A Mighty Dragon

HEAVEN #3492 A Mighty Dragon, June 17, 2010

God said:

Even though time does not in truth exist, you don't want to waste it. Don't waste your life on problems when you can spend life on desirable attributes of life. Surely, you can think of something better than difficulties. I shiver to think of the energy and life vitality you put into difficulties. Picture a pie-shaped chart of joy in life. There is no pride to take in a pie-shaped chart of troubles.

What are you emphasizing in your life?

There are hordes of angels surrounding you. Let go of your hold on troubles, and these merry angels will lift troubles from your shoulders. Where is it said that you are to carry a yoke on your shoulders? Where is it said that you must carry infinite trouble on your shoulders?

Your shoulders are meant for joy. Even if your shoulders are broad, they are not meant to carry trouble. Your shoulders are meant to let trouble slip off. Must you keep troubles, treasure them, go over and over them as you would pore through pieces of jewelry?

If troubles are not fun for you, why dwell on them?

And if you don't know what to think about instead, then think of Me, for I am thinking of you. Thinking is not quite the right word here. My heart is beating for you. Let your heart beat for Me and not so much for troubles.

Do not believe so much in woe. Are you an idolater of woe? Are you an idolater? Do you have other gods before Me? Why would you? From what illusion would idolatry of trouble come from? Must trouble be so mighty?

Where is it said that trouble must take over your life? Where is it said that trouble must consume you? Trouble may be a mighty dragon, and yet who says you have to believe in dragons? Are you worshipping dragons? Let dragons make all the fires they want. Fires burn themselves out. They do not last forever. Troubles are a temporary misalliance.

You live in the relative world where everything is relative. Everything depends upon how you look at it. Everything depends upon your impression of it.

I understand that life is very serious to you. I know how you look at things in life. I know what you covet and what you despair about. Don't have a great appetite for despair. Despair is a conclusion you draw.

I do not say that you do not have troubles. I do not say that your troubles are nothing. I say that your troubles are not everything. Whatever your troubles may be, you also have blessings in your life. You who are so fearful of death, you are alive today. Whatever troubles may be yours, there is someone who would love to have yours and not theirs.

Even with troubles, can you allow yourself to be a little happy? Surely there are matters in your life that you can welcome with an open heart. Surely trouble can't be the only thing in your life. Certainly there are some kernels of that which you are grateful for. Increase gratitude and diminish dismay.

If you had two balloons, and one had a Smiley on it and the other had a skull and crossbones on it, which one would you favor? Which one would you breathe your breath into? Which balloon would you use to advertise yourself with?

There is that which you can change, and that which you cannot change. You are free to change how you look at what you look at. You are free to weigh life differently. You are free to use a different scale. You are free to emphasize troubles, if that's what you choose, and you are free to enjoy life regardless of its difficulties.

I lift your heart now. I bring you to Me. Now, what can the matter be?