceful going on right now, a situation which has been contrived and controlled behind the scenes, but nevertheless, seems to be based upon the differences in religions. And we're here to tell you that I, Sananda, have my mission within the mission.

Of course it is about Ascension. Of course it is about helping people to make their choices. And it is most definitely beginning already, in the uniting of people as spiritual beings, Beings of Light, Beings of Love, rather than religious beings. It is perfectly wondrous indeed to go to a religious building, a church, or a temple. But it is to recognize that God is within each of us - you, I Sananda, and every living being in the Universe. So there is no one religion which is better than another. There are no teachings which are more true than others.
There is only the basic loving fundamental foundation, and we are asking all upon Planet Earth to come into recognition of that. And that shall be more and more the messages, which I put forth through all of my Beloved messengers. And you, Beloved Ones can help, if you're so inclined, with your loving messages, with your teachings of Love and Compassion, and yes, Forgiveness and Gratitude for all life, and for all wisdom.
And so it is with that in mind that we are joined together now to energize even more the winds of change, the words of Truth, and it is to empower them with the Love of this great Family here present, and those who follow, because the Truth of it is anyone can join by simply casting aside, or giving intent that they are beyond time, and therefore joining in at this precise moment.
And so we ask that you just relax and breathe and allow yourself to come into that state of higher dimensional realization within your being of the Peace that passeth all understanding, and as you are there we present into your field of vision, with your eyes closed, the World. Notice how the Sun is shining everywhere, but that in some places there are clouds and storms, which seem to be blocking the Light of the Sun, but the reality is the Sun shines everywhere for everyone, whether it is diminished, or partially obscured or not in one's perception. And yes, the Sun is shining even on those parts of the world that are enjoying the Light of the Moon, which is after all the Sun shining upon the Moon and its reflection upon the Earth. And the Stars are twinkling in the sky, even if there are some clouds.
And now if you will, use your hands Beloved Ones, to cradle this magnificent Earth in the loving energies that flow from your hands. Feel the warmth everywhere. It's even. Feel the Love flowing forth from your own hands. Beloved Ones, this is something you all can do. This is Love. This is Light. This is the Light of the Christ. And you all have that Light within yourselves. So allow your hand to move around the Earth lightly, even off of the surface, and see in your minds' eye this Love that you are encircling the entire Planet Earth with.
And see it bathe in the glow of you, your Love, and your purposeful sharing. And see the Earth light up with this glow. And see even the darkest of places glowing, even in the night, even where there are no Stars, or the Moon cannot be seen. But see this Light permeating the thickest of clouds, the most dense of snow storms, blizzards, Ice storms, rain storms, whatever. Allow this Love Light to penetrate, and allow the Earth to glow.
And this Beloved Ones is something that you can do whenever, wherever you are moved so to do. And now let us send this message out upon the waves of Love, which You Are, which you are literally enfolding the Earth in. You, Beloved Ones, are Mother/Father to this new Earth, to this Earth of Love. And we stand together as one Family, and we restore and renew the promise made so long ago that this Earth would return, return to Love and loving ways, return to the higher dimensional lifestyle, that which was promised eons ago.
It's now coming forth on these wondrous waves of Lovelight. And feel the winds of change moving, moving through, like a refreshing breeze, empowering and moving even more your Light of Love. And it brings an awakening, a calmness in the rush, in the glow. And what is this wondrous awakening? It is Peace everlasting. It is the Peace that passeth all understanding. It is Divine. It is you, Beloved Ones. It is your energies which are creating it so. It is all of us joined together in loving service, in loving mission, in fulfillment of the promise we made eons ago to join together.
The Light of Kumara is being enhanced, and turned up to magnificence, to glowing radiance, to highest, highest, dimensionality. The Light of Kumara becomes, with your joining, the Christ's Light restored to Planet Earth. And it is because you have come, Beloved Ones, to be a part of this, that this is even possible, let alone accomplished. For it is your giving permission, and your participation that makes it so. Blessings to all, and the highest greetings of Love, and Thanks, and Joy.
We are One, Beloved Ones, One together in the Light of Love, the Light of the Christ, and this is your reality, this is your Truth, This is your Divine Gift, the greatest gift of all, the greatest gift you could give to yourself and all upon the Planet, to all below, on, and above and the Universe beyond.
Never has Planet Earth been so radiant. Never has Planet Earth shone so brightly, as now in this moment of Love and Joy and Giving. Treasure this, Beloved Ones, and keep it always in your Hearts.  And ever when you're so inclined, just share it, and enfold the Planet with it. It is the gift that keeps on giving. It is the gift of Love. It is the gift of the radiance of Love, and the Light you share.
And so we say upon this Holy, Holy time, Blessings to you as we move into the higher dimensional reality together, as you shine your Light so that all upon the Planet may find their way if they so choose. You have the Gratitude and thanks of the Universe.  So now come forward once again and receive the Roses of Kumara for this occasion. There has never been another (occasion) like it on this Planet.
Take these Roses and notice they are golden, and they glow with the radiance of Love, coming back to you, into your Hearts, as you have given so freely. And as you share and send it out, so it comes back to you multiplied, amplified, and even greater!  And this, Beloved Ones, is the true sharing, the sharing of the rebirth of Planet Earth in all of its radiant splendor, in all of its Joy and Love, and the Peace for everyone on the Planet to be in enjoyment of all.
And so we thank you, Beloved Ones, and we ask that you keep us close in your Hearts, and you allow our Roses of this beautiful, beautiful, season to keep you warm and joyful and sharing the Love and the Peace of this Holy Time, that we may carry it forward upon this road that we are on. We are with you at all times, and we see you in your Ascended Bodies even now. So thank you, Beloveds. Thank yourselves, and feel how Divine you are, for that is your Truth, your reality, and the Oneness we are. And so it is! Namaste!"
We just want you to know how lit up you are! And we say to you, 'Celebrate, celebrate who you are, and who we are, and celebrate the oneness of all; and Peace be unto you as you have given Peace so beautifully to the Planet.'  And so it is! Stay tuned! Namaste!
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh

