A Meditation 2 Begin 2011 {Channeled}

Isis' Message of the Day -
Having abundance or living in poverty is up to you. The more you will acknowledge your own power of Creation, the more powerful you become. Just as the more you deny that power the weaker you become.
You are the Creator in every way of your own reality, and you create that reality from your perceptions, beliefs of who you are and ideas about that reality. You are a powerful being.
Perception is one of the most important words in your life.  It determines your outlook on life.  It controls the A, B, C's of daily existence.  What are the A, B, C's?  A-ttitude which equals B-ehavior which equals C-onsequences.  Change perception and you change the A, B, C's.
What you presume something to be may not necessarily be true and that perception (judgement) controls your attitude towards it, which in turn will control your behavior towards it and the consequences (end result) will all stem from your perception of the given situation.
Perception is all there is... the rest is illusion.
Archangel Michael once told me when I asked him how all these people become millionaires, . . . "If you want to beome a millionaire then live like one!"
Since I changed my 'thinking' and stopped see "lack of something" by praying 'for' it, and instead "gave thanks" for already having it, we (my husband and I) have not wanted for one thing nor do we have any debt whatsoever and our bank accounts have continously grown.
It is all a matter of how you 'think' that creates your reality!
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

A Meditation to Begin 2011
by Quado & Carrie Hart
January 1, 2011
Today, hold the past in your hands.  Hold your two hands out in front of you and allow them to fill with the past, your past, every moment of it.  All that happened and did not happen, all that was wonderful and all that simply was.  Let it all fill your hands.
 And now, as you continue to hold your past in your hands, turn your inner vision to your heart.  See how your heart is clean and clear, free of any regret or longing.  Your heart is beating in this moment and this moment only.
And as you gaze at your heart, you begin to sense the river of love that runs through it.  You see your heart beating softly and feel it being cleansed and purified by the river of love, the great river of love that runs through the universe, the great river of love that unites us all. 
And as the river runs through your heart, the love now overflows and runs down your arms and into your hands, and it begins to heal and purify the past that lies within your palms.
On and on the river flows, cleansing, healing, purifying, making all well.  And as it flows into your heart and through, down your arms and through your hands, flowing, flowing, you begin to feel a deep peace.  The peace that comes when you know, absolutely, that you are deeply loved and a treasured being within all that is.
You are a part of the flow.  You are a part of the knowing.  You are one with this flow and this knowing.
And the deep peace pours through you, through your heart and body as they are in this moment, and through your past, healing it, making it all well.
Every emotion associated with your past is healed, cleared and purified.  All is well.
And now, as the river of love continues to flow, it begins to turn to joy.  It begins to bubble and play, moving around in joyous eddies, bubbling up in joyous rhythms and melodies.  The river of love is becoming a song of joy, a song that celebrates life, life as it is and as you are, just exactly this, as things are in this very moment.
And you can begin to feel and sense that this joy is your birthright, to be full of joy no matter what, simply because you are alive and the sun has risen on another day, another day for this love to flow, another day for this peace to build within, another day for the love and the peace to bring you to joy.
So sing it now, your song of joy, of joyous life.  Sing it now and let it fill you.
And now, we will take one step further and deeper.  Now, begin to feel how the love, the peace and the joy are turning to power.  Begin to feel the power building within you, the power of life and creation, the power to be who you are, fully and vibrantly, and to express it in this lifetime, each and every moment, this power that is you, this wonder that you are, this greatness that you are, greatness expressed, power unleashed, you.
And so, say it aloud.  I am.  I am wonder and peace and love.  I am joy.  I am power, unleashed into my own life, with all of my creativity and force and vibrant being.  I am the power in my life, I am the creation, I am the being.  I am the force that creates my life, creates from my mind, from my body, from these hands.
Ah, look now at your hands.  Look now and see them, how they are glowing with a golden light.  All of your past, all that was is now a golden healing light.  And the light of the past, washed clean with love and purified with peace, is a force, a powerful force in your life.  Everything that you were, you are.  Everything that was is a part of you.  There is no need to dwell on it.  And there is certainly no wish for it to be other than it was.  Because however it was, has made you what you are in this moment, and in this moment you are full of power, of strength, of love and joy and peace.  That is who you are, the wonder of you.
And this is your moment, this is your moment to shine out, to shine out from the power and wonder that is you, letting the river of love flow through you, letting the light of who you are shine brightly into the world.
Here I am!  Here I am!  Watch me shine.  Watch me glow.  Feel my love, my joy, my peace.  See my light.  Here I am.
I wish you love and peace,
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