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Dearest Spirit Family:

We here at Circle of Light are truly honored to have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including with any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information.

At this time, the magnificent remembrance of who we truly are and why we are here on Earth is becoming more and more clear to each of us. Related to this is our offering of HEART ACTIVATION, which we offer as guided, so please continue to share the information with others. We were reminded in a recent Messages from Jeshua (Jesus) how important this is, and we share this excerpt with you as well.

" [This is the bridge being created] now with the Heart Activation. We are opening the single eye of perception in every heart that we possibly can, regardless of the ability for this to be translated by the ego. The trust in Love is the greatest gift that a heart can offer at this time, and that trust, that 'Yes' is what we are given when a person signs up for this Activation. They are grabbing that golden ring of trust in our Creator by saying 'Yes' to something that speaks so deeply to their hearts, yet may not be decipherable by the mind." (Jeshua/Jesus)

So if you have not yet requested HEART ACTIVATION, please consider reading about it on our website,
www.circleoflight.net and consider making a request and sharing it with others.

We hold each one of you in deepest Love. We thank you for being conduits of God's Love on Earth and wish you joy and blessings never ending. May the Love we are flow as never before!

Yael, Doug and ShannaPra at CIRCLE OF LIGHT


The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light,


Beloved ones, you are standing once again on the cliff of faith and your heart is calling you to make the leap. Once again, you are leaping into what seems unknown to you, and yet you feel it – that everything is changing anyway, and leap, you will.

I Am here to guide you in your brand new flight. I Am also here to push you over the edge. I Am whispering to you, beloved ones, day and night that the Love you are truly will sustain you. You are leaping into a world of Love.

Everything you have known is about to fall away. This is why I have revisited the ego [in a previous recent Message], that you can understand that the world of Love is present here, woven perfectly into the world you live in. As you choose this leap of the heart, it is Love’s atunement that will sustain you.

Your wings of faith will lift you high and bring you freedom, and the currents upon which you glide are the currents of trust, of openness, of communion with Me and dear ones, of giving all that you are with a completely open heart.

As you take this leap, you can feel all of your self-protection dropping away, and your glorious heart bringing you effortlessly into the world of Love that is fully present now and waiting for you to explore it. With your every breath you can hear this call, and of course, you can’t ignore it.

The world of Love is a shift in resonance that reveals to you the gifts of God in every moment. As you fly and you feel your wings holding strong and you let Me guide you, you will begin to see that the world you inhabit is easily chosen by your heart each moment and that the choice is already made.

You hear My voice in your deepest silence and you’ve always known that your purpose calls you. Now it is time to leave the sub-creation of the ego mind and the dream of separation and become the open heart of God.

The moment that you accept this choice and leap beyond the world you have known, you will discover that your greatest gift, beloved ones, is your vulnerability, your willingness to open your heart, to hold nothing back, to have no self-protection. That protection is an illusion of the old world ego.

When you feel this Love, you know it is the truth, and you know, dear ones, that it will always support you – that your every step, the moment you take it, is supported by Me and ever expanded into the greatest gift of God that you can be.

The secret to it all – to your sustained flight and to the world of Love, to living in joy beyond time and mind and ego – is open-hearted giving. This is not giving from person to person, from ego to ego, and not giving in ways that seem safe or acceptable. It is giving your life to life and to Me so deeply, so profoundly, with no reservations, that your every moment the currents of Love are what lift you up and guide you.

Hold up these wings of faith that you have and deliver pure Love through your heart as the conduit for the energy of Creation itself. Thus, every heart that receives this gift that is given through you continually is served perfectly. Love always knows exactly what is needed and just how to support each one – how to lift up the whole of humanity, how to bless the sub-creation so easily seen and so effortlessly loved, when you are flying free of it.

There is much being said about the ending of time, about the changes in the world and what they mean, beloved ones. It is the call of your heart that has every answer. Time falls away when your heart is the conduit for this glorious flow of Love.

The magnificence of Real life is delivered to you effortlessly and moves beyond you to create a new resonance through the whole of humanity whose hearts, of course, are one. Your heart becomes the matrix of Love upon which this change is built, to which all hearts are now called as each person feels the shift within him or her.

When you live in the resonance of Love, when you fly free on the wings of trust and faith, when you make this leap and answer this call, then that which you are is fully expressed and Love is not only your nature. It is the power of life. It is joy and ecstasy that fills you up so richly, so joyously that you are complete, simply by living it, by accepting this Love and rejoicing in feeling it…drinking from the fountain of our endless communion, rejoicing in the glory of Real life you are as the heart of the One that contains all movement.

When you are full, dear ones…please listen…when you are full with Love and overflowing with it and your heart is open and rejoicing in its fullness, it is then that you draw to you Love’s perfect reflection in everything in your world.

So the leap you are taking is accepting fulfillment from the Source of your life that I Am eternally, and allowing this Love to flow through you so grandly that you are totally transformed in the Now Moment, continually -- expanded and expanded and expanded until the endless heart of God is present fully here as you and your joy is so rich and so complete that you need look at nothing outside of you to fulfill you.

When you come into this place of rich and effortless flight and freedom, your experience of the world is pure perfection. Beloved ones, this cliff of faith upon which you stand, what you stand on is all the ways you’ve chosen Love and all of your self-examination that has brought you here to Me. The choice to leap, to fly, to move is the “Yes” to Love that you’ve been saying with such deep and powerful conviction.

The wings of faith you fly on now, as you leap into the arms of God, are made of our communion, of upliftment and inspiration and the doorways that you open to Me. Now you are the heart of Love, the heart of God, completely open in attunement with the right flow of life from the Source, from the Moment of Creation, into your heart to sustain you. Through your heart, you give to all life the proof of this Love, eternally, and the limitless song of joy.

Such giving opens you up until you are Creation’s energies, until you are the experience of Love delivered by Me perfectly. And here with the open heart unimpeded and filled with ecstasy before you, the world is expressed as a world of Love and beauty. Every heart receives what is giving itself through you.

You can feel this shift within you and the truth of the flow begin. You have moments where you experience this endless joy and freedom and Love pouring through your heart unimpeded.

Let’s just give you a push off this cliff of faith, dear ones, that you may be the heart of Love available to everyone, that I may attune the world, attune the hearts of humanity to the world of Love that this very moment is bursting through the veil of the reversal of duality. The choice for Love can now be easy and the heart’s impediments for self-protection can simply dissolve in these waves of joy and ecstasy.

You have seen the old world. You have lived it; you have tasted it. You have danced with the ego and all of its fears, all of its self-protection. Now you open your heart and realize that the little you is simply a barrier that keeps you believing that you have something that needs protecting. In truth, you are part of the whole of Love that is ever sustained and supported. The world of duality can now be loved free, easily, by your open and giving heart of Love.



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