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December 2010: Culmination and Beginnings

Posted: 01 Dec 2010 01:30 PM PST

Running_track_2Can it be that we have reached the final month of this calendar year? Now is the time that you will look back upon your accomplishments while beginning to look ahead into the coming year, wondering what it is that you will create. At the same time, you will experience the energy that December brings: Culmination and Beginnings. You will likely feel the dual energies, then, of grand endings and the completion of long-due projects, while at the same time you’ll feel the siren’s call of the Next Big Thing that awaits you. This energy translates across the board into all areas of experience: personal/spiritual, occupational, relationships, and universal.

Running_track_1How to deal with this seeming duality? Remember that the Solstice occurs this month, with the earth turning from dark into light or light into dark, depending on which hemisphere you live in. Both hands reach across the Solstice: endings and beginnings, each inextricably linked to the other. How can you separate where one half of the year ends and the other begins? There is a measurable moment, but blink again and the moment is gone. It is the same with your experience of moving across from one end of the creation spectrum to the other, from Culmination into Beginnings. They are each part of a grand circle of experience that you create, so look this month not for endings but for a sense of fullness that accompanies the emptiness of possibility when you look ahead into your coming year. What things are feeling complete? What frightens you about the vastness of what is Yet to Come? Recognizing that you will feel both completeness and emptiness this month – sometimes in the same moment – helps you navigate the crossing of the cycle and your own personal turning from dark into light.

Use what is going on seasonally around you now to assist you. In the Northern Hemisphere there is an inward focus as you embrace fully the season of darkness. Shine a light within and see that inside you it is replete with activity, all in preparation for the outwardness of the coming Spring. In the Southern Hemisphere you are outwardly in a season of light now, but at the same time there is knowledge that the light is fleeting and that you will be moving inward again as the light wanes. For everyone, know that this time is a bridge between your completion and your new beginnings.

Let’s Examine Culmination:

Culmination is defined as “the highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time.” What things might you be culminating now? Understand that you may not necessarily feel the completion occurring as it does, and that what you culminate now may only be recognized later as having come to completion. But last month’s Fruition energies will have brought you to a place where you recognize that much of what you have been working on – whether it is your Self, your relationships, your connection to community or your place within the Universe – has moved into a space of completion in order to create space for What Comes Next.

Let’s Examine Beginnings:

Again, this may not feel like a beginning time for you save the artificial marker of the calendar changing from 2010 to 2011 at the end of the month, but the emptiness of possibility is part of this month’s energy. Are you frightened by the vastness of what you can now create? This may cause you to pull back or to pull inward. Recognizing that this is what’s going on for you, and allowing yourself to be an observer to the process, will help get you through this potentially challenging time. Just as Culminations will be occurring in almost any area of your life, Beginnings are the same. Look for a feeling of possibility to occur with your Self, your relationships, your community, or with your sense of the planet as a whole.

What To Do With the Emptiness

For many people, the insecurity of not knowing What Comes Next is nearly unbearable. It feels as if everything you have known before is coming apart and that you are disintegrating in order to reform as something new. This process of self-evolution is incredibly effective but can also be powerfully challenging. It feels as if you will be in this disorganized state forever and that you cannot get control of the process, let alone get a foothold underneath you again. Coupling that with trying to hold it all together within the space of long-held expectations that arise from holiday times and times of traditional family interaction, and you have the recipe for some real discomfort this month.

But all is not lost. Understand that everything is impermanent. What you feel in this moment, on this day or within this month is only but an eyeblink of your total human experience. Breathe again and everything changes.

If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed at any time during this month, try this:

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Breathe naturally. Allow your arms to fall at your sides. Clench your fists for a moment and then allow your fingers to relax. As you do so, become aware of the energy centers within the palms of your hands. Become aware that you can direct energies from these places within you, simply by intending that energy beam from your palms in a given moment. Relax again and breathe down from the top of your head into your heartspace. Breathe a few more times and allow your breath to gather there within the infinite space that is your heart. Now on an outbreath, send that heart-energy out through your palms into your immediate future, toward whatever it is that you are creating next. You needn’t know what this is, but simply sending energy into the taking of your next step, whatever that may be, will support your movement into what you create next and allow you to soon become aware of what that next step is.

What to Expect This Month

Personal. Be aware that you may feel raw and exposed this month. Yes, everything is changing. But change is good! And it is part of the human experience. Becoming one with the ebbs and flows in your life allows you to move through these times gracefully.

Affirmation: I AM moving gracefully through the changes I am choosing.

Relationships: These are affected by the sense of personal uncertainty. Be aware that everything is shifting now. Understanding that you are in the process of reframing not only how you relate to yourself but also how you relate to others will help you. Remember also that what culminates for you this month is not necessarily something tangible; within the context of Relationships, your endings may be associated with old patterns you are releasing, which then creates space for What Comes Next.

Affirmation: I AM moving into a new way of relating with the people I care about.

Communities: These receive a big influx of energy this month as within the changing of the seasons, people feel best when moving through that change alongside others. Be aware that the level of connection that YOU desire within this community space may not be the level others are willing or able to give, so concentrate on enjoying whatever you receive, and allowing that to be sufficient for this time. Know that what is experienced among communities this month is a foundation for What Comes Next, which is all subject to change as time goes on.

Affirmation: I AM part of a greater whole, and I feel the connections around me.

Global Politics: This month is one of overall rest on a global creation basis while people focus energies inward. This does not stop the progression of polarization that has begun prior to this month, nor does it stop people from remaining in Fear Mode when they are triggered by world events.

Affirmation: I AM holding the world in its potential while releasing attachment to outcome.

Earth Changes: Solstice shifts generally bring about tangible fluctuations in earth energies. Watch for some severe weather, but generally things are calm on the surface this month. This is a good time to renew your personal connection to the planet.

Affirmation: I AM part of the ever-changing tapestry that is life on this beautiful planet.

Global Spiritual Changes: Remember we began the month and flow even more deeply into a space of communal fellowship and harmony. This is brought sharply into focus by some contrasting events, but overall there is a space of peace and oneness this month that is a harbinger of times to come, acting for many as a needful touchstone when in the future things become more challenging.

Affirmation: I AM an integral part of the ever-changing whole that is the Universe swirling around me.