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Isis' Message of the Day -
You are on a journey, you started it at birth. You can either make the journey a hard one or make it easy You hold the key! You make the choices!
Life does not have to be difficult, "You" make it difficult with your stubbornness, pride, ego, and Self. How do you want your life to be? If you do not want the struggle, then ask the Universe to help you, and then slowly, watch your life change and become better. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen. However, you need to let go and let the Universe lead you with no fear or doubt. Just total "Trust." I have said many times to my students, you were all born with an Aladdin's lamp, you have just forgotten how to rub it!
~ Maitreya ~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this!
* *
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, Life is filled with amazing things. Do you ever wonder about your amazing sense of smell? Imagine you are a child and smelling your world for the first time. Imagine smelling the fragrance of a beautiful flower like a rose. Imagine smelling a baking pie for the first time. Focus on the smell. See how it enriches your life. Bring your sense of smell to life. It is one color on your palette of experiences. Make the experience richer. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *   *  
SaLuSa: Nothing is Static in the Universe and is Always Changing
Through Mike Quinsey
May 9, 2012
There are those amongst you that are now awakening to their missions, as you are approaching a most intense period of activity. These Beings have been waiting for this particular time, to be available for the masses who will need guidance to understand what is going on around them. Events are going to move quite quickly, and there will be some confusion and fear as a result. All Lightworkers can assist in such times, and we ask them to be ready to share their knowledge with others. We shall continue to assist our allies and many Starseeds will come into their own, having been carefully prepared for exactly what their experience allows. There is so much being done to ensure you make the transition with Mother Earth, and that as many of you as possible succeed. Even those that are not yet ready require help, as they too need to be made aware as to what lies ahead for them.
According to your perspective of what is happening, you will go into shock or surprise when matters really gather speed. People need to understand that the upheaval is unavoidable, and is necessary to cleanse the Earth of low vibrations that cannot carry forward into the higher vibrations. All will find its rightful place and it cannot be otherwise. The Laws of the Universe are irrevocable and cannot be ignored without invoking karma. We will hope to have sufficient outlets that will provide all of the information that will be needed. Certainly the whole concept of the changes will need to be carefully explained, as some will undoubtedly feel that what will happen is an unwanted intrusion into their lives.
As you will have noticed, unrest is spreading across the world as the call for freedom and peace reaches new levels. People are now realising what power they have to bring about change, and no longer afraid to confront their leaders. It is having an effect and galvanising more of them to support the protests, and it is gradually bringing about results. So it shall continue and we have our own plans to ensure that you are not denied a return to lawful ways of living. With that those Laws that are against the Constitution will be revoked, and re-written. It is all moving ahead and very soon all those who have committed crimes against you, will find themselves removed form society.
The Galactic Federation is engaged in the final efforts to persuade your governments to adopt more far reaching polices, so that they can reflect the changes that will totally alter your way of life. There is no point in continuing to think in the old ways, as a new paradigm has been formed to bring in the changes to your lives. Once it is realised that Ascension will be the greatest event to ever affect the whole Human Race, there will more attention given to your needs. Indeed, it will be you who will decide the rules by which you live, and no more shall such decisions be taken away from you. You are no longer to be governed by those who seek only to further their own ambitions. Those changes will come about when the arrests have cleared the way for reforms.
Look well ahead Dear Ones and know that you will come safely through the next few months, to take your place in the higher dimension. Then shall your lives be refined even further, as you take a higher path to full consciousness. You will soon see that your present reality has been the development of the darkness more than the Light. It has kept the vibrations at a low level from which you have found it most difficult to lift yourselves up. However, as the plan was for you to complete this cycle with Ascension, it allowed us and other Beings of Light to assist you through it. So who better to do it than your families of Light, who act upon Divine Commands that if necessary give us the authority to intervene in your lives. What we have done is to empower our allies, so that they stopped the dark Ones from completely overwhelming you.
So far our mission has accomplished its goals, and now we stand poised to come more into your lives for the end times. Evidence of our presence has continued to increase, as our ships come closer more frequently than ever before. You hardly need Disclosure to convince you of our contact with you, but it will show you that our presence is officially accepted. It will allow us to meet you on your level and prepare you for what is to come, and it will be a most wonderful time. It will not take long for the most sceptical people amongst you to realise that we are your friends and are in no way a threat to your lives. Indeed, you will soon learn of the various changes we are to help you with, that will uplift your quality of life to one that is comfortable and enjoyable.
