1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: We are not alone in the battle to bring you the truth
3.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
4.)  Taurus 2010: The Garden of Life
5.)  The Threshold of God's Heart
6.)  Why Life Is So Difficult?

Isis' Message of the Day -
The biggest question facing humanity is not when are we going to learn, but rather when are we going to act according to what we already know.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
My dear friends, we love you so very much.
So many of you are disenchanted with your world and yet there is such beauty coming to the surface in human hearts. There is such love infilatrating your planet. There are angels helping and assisting in the rebirthing of so many human lives. It is a time of intense change, evolution, and growth, and we in the heavens celebrate those of you who can see beyond the so-called chaos and find the emerging love that is rising, like the Phoenix rises from its own ashes. It is the springtime of your souls! It is a time of new life, new ideas, new desires, and a renewed resolution to experience God's love in so many of your hearts.
Whether it is a volcano in Iceland, a flower bursting forth through the hard desert soil into bloom, or all the emotions you have held under the surface for a lifetime - ALL is coming to the surface. God is asking you to bring ALL that you are up, and out of hiding, and into the light of His love. God is saying, "Dear ones, it is time to grow. It is time to bring your truth into the light. It is time to be honest with life, to respect yourself enough to ask for kindness, to love yourself enough to admit your dreams, and to realize I love you so much I want to help." To receive God's love dear ones, you must believe in God's love. Faith is not believing in what you have seen but rather believing so that you CAN see.
Give God a try. Dig deep into your own hearts and ask yourself, "Where do I not believe in Love? Where am I afraid to receive love? Where am I afraid to let go of control?" If you wish to truly feel God's hand in your life, you will have to let go of a bit of control. God has dreams for you that are better for you than anything you could imagine. Let us give you an example.
So many of you want a relationship. You say you want someone in your life and yet deep down, you are disillusioned with relationships, doubtful there is anyone out there for you, fearful of being hurt once again, and sometimes, not sure you really want one after all! In order to 'protect' yourself from pain you either avoid people or you go on a search for the perfect mate, evaluating human beings as if you were buying a new car! This is a no-win situation because your mind is saying "yes I want this" but your fears are saying "I better watch out. I don't believe God will bring this to me." And so, the universe, which was designed to lovingly allow all that is in you to be fulfilled says, "I must wait until you are clear."
Better to dig deep inside yourself and say, "God I want a relationship but I am afraid. I am not confident I can have one. Help me live and abide in your heart. Prevent what is not good for me, and make what is so enticing I cannot miss." Then live your lives dear friends! Be happy now. Be the kind of person you would want in your lives and your faith and your radiant being will be so filled with love that you will attract love. And whatever you do, dear ones, as you dig through your heart and soul, be gentle with yourselves. Have a sense of humor - for the human condition is truly a mixture of dark and light and you can lighten up just a little bit even in the most difficult times of growth.
You, dear ones, can allow for or block God's love in your life. God is waiting with angels by His side to assist you in all that you want and design for your life - not always in the exact ways you request; often better. God is waiting to pour His Love in your lives. But you must do the inner work. You must dig inside of yourselves and bring your hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations, unbelief, etc. to the surface, admit them to yourselves and ask for assistance in healing that which blocks your dreams. In this fashion, dear friends, you do the work you came to do here upon your planet earth. You bring everything within you into the light of God's love. And from this new level of honesty and willingness to receive, new life springs forth in great glory.

We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
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SaLuSa: We are not alone in the battle to bring you the truth
May 3, 2010
You cannot fail to have noticed that of late, the pressure on the authorities to bring out the truth has intensified. As more of you are making your own enquiries so the questions become more frequent, and they cannot be ignored. Brave individuals now stand up and talk their findings, and it adds to the knowledge that already exists. Care must however be taken, as the dark Ones have many stooges who will spread misinformation to bring about confusion. Your intuitive powers should enable you to know when such people face you, and you can dismiss their attempts to mislead you. We are not alone in the battle to bring you the truth, and we know that many of you have identified a number of sources that channel truthfully in the Light. It is in fact too late for the last cabal to stop the incoming tide that will sweep away the dross and lies, that have brought about your problems. For many years you have respected those you have appointed to look after you. Fortunately, you have since seen through their plan to enslave you, and bring it about by creating chaos and taking away your sovereign rights.
