All Is In A State of Evolution


All is in a State of Evolution
by Isis
September 4, 2011
Earth changes are taking place worldwide, as Mother Earth twists, turns and stretches - she is growing and adapting to the vibratory changes just as all life upon and within her is doing.  As Mother Earth changes she does it with bursts of energy just as you do.
Do not fear the earth changes going on. You will be where you are to be when these changes take place as long as you listen to your higher-Self - listen to your inner nudging and follow your heart.
The entire Universe is changing not just planet earth. Everything is changing faster than you can even imagine. The communication and the contact so desired between the earth and off earth civilizations "will happen." This event will cause much change to take place in the world. Belief systems will change radically.  It will give people a whole new way of looking at historical events. It will bring unity to the entire world. Mankind will no longer see himself as the center of the universe - the only intelligent life form in the universe. Racial and religious barriers will come down. Political persecution and control will cease to be. It will not all happen overnight, but it will happen, peace and harmony will reign on earth once more. You must be patient and persevere. All things happen in due time. "Nothing happens by accident - all is in Divine Order."
Man has long lived as a totally threatening life form.  It is time to mature, to grow out of the tribal warfare mentality. To stop the killing of each other, the destruction, the maiming, the injuring. It is time to stop all the violence. It is time to take a stand for what you believe in. Stop teaching the young that violence is the way to handle all disagreements through video games, movies and television programs . . . even cartoons. Can you not see what it has created? Children killing children. Children killing parents. Parents killing children. Children killing themselves. Stop it Now!
We who came from beyond this earth see this. We know that man has long destroyed those things they do not understand. This is why your space families hasn't come yet. Why they haven't landed upon this planet yet.
Mankind is now beginning to see the 'light' so to speak, and accept there is far more beyond their world than they previously believed and are more accepting that we of other worlds come in peace.
It seems to be a common thread among those who dwell on earth that no one even knows their neighbor unless a catastrophic event takes place, then all are drawn together out of a common need. That is a shame when you think about all that is missed. Reach out, meet and get to know those who share the same world you do.  Some are doing that with the internet where they can reach not only next door but around the world with utube, facebook and twitter they can talk to pople all over the world, but many are even using those tools to send fear and misinformation into the world, to create chaos and distruction. People must learn to conquer their fears and stop spreading them to others. Once they become master of their fears their fears will leave them alone. For what you fear you draw near unto yourself. And as I have said time and time again . . . the truth is. . . there is "nothing" to fear except fear itself.
All living things upon this planet are mutating, adjusting and adapting to the changes taking place, just as you and I are. Some are ascending and leaving planet earth for other worlds. All must learn to live in harmony and balance. Every plant, every animal, every bird, every insect - all living things, are trying to teach you what they have to share with you - you must only  listen - learn to hear - and then share what you learn with others.
There are many lightworkers on this planet, many beautiful souls trying their best to repair the damage done by those who came before them. Many called walk-ins that came here from your future and saw what could happen if consciousness didn't change, so they came to help awaken mankind so they could choose ascension. Heed the warnings given by all around you. Listen with your heart. Feel with your entire being. See with your inner sight.
In the Light of the One,
I Am Isis "Lady of the Light" 2011