The truth about your lives shall be revealed in no uncertain way, so that you fully understand that for eons of time you have never experienced it at the level you should have done. With the revelations you will clearly come to know exactly where you future is heading. You will also learn that the One God has always provided for you, and never for one second has withdrawn the love that has continually embraced you. You are all loved beyond understanding and there are no exceptions. We make the point again, that no soul is condemned or damned forever and all are treated equally. You have been in duality to experience, and allowances are made for those who have become embroiled in the lower energies and lost touch with their Higher Selves.
Nothing is static in the Universe and is always changing, so that there is always something new to learn and explore. The driving force is taking you back to the Source, and all souls are on this path and strive for completion. It is within all souls and gradually you will come together to form larger units of consciousness. You are looked upon as the bravest of souls, to allow yourselves to be sucked into the darkness of the lower vibrations. However, you did have the assurance that when the cycle was near to completion, you would be helped to come back into full consciousness. That is of course the period that you are now experiencing, and why we are with you.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure we are very near to declaring our appearance so that we can come amongst you. It will be as exciting for us as at will be for you, and we have so much to talk about.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *    
by Julie Redstone
May 9, 2012
There are many passages of spiritual development and growth that require a period of waiting. During this time, it may appear that little is happening, and yet a great deal may be happening. The 'forty years' in the desert of Sinai, the 'forty years' of the Flood, are examples of periods of time that were involved with great transitions, 'forty' being the word for a 'period of sacred time of great duration' from the human standpoint.
So, too is it today with waiting. Often, there are passages that must take place in time that require endurance, patience, and perseverance, even while it appears that no visible movement is taking place. Such is often the way of Divine unfoldment which does not take place on the level of the visible or predictable, and which does not grant power to the ego 'to know.' This is very difficult for the human embodied self that must wait without visible signs of support, but it simultaneously casts the personality and the entire mental-emotional being into the realm of the soul, allowing the wishes and desires of the soul to become paramount over the needs of the ego.
Waiting is a passage, a passage of hope, of trust, and of endurance, that must often be gone through so that change can take place.
*   There are those that wait in distrust and with great fear.
*   There are those that wait in doubt or confusion about what is happening.
*   There are those that wait with optimism and trust.
*   And there are those that wait in unknowing -- leaving all in God's hands.
The latter is the waiting that gives greatest power to the soul to dismantle the needs and desires of the ego, and to take its place as the greater source of authority within the human life. It is the soul that benefits from waiting, even while the embodied self may be in pain. And it is the soul that institutes and creates from the vantage point of its own purposes, so that the greatest spiritual attainment and movement can take place.
Many suffer during times of waiting, because the bedrock of trust in Divine unfoldment has been sorely depleted, and because fear has taken its place. Many suffer, and many desire 'to know' when, how, and where things will materialize. This is entirely natural from the human standpoint but it is not the way of Divine unfoldment which does not separate itself from the Source of all movement, namely, the Source that is God.
Divine unfoldment does not require knowledge, it requires trust. It does not require planning, it requires surrender. And in the midst of this surrender great truths are being born within the heart, truths concerning the soul's relationship with God and truths concerning the meaning of life itself. Waiting brings these truths to the deeper levels of the heart, even while the emotions and mental process may be experiencing deep distress.
Overall, the intrinsic benefits accorded by waiting may only be known after the period of waiting has passed, or sometimes not even within a given lifetime. Yet, most often, the transitions of the heart are known by the embodied self within the lifetime in which they are endured, and the great benefits that come to those whose souls become further empowered in this way are often known to the conscious self.
Waiting is not something that the ego would choose. It is something that the soul must choose and must be empowered enough to do so. This enables the embodied self to endure a period of difficulty or distress. When the soul is empowered in this way, then all difficulty begins to be absorbed into a sense of greater purpose, and all trials are seen as part of the great Plan for each soul that brings each being, in their own unique way, into Divine wholeness.
Julie Redstone is an emissary of the Realms of Light and the founder of Light Omega, a spiritual center that has been given a mandate to assist with planetary change through making available the ancient teachings of light.