Given through Susan Leland, December 14, 2010 www.AshtarontheRoad.com  © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted. 

Please enjoy listening to the Special Solstice Message from Ashtar and Sananda.  We were asked not to transcribe it so you could enjoy the full clarity of the energy they wish to convey through the voice recording.  Sekhmet reminded us today that listening to this recording is a way of accepting the BIG WAVE of energies coming in with the conjunction of this Solstice, full moon and lunar eclipse.  There are 2 places to hear this message.
On this AshtarontheRoad.com page, you will find a link at the bottom for the audio.  If you left click on it, it will take you to a page with a Quicktime player where you can click on the right-arrow play button at the far left of the player to hear the 21 minute recording.  (If you right click on the link, you can download it to your own computer):
http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/sananda_solstice_message.html   *  
The second place is the new special home page on WeThePeopleForPeace.org.  There is a recording at the top of the page which starts automatically and plays the Galactic Anthem by Kana Benz for 2 minutes, or you can stop it if you wish.  At the bottom of the page is the player for the 21 minute special message.  Simply click on the play button at the far left of the player:
http://www.wethepeopleforpeace.org/default.html *  

Sanat Kumara: A Most Wondrous Time For The Growth Of Humanity
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
December 2010

Beloved Ones,

It is a most blessed time to speak with you.  Many of you are celebrating your traditions which create a great heart opening for you.  You celebrate the occasion of the birth of Christ and you find at this time, it is a most wondrous event which brings you together with your birth families. It brings you together with others.  It brings you into your heart and into a place of nonjudgment, of kindness, of love, of acceptance of others.  It brings you into compassion, a willingness to understand and forgive others.  It is a most wondrous time for individual growth and a most wondrous time for the growth of humanity.

Take special care at this time, to re-member what you have come here to do.  Take the time even as you are busy with the activities which surround your holy events.  Take the time to meditate, to enter the sacred space of your heart.  Take the time to feel the love and the wisdom, which is your God Self in connection with you, the personality, the conscious mind, the human ego.  Take this time, beloved ones, as your hearts are so open.  There is the willingness for the new to come in, and the willingness to be allowing of others.  It is in the allowing that you may find peace and wisdom and the great love which you so desire.  It is in the allowing that the judgment falls away.  Criticism becomes of the past, intolerance also falls away, as in the allowing, the heart becomes filled with love and compassion, and one may ultimately move into the state of beingness, as one claims their personal power, in this love and compassion.

The Cosmic heartbeat within you expands with love, the unconditional love, which creates bliss and great wisdom and the state of beingness, you so desire.  The expansion of the Cosmic heartbeat within you will assist you in focusing on the allowing of unconditional love.  The expanded heartbeat, when focused upon, will allow no other.  It will allow no lower vibrations, no lower emotions; there is only the love of the Sacred Heart, the love of the Cosmos, the expansion of the wisdom of the universe into the cosmic wisdom.   This expansion of the Cosmic heartbeat within each of you, opens you to new beginnings, new opportunities, as you raise your consciousness to new levels of wisdom and understanding.  It is a glorious opportunity at this time, and one which is not only offered to you through your holy days, but an opportunity which is presented to you through the shifting energy of the December Solstice and th e Lunar Eclipse.

The astrological events before you present great opportunity if you each seize the moment.  Take this opportunity to strengthen your understanding of your oneness with the earth, all life forms, and your planetary system and your sun.  Focus at this time, on expanding your field to include all the planetary bodies of your solar system.  It is a time for you to have a greater awareness and true understanding of your heritage, and your connection with all life.  Allow the expansiveness to flow into your field, and allow this expansiveness to fill your heart and strengthen the Cosmic heartbeat within you.  Allow the beat to find its natural rhythm and pulse, and simply be this heartbeat.  As you pulse with the planetary bodies of your solar system, become comfortable with this strength of the pulse of the heartbeat.  Take the time to open your heart in love and joy, to this connection.

