A Lighter Touch


Heavenletter #4158 A Lighter Touch , April 13, 2012
God said:
Sense of humor will stand you in good stead. Taking life seriously does not hold you in good stead. Taking life seriously makes you obsessive, perhaps fanatical. It drives you up a wall. Better to take life with a grain of salt. Better to take life less seriously. Dismantle seriousness. Give yourself freedom.
If life is a rolling sea, what can you do but ride the waves? Let the waves carry you, and keep your balance. Waves are waves, and waves are not the reality of you. I am the Reality of you.
Life on Earth is an excursion. It is a ride at an amusement park. Surely, life on Earth is not the real thing. It is a romp. When it seems tremendously serious, call on your sense of humor to save the day.
Count on the importance of good cheer. Heaviness of heart is not wonderful. Lightness of heart carries you far. Heaviness of heart is a burden. Do not let life feel burdensome.
Lightness of heart is a good reason for you to let go of the past. The past is a heavy load to carry. Best to travel light. Rather than steer an ark, paddle lightly in a canoe made of bark. A canoe will carry you further. Heaviness brings you to task. You don't need what you don't need. Travel light. Let go of heaviness.
A sense of humor is a sense of balance. When you are out of balance, when life hangs heavily on you, call on your sense of humor. Sing a merry tune. Have a lark.
When you go through a hard time, you can look at it differently. Is there a better way to look at difficulty than with a sense of humor?
Life in the world lasts a thrice, yet you see it as permanent. No need to become entrenched in heaviness. Be light of foot. Shimmer and shimmy away heartache in life.
You have fooled yourself anyway. Might as well develop a sense of humor. Might as well develop a lighter touch. Is there something better to do?
Instead of weighing every inch of heartache, let the heartache go. It may not leave instantly, and, yet, you will have given it its walking papers. You will have sanctioned its leaving. You will have given it a hero's goodbye.
Goodbye to woe. Goodbye to endurance. Goodbye to heavy-heartedness. So long to the remnants of heartache. So long to all the dressing-up of wounds and scars. Greet a neutral ground. Sense of humor will show you the way.
One moment your body is alive. The next it drops in a heap. And yet you still are. What a magic trick life is! Let life in the world run its course. You can know that you are on another journey altogether. You are going to get out unscathed. The grease spot of the past's path fades and disappears. Might as well smile at your seriousness. It is better not to take episodes in life so seriously. The joke is on you anyway.
Take others seriously, but not yourself. Discover you have an ego, and yet you can disarm it. A sense of humor will do that. Not even ego cannot withstand a sense of humor. It has to run away. The last thing ego wants is to be laughed at. It will flee and leave you without it. What a freeing thing that is. Say bye-bye to ego. It will disappear in a flash, and you will be well-off without it. Ego weighs you down. Egoless, you fly high. Ego is a heavy-weight. Do you need it for something?