All U Have 2 Know


God said:

If I am God, what are you? Are you a Godling? I think We can call you a Godling. Do you like that? I like that. The Reality is far greater than that, and yet you can do well to think of yourself as a Godling. A Godling is a child of God, and you are certainly that. You are more than that, yet Godling will suffice.

You are My Godling. God loves His Godling. If you will carry that one thought through the day, you will have a different day. Think, "God loves me." That is a good thought. That is a great thought. Watch your posture change. You are loved by God. That is enough to know.

Forget about doubts. Forget about asking: "God, what about that? What about this? How did You let this happen or that happen? How could You?"

Do you really want to remonstrate with Me? Do you really want to point out the error of My ways? Plead ignorance, beloveds, and let it go at that. You don't know what you don't know.

There is nothing you have to know except that you are loved by your Creator. This otherness that you conceive as your Creator loves you. This is how you will come to love yourself. You will stop contradicting My love for you. You will not object to it any longer. You will not look for reasons why I can't possibly love you. You will no longer resist My love. You will take My love for you as your due. This does not make you prideful. This makes you humble. Glad, yes. Happy, yes. God loves YOU.

Of course, there is no you. There is only I, and yet We play this game of tag.

I love you as naturally as you breathe. I don't have to think about it, for I love. You do have to think about My love because you have too often scorned yourself. You did not come up to some standard assigned to you in the world.

Know this: You do come up to My standard. Are you a human being? Well, then, it is inevitable that I love you. I plucked you from the fruit of My vine, and I love you true. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you as you are with or without freckles. It is My joy to love you when you are happy and when you are sad. It is My joy to love you when you are naughty or nice. It is My Will to love you, yet I do not need to will My love for you. My love for you is natural. It is natural for Me to love you. It is easy for Me. We can't even say it is easy, for I have never known anything that was hard. It just so happens that I love you. It just so happens that I am Love, and I love, and that's all there is to it.

How could I not love when love is all, and I am Love? How could I not love the beauty I see before Me? Never mind any longer what you see. See with My eyes of love. See beyond the nose on your face. See beyond any foolishness. See beyond any inattentiveness. See beyond error. Error is washed away in love. Wash away anything that is not love. Conceive of this. This is what is coming up for you and for the world. Love. Love in all corners. Love beyond love you have known. Love beyond your failings. Love beyond your successes. Love beyond any limits. Love beyond any cut-offs. Love all. Love bigger than life.


The Thought Adjuster transmission set out below is randomly taken from a daily devotional named “The Guiding Light Within.”

The Gifts I Hold In Store For You.

It pleases Me greatly when I hear you express your gratitude to the One, who gave Me to you.  It is forever true, and fixed in eternity, that nothing can separate us from the love of God, because we are God’s love in expression.

This is truly the secret and purpose of creation that you and I, as one, express the love of God to others.  We are that expression and so much in addition.

In time and in eternity you will more and more realize the gifts of God, which I hold in store for you.

To reflect on this for a moment; each person you meet has these gifts.  Only they decide, depending on their own personality endowment, and by their personal choices and decisions, how these gifts shall be used.

Free will determines everything, and this is why free will is the most sacred and choicest gift that God bestows upon mortals.  Therefore are all celestials so greatly interested in what you as mortals do with this most precious gift.

How shall you portray and reflect your divine gifts to the Creator?  Already you understand the significance of My question.

Yes, My beloved, it is by coming regularly into the Stillness, and by your communing with Me in this Silence, that I convey to you My guiding ways.

The more frequently you come to me, the more plainly will you discern My Voice, for practice makes perfect, and making you perfect is the joyful task I am about.

With your fullest cooperation.

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