A Message From Mother Mary

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You are an infinite being and you are infinitely abundant in every way -  infinite in love. What keeps that from manifesting are the beliefs that you  have. The number one way to release those limiting beliefs is to appreciate what  you have now .
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A Message from Mother Mary
through Valerie Donner
December 17, 2010
Today I feel that Mother Mary has a message for us so let us see what she has to say:
Beloved, children, I am Mary the mother of Christ. I pray before you and cradle you in my arms. I hold the precious Earth in my heart. You are loved. You are protected. You are blessed. You are provided for and healed. You are my beloveds.
Know that I am always with you no matter what. Never lose faith. We are here to support you and your faith. We walk with you always. You are the stars showing the Light to those who have lost their way. We rely on you to notice those in need, beloveds, as we notice you.
As you walk the Earth in physical form like we have done you are progressing with your mastery and completion of your need to be in physicality. This requires an open heart and expanded sensitivity to others. Their pain is your pain like your pain is ours. We take it from you when you ask. You can take it from others when you are ready. You are resilient because Light waves bend their way through you and your hearts. Your souls shine out amongst the crowds. Others look towards you to Light their path. You are Children of the Light.
Please be assured that all matters concerning you now will be resolved. You can release pressures and burdens to the Light. You can breathe in the Light and feel yourselves uplifted and healed.
Let the Light pour in, beloveds. You need it and the Creator knows what you need. You must only receive consciously all that it outpouring of love or else you will deprive yourselves and will waste what is intended for you.
We direct the Light currents to you and through you. The Earth is our main destination for there is such a need for the Light. We sing words of praise to all of you for the role that you are playing in the ascension process. Feel no need to protect your hearts when it comes to love. Do you think our Creator protects his/her heart? You are becoming the instruments of peace on the planet. Peace is what you need and it is what you provide.
Let your moments of life matter. They are important. You are important and far more than you realize. Remember your burdens will be lifted. Your lives are destined to sparkle with the joy of creation and the life that you have been given. This is the gift to remember. Life itself is the gift of creation. Use it well beloveds. Enjoy every breath, laugh, speck of color and beauty. Sing the song of a happy heart. This is your destiny.
I love all of you. Be in peace.
I am Mother Mary
Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew Website. She is a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer/reader, energy worker, teacher and channel. She is available to work with you to help heal the body, mind, heart and soul. She has been meditating twice daily for over 35 years. She works with the Masters and Archangels, her guides and teachers to facilitate quantum healing. She has been doing this work for many people for many years. If you have a need for guidance, a channeling, healing, or understanding, you may reach Valerie at: *  925-287-8976 (In the U.S.)  * P.O. Box 5705 *  Walnut Creek, CA 94596  *  e-mail: valeriedonner@sbcglobal.net  * She does work over the phone as well as in person.  * 925-287-8976, or toll free in the U.S. 866-281-2402  *