Light Omega was founded as a center for spiritual teaching and healing to support those who wish to serve God and Life by putting into practice the sacred teachings of Light.  Such service does not depend on religious outlook but rather on the Divine commitment of the soul to serve humanity’s need to take the next step in its evolutionary process.
Established in 1990 in western Massachusetts, Light Omega is based on the teachings of Julie Redstone. These teachings form the mystical heart and core of all religions. In their present form, they are expressed anew as universal principles, applicable by anyone of any background.
Julie's work in collaboration with the Realms of Light is to bring through both the concepts and energy that are needed so that a new consciousness and way of life can be anchored and established upon the Earth. This new energy is not meant for those of any particular religion or form of belief, but belongs to all.  It is simultaneously an energy of the heart and an energy of awakened consciousness that can recognize Divine reality in and through the mind, heart, and body.
Julie serves the mission of the Christ as does the center that is Light Omega.  This mission serves all of the Earth’s inhabitants in bringing into awareness knowledge of the One Creator and of the One Heart that dwells within all.
Julie Redstone's websites, * *  *  *   *  
The Masters of Light: Your Life Power
As Received by Ruth Ryden - April 30, 2012
May 9, 2012
This has nothing to do with man-made electrical energy or the drive for wealth and fame.  Power, in this lesson is the inborn, natural energy that drives the universe and all of its galaxies, stars, universes and everything created  within them, including you.  It is called many things today as knowledge continues to expand regarding the universe , but here we will concentrate on the inner power given to you by the Creator.
Watch a very young child as they express themselves without knowing or understanding all the “thou shalt nots” that they will soon be taught.  It is a rare blessing, for those expressions are from the original soul spirit they are. Their power is completely natural, as are their responses to people and situations.  As they grow older and are taught by parents and teachers, the values of their own particular society, their inner power becomes restricted and conformed to suit the necessary circumstances in which they will live.  It is no wonder then, that many times a child will rebel with tantrums and tears.
Life in this dimension is such that the inner power is not only restricted, but sometimes almost destroyed.  There is always someone telling a person that they are better, more knowledgeable, more educated, etc., etc., and expect you to honor, respect and obey them, to the detriment of your own power.  When you understand that all spiritual  beings encased in matter have the same inherent power of the universe that drives them, it will be easier to realize that only the force of mind determines what person shall hold leadership positions and what person shall be the humble follower or employee.
The educational process all over the world is the instigator of the power plays that are seen to be needed in order to bring about order in a society.  To some extent, that is true, but to tell a person they have no intelligence, no abilities, even a person who is born mentally retarded in some way, is totally wrong.  A mentally retarded person has more power in many ways than the most educated scientist in the world, for they have the ability to refuse actions that would take it away from them.  Look at how most of them live with love and happiness, since they are not forced to comply with societal mandates.
Many people are well aware of their personal power and sometimes use it to dominate anyone who comes within their scope of activity.  Men through the ages are taught that they are stronger, smarter, and more responsible than women, not having been put down or their power denied.  Their women have been dealt with in that light, forced to deny their own power, limping through life mentally as lower-class citizens.  Domination of any kind over another can become a way to lose one’s own spiritual light, no matter what kind of religious hat they may wear.  There is a time to instruct and help, but with the full awareness that the student must retain his or her own power and use whatever information they receive in their own way and for their own purpose in life.
Respect for another person is a healthy attitude, when that person has done something well or has made their life a shining example for others to follow.  Society’s institutions – governments, law enforcement, teachers, etc., usually demand respect in order to keep their positions intact.  Necessary order in any society should be complied with only to the extent that the people involved respect their own responsible positions.  In some schools, it is demanded that certain vocal expressions of respect must always be used, setting the teachers, etc. above the students.  This can be a way of restricting power.  Those who included the principal of free speech in your Constitution realized that each person has the prerogative of thinking and believing what they feel is right.  There is a danger of that now being restricted in order to fuel the power of some leaders.  The protests against such restrictions are now being felt all over the world.