Once we can come out openly much more will be added to your understanding, and any last minute attempts to divert your attention away from the truth will be quite futile. Believe us Dear Ones, our allies are making rapid headway to enabling disclosure to come out, and you do not have much longer to wait for it. There is absolutely no way it can be prevented, and you would do well to bide your time until it does. The forces of Light are too powerful to be held back, and your help in remaining focused on it will be of great help. All of your troubles will eventually be overcome through the changes that are planned, and you will find it well worthwhile. Subconsciously each one of you knew that this cycle would end in a victory for the Light. It has meant that you have inwardly accepted the promise of an end to duality. It is the Creator’s Plan that it should be so and who would dare to suggest otherwise. All eventually makes its way back to the Light, and it is now your time to change track to one that provides you with fulfillment. It is Ascension by name, and the energies being beamed to Earth will see you taking this wonderful opportunity to take a quantum leap forward.
There are many unnatural incidents that have been deliberately caused to create dissension and unrest. However, this is a time for steady nerves and to resist doing anything that would bring about retribution. Keep calm and resolve to come out of this testing time with a peaceful response no matter what happens. Soon the Light will emerge as a true force that will change your present destiny, even although it appears to be getting more chaotic. Be assured that we are not idle when you are under threat, and we will minimize its affect as far as possible. As much as we would like to, we cannot just intervene every time you are facing difficulties. Sometimes events have to be allowed to work themselves out quite naturally.
Clearly there will be some fear once we are introduced to you, as over a long period of time we have been depicted as some marauders from outer Space. If we had any plan to take over your Earth, clearly we could have done so easily at any time we wished. Those of you are familiar with our messages know otherwise, and that our positive energy carries with each word as you read them. Let your intuition be your guide and we are sure you will accept the truth that they carry.
There is understandably an air of depression around you, as it is seen that much of which you have come to rely upon is breaking up. However, beneficial changes are about to commence, so we encourage you to spread the word when you get the opportunity. The old paradigm no longer carries energies that are suitable for the new cycle that will lift you into the higher dimensions. Thus there has to be monumental changes, and we are waiting in readiness to apply the plan that will carry you forward. By witnessing the decline and collapse of the old systems, you are seeing how inadequate they have been and how they have been used against your best interests. The revelations in this connection have hardly begun, but the shocking truth will come out. You will be astonished to find that you gave up your freedom so easily, but the ways of the dark Ones have been very insidious. They have manipulated both people and the Constitution to further their ambition to gain global power. Like a cancer it has gradually spread around the world, but of recent time their tentacles have been cut and their influence is waning.
Humans have been brought up to do as they are told, believing that their leaders truly represent them. Now you are realizing that the power lies with you if you would but use it. People power is real and does not need shows of aggression, as this simply aggravates a situation. By all means demonstrate peacefully to get your message over, and you will find that it will reverberate down the halls of power. Hitherto you have been kept in the dark about what is really going on, but with many dear souls who have come to Earth to bring Light it is changing very quickly. You are finding that by example they are encouraging you to speak your truth, and when sufficient are doing so a beautiful energy will travel around the world lifting people up. You are powerful beyond your present understanding, so believe in what you do and as we so often ask, keep your focus on the future that you desire.
We do not tell you that you are sovereign beings without reason. You are not meant to be subservient to anyone, and when you move into the higher vibrations you will find all are treated as equals. As Beings of Light you will live in harmony with each other, and more importantly you will put others first. It therefore creates a perfect environment where all your needs are satisfied and no one suffers lack of any kind. Your first experience of such a wonderful existence will come before Ascension, as you are already working towards a new paradigm that will deliver all the changes leading to great benefits. You are loving and happy souls given the opportunity, and we shall ensure that it comes with our First Contact. You will be informed of what is in store for you, and it will provide you with stability and lasting peace.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation send our love and blessings for your speedy return to the Light.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, allow yourself now to do that which you want to do. No one, except yourself, can deny you. And you can only deny yourself for a certain period of time; perhaps lifetimes, but only a certain period of time. And then there is an overcoming sense of having to choose to do that which you’ve been dreaming about, so why not? As your bumper stickers say, Just Do It!
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Taurus 2010: The Garden of Life
by Kelly M. Beard
Put simply, state of mind,
not material circumstances,
creates your states of harmony,
assurance and comfort.
Put simplest, with a few adjustments,
you can bloom spiritually
right where you're planted.
