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Dearest Spirit Family:

We here at Circle of Light are truly honored to have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including with any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information.

At this time of magnificent remembrance of who we truly are and why we are here on Earth, we hold each one of you in deepest Love. We thank you for being conduits of God's Love on Earth and wish you joy and blessings never ending.

Yael, Doug and ShannaPra at CIRCLE OF LIGHT

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light 

You Are Not Alone

Beloved ones, I softly touch your heart and warm it with My presence and Love that it might open now into this wonder of our communion that supports you and lifts you and is meant to fill you up with the assurance that I Am here.

I Am this voice of all your glory, your good, and I Am the endless Love that nourishes the perfect expression of life that you are, here and now.

You are never alone, for I Am ever here to hold you and to support you, to fill you with endless peace and to bring you joy that you might recognize the power and the purpose of this life I Am, finding its fulfillment and its outreach through your hearts.

You are never, ever alone, for I Am with you in a million ways. I Am the life that brings to your eyes vistas of great possibilities. I Am the sense in your heart of endless beauty. I Am that which turns you again and again to Love and lets you know that there is always good, ever overflowing from the Source.

You are never alone, for I Am alive in your heart and you are with Me through all eternity. We have a connection that is indescribable because I Am the fullness of Love in you and you are the heart in Me.  Yet we are One Life ever expanding, and this, beloved ones, is the mystery. It is the joy of the opening of All That I Am in this moment, in your heart, that we might be the discovery of the whole of life becoming aware of each glorious part. This is the truth that is ever present and speaks to your heart.

While I Am the living Whole of God and I Am ever one life indivisible.I Am becoming aware of all that lives within Me. Every facet of the glorious Love I Am is held within a consciousness and a heart of Love. This is the truth of each of you, beloved ones. You are an aspect of the heart of God I Am coming to know and cherish itself, and thus, shall you ever be in tender relationship with Me and cherished in this eternal moment forever.

If it were not so.  if this were not the most magnificent discovery, then what would be the point of Creation? If I could not desire to know who you are, to cherish each precious and beloved one of you. then would I not simply hold the stillness and let it be?

But, oh, no, you must recognize how I cherish you and the dynamic discovery that is our relationship. Deep in the very core of your being, beloved ones, I Am here with you in this mystery and your heart knows it as the truth.

You are never alone. But even more than this, you are filled with life that is endless in its discovery of how to give the Love I Am to the glorious heart of God you are.  You are My Love extending itself, that every movement of Love shall be acknowledged.

You are never alone. Let Me lift you into this communion and assure you of My presence and your fulfillment. I Am the fountain of Love that overflows from your heart and fills your being with Light, that you are illumined as the glorious and limitless candle-power of God, shining throughout eternity.

You are never alone. I Am showing you all that you are. All that you are to Me, that you might live in every moment, affirmed and known and given your identity as perfect from Me. that you might live each Now alive in all this bounty, rich with support, washed in abundance and glory, surrounded by those who support you and filled in every moment with My Love.

Look to Me and I will show you just how magnificent you are, and just how endlessly I love you. As I do, your heart shall ever say "Yes," affirming that which it always has known is true. In that moment you will know your heart is ever reflected before and around you as perfection and beauty. 

Wherever you move as the heart of Love and the consciousness of God expanding, all that you see is Love and beauty, reflected in indescribable ways of illumined life, of perfect Love, of endless beauty and deepest peace. This shall be your experience of life.be it here in the world in service to Love or awake and free as the limitless heart of the whole of Love I Am.

You are washed in grace and all around you is Love's perfection when you accept My Love, when you release the mind, when the heart rises up and opens like the flower of God it is, responding to its symphony and breathing this breath of communion with you.

Breathe Me in as I breathe you out and bring to this moment this deep assurance that releases at last all of the bonds of the ego. Ego has given you endless lists of all that you can't live without and ways to not be alone or to have security or peace or plenty. The truth is.it is all yours. All that the ego has placed outside of yourself, I deliver directly to you, beloved, Now.

Each one of your hearts is so indescribably beautiful, alive within Me, with a crystalline purity as a conduit for your unique expression of this consciousness. All around you is the chorus of the Angels acknowledging that the heart of God is standing here as you.perfect Love, held in the intimate arms of your Creator.

You are never alone and when you open your heart to Love's true resonance, then the power of Love begins to manifest and to shine for you the reflection of all that you are in every moment in symbols of wonder.

Be it the Twin Flame heart that beats with yours or the endless abundance of God in which you live, accept that you are not alone. I Am here and we are Love together in a million ways, perfectly expressing the magnificent rainbow of Creation's beauty, each bit of which must be acknowledged by the heart of God, and this is you.

Open your heart. Accept this Love, and you will find a peace descending that fills you up and brings you Home to the circle of this Love and the bounty that is the truth of our relationship. Come!  Let Me lift your precious eyes and let Me fill your heart with this deep assurance. Your heart can see the world of the Spirit and will affirm for you Angels everywhere bringing you the Messages of My presence that you might allow your heart to "come online" as the vehicle through which you live.

If you will but trust Me just for this moment, beloved ones, I beg you.You will find that you are supported, held in the ocean of Love and grace and filled with warmth and Love, and your sight is pure illumination and the eyes of Love touch everything and find it perfect.

Release the shields, the armoring of fear that has kept your heart from responding, and allow My call to fill you up that the presence of this endless Love I Am may make its Home here in you. In this moment, trust Me. Let Me have your life, your heart, your Love, your consciousness.

One moment to feel eternity as you rest in My arms and come face-to-face with grace, understanding what lies beyond the world of ego, ready and waiting for your entry into a communion with Me that is so alive, so deep, so rich, so powerful, so tender, intimate, so refreshing that never again will you fall out of My arms, away from this intimacy and this communion and the reassurance of the Love that you are held perfectly and seen by Me.

I hold you that you might be alive to the movement of Love as it lives through your heart and opens your mind into consciousness that is the limitless acknowledgment of the whole of God as perfect.

You are never alone with truly nothing to fear but fear itself. It is the lie of fear that keeps you away from Me, even the fear of accepting this communion. Allow My Love to fill your heart now and to warm those places that have felt frozen, cut off and alone.

Can you feel your heart expanding into the open heart of God I Am in endless communion with the whole of Love?

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