Personal power can be lost in many other ways.  Keeping the body in good health is very important, for the energy cannot flow freely  the body is under the power of drugs or alcohol.  Every time the mind is dulled by such things, the ability to use the inherent power is lost, and this becomes worse each time.  Surely, one cannot respect a person who cannot speak clearly, cannot walk a straight line, cannot think rationally, for their power has been completely dulled and it takes days for it to build up again.  In time, it will lose its energy and the body will fail.
What else do you have that propels you through life, keeping the mind sharp and the body in good health?  Education won’t do it; wealth won’t do it; fame certainly won’t do it.  Everything you are and have is the product of the natural power than “runs your engine.”
Vitamins and natural health regimes are fine, good medical care is fine, but what fuels your real power has nothing to do with them.  Your power is the inner knowledge of who you are, what you have done through the ages, what you can do now, and what you will do and be in the ages to come.  It is sought by every human being, expressed as self-esteem, self-assurance, self--confidence, empowerment, all of the positive attitudes that make a person walk tall, say what he/she means, knowing that they are just as important in their own way as the most famous person that ever lived.  There is the assurance that no matter what the challenge presented, they will find a way to make the situation succeed; the confidence that no matter what the inner frustrations or anger, they can be overcome.
Competition is a world-wide way for a person, a team or an army, etc. to prove that they are better and stronger than another.  The struggle to keep one’s own power sometimes becomes an obsession to build that power until it overcomes everyone and everything in the way.  Beauty contests are full of young men and women who feel they must build their power over the opposite sex by appealing to sexual appetites, and find fulfillment being models or movie stars.  They won’t find it that way.  This kind of superficial seeking will diminish their power, for they now depend upon others to build their self-confidence.  If the adulation they feed on doesn’t come, their power is lost.    Being a leader is using your power.  It takes a full measure of power to be confident enough about what you know, what you can do, and how to present a leadership that will benefit others and yourself.  There is tremendous responsibility in being a leader, for strict self-control is necessary to prevent the power from becoming over-powering!  Inner power can be expanded by a personality in positions of authority and used in entirely wrongful ways, as is most evident in the world today.
Inner power can be used to strike down the power of others, even entire nations, so that complete obedience is obtained from those who have even forgotten that they are capable of their own thoughts, their own paths in life!  There are few “sins” committed by humanity that are as bad as this, for the gift of inner power must not be taken or destroyed in any being, in spirit or in matter!
The phrase “balance of power” is tossed about today as nations strive to keep their own ability to keep economic factors as even with other nations as possible.  Power is seen as how the greed of humankind can be kept under control long enough for everyone to get their fair share.  Greed is not power; it is the lack of personal power that drives the need for more, and more.
Let’s look at relationships.  It is finally becoming apparent that one partner who insists upon making all the decisions, holding the money leading the way continually, does not make for a great relationship.  Now we are talking about a real “balance of power.”  When each partner acknowledges that the other has their innate inner power that must be allowed to be expressed, a comfortable union can be achieved.  Personal elements of power are expressed in many different ways; each partner has different talents, abilities, and ways of doing things.  When a partnership or marriage is considered, brought together by friendship or sexual desire, it is most wise to learn enough about the other person to know whether or not that person’s power and abilities will be comfortable combined with your own.  Condescension, patronizing, jealousy, and resentments can appear very easily when there is a clash of power within a partnership.  It is very wrong to try to take a dominant position because one feels threatened by an uneasy union.
When a human being becomes older, it is difficult to hold power in place, particularly when the body doesn’t want to follow the directions and goals of the mind.  If a person has kept their power intact through the years, the body generally will be in better condition and able to function much longer.  Mental abilities will remain intact; even when it is no longer possible to move about easily, the mind is active and interested in the fullness of life.  Inner power does not fade because of age; it is a part of you.  It is up to the individual personality as to how it is used and how the personality has protected it from being restricted or destroyed by society.  Your every instinct is to refuse to knuckle under when someone “puts you down;” the instinct to fight back has kept humanity from going down the drain.  There are better ways than physical combat, however.  The inner power will show the way, if you will let it.
Giving is power.  The ability to share what you have, or yourself, in any situation, goes against your ancient need to provide for yourselves and your families, to the exclusion of anything or anyone else.  We realize fully that giving without hesitation is an act of compassion, and compassion is also part of your inner power.  Before giving, there is many times a feeling of that hesitation, but after giving, the warmth of Love overcomes the stingiest of any of you!  Giving is an important function of inner power; for that power is the Power of Love, and compassion is also its name.  Teaching children to give is an act of Love to the child.  To let or teach him/her to become selfish is a stain upon the soul.
