A Lesson In Training

A Teacher namedThe Beloved One.”

Subject: “A Lesson on Training.”
Received by Lytske.
The Beloved One:We will speak a few words on the subject of training, as this is what life is all about.  Living life represents your training to overcome negative habits, and to replace them with more helpful ones, which will serve you well to become what the Creator has in mind for you.  Each one of you is born with a divine blueprint, which is initially hidden from you, but waiting to in due time be discovered by each thinking mind.  This journey of discovery starts at mortal birth and development in life, so you can, through your choices and decisions, bring to this divine blueprint all you have been able to contribute through your experiences.  Life can increasingly become a more delightful journey, the more you become aware of what it is that you are here to do..  It is wise not to ‘skim the surface of life,’ so that few opportunities for service are missed.
“There is no room for selfishness in the Father’s kingdom, and the ‘onion of selfishness’ has many layers, but neither is there room for self-effacing behavior and low self-esteem.  These character trends need also to be rooted out.  It is only fear that holds mortals back from the high estate they will one day achieve, as they don’t see themselves for what they really are -- children of an unconditionally loving and most high God.  Those, who deny the existence of a Creator, place themselves at a great disadvantage, because they live in constant denial of the gifts they are born with -- those of faith and trust in an all-loving God..  Those ‘faith and trust muscles’ become atrophied through lack of use, much to their detriment, even though this, too, would quickly be denied.
“Denial is a scourge on this planet, and it is born of fear.  It is the denial of, and the refusal to even consider, the possibility of the existence of ‘something immortal,’ which is waiting to grow within.  Many think that they might get another chance in life after mortal death, and so the fallacy of re-incarnation is born, in part because of their refusal to entertain the hope that there is a better life waiting beyond the veil.  There are so many lessons to be learned, and this journey can be likened to a ladder of which earth is only the first rung.  Why then would anyone want to keep coming back to stand on the same first rung?  This would not represent progress, but rather regressive thinking, which needs to be abolished in the minds of all thinking people.  Many misconceptions are born in the minds of men and women everywhere, but since men have been more forceful, whilst the women were made to follow.
“This is another fallacy needing to be rectified.  Men and women were created equal, as helpmates, and complements to each other.  Compared to others in this universe, this planet is sadly lagging behind in this area.  No doubt, you will begin to realize that much correcting and remedial training needs to be accomplished.  The task is of tremendous importance, and it very much depends on awakened humans, who are able to see the glaring injustices in all divisions of society.  There is much to be made right, and this will only come about when men and women step up to the plate for equality of the sexes, for social justice, and for freedom from want and poverty.  In time it shall be seen as a privilege for you to be able to serve others, during which your character will become enriched, and you will enjoy soul-felt satisfaction and nurture.  This is training in the most superb way, and this will continue into eternity, until you stand as a perfected being in the presence of the All That Is.”