A Momentous Occasion



Archangel Michael: A Momentous Occasion
Channeled by Marcia McMahon
December 25, 2011

Marcia: Is now a good time to ask about the new year?

AA Michael: Now is the time of the Solstice the date of December 22, 2011 and my beloveds this is the date to enter one year of the glories of the beginning of the Ascension of mankind. We want to remind so many of my light workers who still suffer pain in any way or depression to be joyful as the New Earth awaits you in all her splendor – a paradise unimagined by the human mind at this point. So again we ask you to prepare your bodies minds and spirits this precious last year of your earth time. For you know not the time exactly of your personal ascension although I have given you the date of the commencing of the graduation party.

I still regret to say that many are unaware of this momentous occasion or how to adequately prepare. In the body healthy eating and eating less is advised. In the mind the clearing of past lifetimes filled with trauma and pain - and even this current lifetime so many of my light workers have endured abuses and sorrows. Hypnosis is a very good and efficient method of removing this debris and I wish to recommend my light worker as one of the highest integrity and loving service to you.

Now as to the Spiritual preparation . . . be awake alert and especially aware that any suffering is to be cleared as much as you can but at the same time viewed with the perspective that it is totally temporary and to not dwell on it. For in the new earth, the true land of milk and honey, awaits all mankind if they so choose to end karma and death and rebirth and return to source at some point in the journey.

Many have the love for God in their hearts and for one another but are unsure of all of this and I tell you I hold my sword of truth and will cut all illusion from your mind if you will but ask for my healing guidance. 
Imagine a most peaceful island where all the islanders are living in total harmony with the earth, the sea, and with one anther, and this is but a glimmer of the glory that does await those of you who wish to live in that 5th dimensional world.

On this earth this year there will be more earth changes including volcanoes and torrential rains and floods but if your divine blueprint is to not experiences these calamities then no harm will befall you and fear not in any case. Yes there will be movements of the plates under earth’s crusts as she adjusts to the new energies being emitted by your Sun. The sun will undergo great change upon her surface this year and thus her ascension also awaits as she enters the fifth dimension she will change her appearance and appear more as a light blue dwarf.

Have no fear my beloveds for you are under my wing and I shall protect you from every imagined harm and nothing shall touch you if you only believe it. I look upon each one of you with great love and anticipation of your arrival upon the New Earth. Call upon me whenever you are in trouble and I will shelter you with my wings and bring my sword to bear upon any difficulty you may face.

In peace and love
Archangel Michael