Once you have done this for awhile, bring the pulse, the heartbeat, closer to home, closer to you and your oneness with the earth and all life forms.  Feel the pulse of the Cosmic heartbeat fill earth and all life forms.  Sit with the heartbeat pulsing through you and the earth and all life.  It is a most magnificent moment, this pulse of the Cosmic heartbeat, a moment of knowing that all that every soul speaks, acts, feels and thinks, is one with every other life form and mother earth.  With the pulse, this can be felt and understood, and a great knowing comes to pass of the interconnection of all life.   Expand this knowingness, as you radiate it out to all life forms and the earth.  It is a great gift for each of you, wisdom which can transform you and your relationships with others and your interaction with your planet and all life forms.

Your blessed earth awaits you, each of you, to be her heartbeat, as she is your heartbeat, as all life is your heartbeat.

Call on me to assist you.  I am here with you, I have never left you.  My heartbeat pulses with each of you, and your earth.

I am Sanat Kumara.
You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings.  Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Sanat Kumara through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to: www.transformingradiance.com  *  
All my Love and many Blessings, 


Hello Dear Ones,
I have just completed recording the meditations which Archangel Michael and Sananda have recently given through me, in recent messages.  I am so pleased to be able to offer them now, as I have been wanting to record them, as they have been coming forth.  For those of you who would like to have these meditations as a recording, they are now available on the Products Page of my website: 
www.transformingradiance.com/products.html  *  
The meditations newly available are:
Archangel Michael:  A Meditation, The Oneness Of All Creation
Sananda: A Meditation For Your Four Bodies; Flower Of Life Meditation; A Meditation Within The Human Matrix; A Meditation Of Love, Of Joy, Of Oneness.
The Meditations are available as mp3 downloads.  The energy exchange is $12.00 USD each. Enjoy!

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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, the afterlife is going to be wonderful, and so is this life, so make the best of it. And that is not said as a certain judgment—to make the best of it. It is said as encouragement, as truth. Make the best of it. Enjoy it as you go along. Give that to yourself. Make that your Christmas present to yourself; to make the best of each moment; to be in love.
Visit our website: www.Oakbridge.org  *  

HEAVEN #3681
Suddenly, There Was Love
December 23, 2010
God said:
Sometimes love is oblique. It does not come right out and declare itself. It comes from an angle, and you discover it. Love discovered is like an unexpected smile, just the corner of the mouth turned up, yet it is there, the smile. It is like you find that someone has unexpectedly left a rose on your pillow or held a chair for you. There is a consideration, a courtesy, maybe a common courtesy, and yet you know the great love behind that common courtesy. The courtesy had not been common for you.
One day you discover that you are loved. Despite all your façade, you find out that you are loved by another human being and by Me. You wake up to the fact. “Hey, I am loved. I am really loved. God and someone love me, truly love me. Me.” And your heart dances across the stars.
Love came to you when you were not looking. Suddenly, there was love. It was right before you, a miracle of love given to you freely just when you thought you were unloved forever and anon. Suddenly, love looked you in the eye, and yet the presenter of the love did not declare love, just issued it, just emanated it, just came from a place of love angled like sunlight through a window. And yet this sunlight stayed steady. It was always there. You knew it was there. It did not say, “Look, I love you.” But the love was there, and you knew it, and it was love for you. At last, love for you, love to cherish. Love furrowed its way into your heart and was there to stay. Love made itself known to your trembling heart.
What is breathless about discovering that you are loved is that you see that you are actually capable of being loved AND, most wonderful of all, you discover that you are actually capable of loving as well. One great reason why knowing you are loved is a very good thing is because then you begin to find love stirring in your own heart. There is a thump in your heart that says, “Hey, I can love.”
Love has become reciprocal. Love feeds on itself and grows. Before you know it, you will enter the arena of loving first. Just think of it, to be able to initiate love from your heart to another’s or to all seeming others. Just think of it, to be one who loves, who splurges on love, who comes to know the gracious Indweller of love in your heart. And the love in your heart rays out. The special love directed to and from an individual grows into universal love, and suddenly you are a lover of the Universe. You are a practitioner of love. You have thought you are new to it. Your heart becomes a badge of love, shining in the day and shining in the night. Your badge was polished all the time, even when you didn’t see it.
“Love is mine,” you say now. And then you fling love out as you would fling orange blossoms at a wedding or confetti from a great height on New Year’s Eve. You begin to toss love, and it doesn’t matter where it lands. It matters that you give it. It is the giving love out that matters. Suddenly, you have love to spare.
Hearts like beggars cry out: “Can you spare me a dime?”
And your heart says, “Yes, here, this is for you. Here you are.” And you give dimes of love and diamonds of love and, before you know it, the world is sparkling with love, all because one simple human being loved another.
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