Taurus/Scorpio energy brings awareness of your deepest values, renewal of your priorities and access to the power to co-create your world. Taurus time (April/May) and the Taurus New Moon are the annual opportunities to seed the *Garden* of your life ... while Scorpio time (Oct/Nov) and the Scorpio Full Moon bring the annual gifts of power, magic and purification. Working consciously with these energies gives you a chance to truly ground your Highest intentions and bring them in to 'form' to serve the greater good, which will attract blessings beyond your wildest imagination ... *IF* you maintain integrity and DO THE WORK! Earth energy requires getting real ~ getting serious ~ and getting dirty! It is a chance to co-create, contribute and allow Great Spirit to breathe life in to the seeds you plant at this time.
This year, the Scorpio Full Moon (4/28) precedes the Taurus New Moon (5/13) indicating that a clearing and/or release is necessary before planting the seeds of the new. As we clear karmic debris, we create a space where it is clean and clear and ready for the fresh and new to be planted, built or brought in. Taurus/Scorpio energies teach us about the willing sacrifices we make for that which we truly value, as well as the lesson of hard work rewarded. This is the time when I remind people that seeds germinate in the darkness. The Taurus/Scorpio energy perfectly illustrates the relationship between the seeds developing below the Earth's surface, to produce a physical, tangible result (eventually) above the Earth's surface. So realigning your values and priorities within (Taurus) will help you create tangible results with power and magic (Scorpio). In that regard, it is also important to remain disciplined and focused. There is no time for petty distractions or silliness when you want concrete results. Time is of the essence for planting and nurturing what you want to grow in your life. This is time to do the work, get involved and create!
You have some additional assistance this year. Venus (values/priorities), Mercury Retrograde (review of ideas, thoughts, concepts) and the Sun (identity/Source) all make it in to Taurus prior to the Full Moon in Scorpio, which precedes the New Moon in Taurus, facilitating a clarification and clearing. This is an indication that you must do the internal/energetic work before you can produce the external/physical results. The Scorpio Full Moon will shine a light on the entanglements which are cutting off life-force energy, like a plant whose roots have outgrown the container and begin to choke the plant to death. The Scorpio Full Moon will help you do some pruning and release the aspects of your life which have grown toxic or are no longer "alive". These values (Venus), ideas (Mercury) and aspects of your identity (Sun) are no longer viable and need to be cleared away to make room for what *IS* healthy and taking root to expand, while also creating space for new seeds to be planted.
What are you growing? What is not thriving in your *Garden* and may need to be reconsidered? Can you create better conditions? What is or is not worth cultivating? Take this time to reflect as you move through Spring Cleaning and organize your *Garden* ~ planting the seeds, watering them and infusing the *Garden* with prayers for healthy growth and fruitfulness. Use this month to redefine what you value and what you are willing to invest your precious resources of time, energy and money in ~ to ensure a healthy, beautiful, self-sustaining, and comfortable world. You are probably working on many different things you would like to grow and blossom in your world at this time. And as in a garden, each requires certain care to grow and maintain. This is the time you ground your intent and commit to steady, consistent efforts that produce results over time.
One final thought ... anything you create, you are responsible for (also known as the 'ability to respond'), so check out the origination of the word RESPOND: Latin ~ From respondere: re- "back" + spondere "to pledge" / "respond, answer to, promise in return". You did the work, clearing karmic debris and creating a space for the garden (your new life); you planted the seeds you chose for your new garden; and with the Full Moon in Scorpio, you are entering a covenant with the Universe that if It breathes LIFE in to your dreams, you will be RESPONSIBLE for nurturing them throughout their lifespan. Which leads to the French ~ responsible: "answerable (to another, for something)" / Meaning "morally accountable for one's actions". You CHOSE to create this life, now you are responsible for it and all that comes with it ... the good, the bad and the ugly! (As well as the knowledge that ALL IS PERFECT in the eyes of Great Spirit!) So take advantage of all these delicious (and potent) Earth energies to get 'real' with your Self and your deepest desires and values and THAT will be the life you will be living. All experience prior to now, was preparation for THIS! You're more ready than you think and this is no time to chicken-out, you are standing in the doorway which leads to a whole new existence, but you still have free will and choice. However, remember, you also have the supreme strength of some very powerful planets behind you, beside you, beneath you, above you and WITHIN YOU! It is time.