The children of today are so close to spirit that it is necessary for them to express themselves fully, sometimes in ways that society or parents find overwhelming.  Please, please do not drug these children!  Change your own ways of allowing, while still teaching them that society only works when everyone respects everyone else’s needs and desires.  Schools must learn to listen to these children’s ideas and let them discuss what they are being taught.  These new children of today will not permit their power to be downgraded.
We leave you with these thoughts:  Accept that you are an eternal spiritual being, encased for a time in a human body.  You are endowed with the power universal.  You are filled with knowledge acquired over the ages, here to learn and experience as much as you can.  Use and protect your inner power in order to fulfill your purpose in life, and respect the power that fills every human being on Earth.  Learn to listen, as well as to convey your own thoughts.  Share your knowledge and your power, and you shall succeed in every way.  God Bless you All!
Ruth Ryden
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 Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, count everything as a blessing, even if it doesn’t look like a blessing. The pink slip does not look like a blessing. The lover who says, “I don’t love you any more,” does not look like a blessing. The financial challenges do not look like a blessing. And yet throughout all of the challenges that come to you is the opportunity for freedom, the opportunity to grow in another way and to come to that place that knows, truly knows that which the world cannot disturb or take away from you.
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Heavenletter #4184
God's Very Self
May 9, 2012
God said:
Captains of Fortune, you set sail today. Every day you take a voyage. You are at the helm. Set sail for the shore you seek. Follow the stars to your destination. Follow your heart to your destination. Follow Me, for, am I not your Destination?
Is there somewhere you would rather be than with Me? Is there something else you find more entertaining than I? Is there something else that offers you the treasures I hold out to you? The treasures are right within your grasp. Hold your hand out, and I will give great treasure to you. I will give Myself to you. I will give Yourself to you.
Actually, I have done all that, only you have been a little slow on the uptake. Your mind was somewhere else. You didn't miss the opportunity. You missed the recollection of it.
In your daily life, have you not done that? Have you not put back the cover on a jar, and then wondered what you did with the cover? You didn't remember putting the cover back on the jar, but there it is. This has happened to everyone, hasn't it?
It is like this with Our Unity. I am right here centered in your heart, and you look around and say: "Where is God?"
You don't say, "Where did I leave God?" You don't say, "I had Him a minute ago." When it comes to Me, your memory is less together than even when you forget where you put a bottle cap.
You don't say, "I put God down a minute ago, and where is He now?"
You say simply, "Where is God?"
You don't say, "Where has He been?"
You simply say, "I have never seen Him. He hides from Me."
I never hide from you, and yet your eyes cannot see Me. Only your heart can know Me. And yet I am not hidden. I entered your heart long ago, and I never left. I am in your heart. I am deeply embedded in your heart. There is no way I can leave. I am inextricably in your heart.
You might say I am a silent partner, yet I am not silent. I come from Silence, yet I speak to your heart. I speak, not in words, but in love. I hug you. I nudge you. We embrace. You have the ears to hear. They are in your heart.
Come closer with your attention. You need do nothing to prepare for Me, for I have already arrived. It is this you are unaware of. I am present, and you have missed My Presence. In that case, prepare for Me. Lay down a red carpet. Anticipate Me in your awareness. Anticipate Me, and, soon you will begin to see the signs of Me. It is in your awareness that I arrive. Your awareness arrives to Me. I do not arrive. I am already here. And so it is your awareness that finds Me.
You are dazed for a moment, and then you say, "Hullo. Hullo, God. Have You been here all this time?"
I say, "Yes."
And you say, "O God, what a clunker I have been."
And then We have a good laugh together, not at your expense, but at your joy. We are enjoined in joy.
My friend, My Very Self, what shall We do now but be? My friend, My Self, what shall We do now but be One in harmony? No longer are there questions that you wrest from the soil of Earth. Now you are questionless. Your quest has been answered. You answered it. You answered the call to Oneness, and Oneness became you.
I held the door open for you as always. This time you walked in. The door stays open. Our hearts are open. There is no closing them. My prodigal son has returned.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  *  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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