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HEAVEN #3447
The Threshold of God's Heart
May 3, 2010
God said:
You stand upon the threshold of My heart, and now I wave with My arm, beckoning you to come all the way in, saying to you most cordially, "Come in." And you hesitate. It is almost as if you cannot lift your foot over the threshold of My heart. The doorsill of My heart is not even an inch across, and even less in depth, and yet, by some mystery of your mind, you think the entranceway of My heart is a high mountain. Not only do you imagine this little stepover a mountain, you imagine that the peak of this mountain extends across a radius of miles, too high and too far for you to step over. You are afraid you will not make it, and, yet, beloveds, all the while the other side of the threshold is a hair's breadth away.
And, beloveds, if this threshold that you have exaggerated did cover miles, it is not fragile. The threshold of My heart is not fragile. What I always say is: "If you imagine you can't step over the doorsill of My heart, then step onto it anyway."
I will add a trailer to that dictum: "If you imagine you can't step over the doorsill of My heart, then take a running leap onto it."
I will add a third dictum. "Plant your two feet firmly on the sill of My heart."
Beloveds, the entranceway of My heart will hold your weight. It will hold your weight very well. It will not cave in. It will actually buoy you. It might bounce you. If Heaven had a roof, you might bounce so high that the top of your head would break through the imagined roof.
Let Us go back again as if this were a scene in a movie. You stand upon the threshold of My heart, and you hesitate to step across. You might find that in taking one hesitant step, you will have passed the threshold of your mind. You might find that you have stepped into the center of My heart, as if you hopped in to a fun tub in My heart, as if you had always been there, having a wonderful time. And yet there is no "as if" about it. This is a true scene.
Let Us go back again as if this were a scene in a movie. In this movie reel, you can see that I am ready to lift you up and carry you across the threshold the way a groom carries his bride. Yet you are so hesitant that you stand firm before the threshold of My heart with your arms crossed. You stand adamant, as if there were a danger before you or a slip-up of some kind. You are so resistant.
Let us go back again as if this were a scene in a movie. You stand upon the threshold of My heart. You peek in. You see the beauty of Heaven. You gasp at the beauty of it. And then you turn around and tail out of there. You turn your back to the threshold of My heart.
Let us reel the camera again. You stand upon the threshold of My heart. You peek in. You see the beauty of Heaven. You gasp at the beauty of it. You fall on your knees and kiss the opening to My heart as if it were the hem of a gown, and you say, "God, I am here."
And I say, "Come in."
I lift you up to a standing position. I hold your hand. And you walk across the open doorway of My heart and find yourself already inside having a wonderful time in a tub in My heart.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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Why Life Is So Difficult?
by Neal Donald Walsch
May 1, 2010
My dear friends...
Why is Life so difficult if everything, including our own death, is chosen? Let that be our question for the day.
Whenever I contemplate inquiries such as this I find myself being forced to explore much larger questions, such as Who am I? And, What am I doing here? And, What is this place, anyway?
If I consider the question alone, as if it existed in a vacuum, I have no answer for it. Nothing here (on this planet, I mean) makes sense if it is considered out-of-context, as if it is just what it appears to be.
With "appearances" as the only measure, Life is a mess. It not only makes no sense, it is a pain in the neck. Not always, of course. But much of the time. The only thing that stops it from being a pain in the neck for me is the fact that there is much more going on here than meets the eye. Because I know that, I am able to recontextualize my day-to-day experience, see it in a different way, and even move into a place of gratitude when things go "wrong." (I don't always make it there, but even the journey to get there takes some of the edge off of the more frustrating or formerly hurtful occurrences.)
My wonderful friend Barbara Marx Hubbard has a terrific way of looking at life's problems. She says that problems and crises are evolutionary drivers, inspiring and motivating innovation and change. I like that positioning. It helps me to not resent what, in days past, I absolutely would have resented.
What is going on here that is more than what meets the eye is that we are all involved in that process of evolution that is being driven by the need for change. We are not simply bodies with a brain on top. We are spiritual beings traveling through life with a body, but we are not our bodies. Once we get that part of it right, we're on our way to a better understanding of why "life is so difficult."
For spiritual masters, life is not difficult at all. That is because spiritual masters understand what is going on here-and why. I know that I talk about this a lot, but I can't say too much on this subject, in my view, for when we are very clear about the things I'm discussing here, life becomes a joy. Yes, even when things are not going so well...
So what IS "going on here?" Let's take another look at that next week, as we continue this exploration. I can tell you this much: nothing happens without purpose, nothing occurs by chance, there is no such thing as coincidence, and there are no victims and no villains in the world. Everything is placed before us so that it might bring benefit TO us. It's all in how we react...
See you next week!
Love and Hugs,
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