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QUESTION : Spirit, I read your answer on addiction. I’ve known for years that I’m a highly evolved spirit, but cannot go to the next level. Fear has me crippled. How can I move to the next level?
ANSWER: Fear will cripple, paralyze, and keep you from even understanding this answer. It’s that potent! You’re poised on a revelation. But before you can understand any of this, you must create self-worth in yourself, and also speak to the child within (this was you, before you had the addition of the things that currently are feared). We’ve given the methods for this.
And yes, you’re not only highly evolved, but very ready to get rid of this attribute. We stand beside you and will support you when you begin.
QUESTION: Dear Spirit: I am a healer/alternative therapist, and I need to know, what is the best way to help people with addictions and compulsive behaviors?
ANSWER: Addictions and compulsive behavior are a result of more than just psychological disorders and/or chemical imbalance. They are a way for the biological-self to distract a Human from completing what it came here for, spiritually. It is also given as a test or challenge.
If you work with addicted Humans, then I don't have to tell you the frustration they feel. They absolutely know what they are doing, yet then can't communicate with their cellular structure enough to stop it. The main part of this struggle is the one where the biology builds a "wall of addition or compulsive behavior" so that the Human does NOT have to make the decision they came here for. Worse, sometimes this activity is actually designed to kill them quicker!
Many of these precious souls are very spiritual… did you notice? They are "on the edge" of complete knowledge, but just can't seem to "go there."
What to do? Your work as a healer is to help them over this hump of fear. They can't stop smoking… or eating… or sexual desire… or drugs? These are all classic Human biological ploys that are part of the "seed fear" of enlightenment.
Clearing fear is the answer… fear that perhaps this time they won't suffer and go through torture because they accept the information of the Higher-self. Many are unconsciously fearful of moving into a spiritual experience. Even those who are healers… channellers… and ministers will also experience this! They don't want to "go all the way," since the last time they did this… they died, horribly.
So, healer, help them to begin talking to their cellular structure in ways that will relax the fear of spiritual information and action. The more they can love themselves, the less they will rely on outside stimulus for their peace. The more they can drop this very real fear of theirs, the less they will need their additions. Behavior will modify and the addition will eventually drop away.
Meditation is also part of the key to this… real meditation, with intent and motivation. Finally, self-worth is the real issue (same as loving themselves). When this is settled, then the addictions begin to diminish and go away. We will give you more on the actual ways to gain self-worth as the months go by.
Question: Dear Spirit: Although I haven't read a lot of metaphysical material, the bits I have, which talk about many Human/Earth issues, don't raise or mention the subject of drug usage in our society. What is the role of drugs, and why do they play such a big role in our society? How can I explain both to students and users how they fit into the bigger scheme of things (or not)?
Answer: Like everything else on the planet that's life altering, the drug use in any society plays an energy part that's appropriate. Some call it the tempter. In any good screenplay, there's often the choice of giving away one's power to Earthly desires, or to the integrity of what is seen as correct and good. This is a classic story.
What we're saying is that your tests would never be good ones if these things didn't exist. So, indeed, it plays an appropriate and correct part of Earth's cycle of choices. The choice of light and dark is often muddied with desire. Such is the way of things, and of the complexity of choice.
The good news is that for every choice that would create a life of addiction and sorrow, there is power available to solve it. There is no temptation given to man that does not also have a solution of equal power on the same divine selection tray. The Human who lifts himself out of the darkness is the one who will shine a light that's brighter than the others. Then you begin to understand why the test is the way it is.
Blessed are the Humans who co-create healing for the substances that enslave them and spoil their health. For this will often be the lighthouse that leads many others to the safe harbor of solution and reconciliation in the harmony of life.
QUESTION: What happens to a person who is old but wants to change? Is the old person still inside? Or does he/she just move on to a new plateau? I've made so many mistakes in my lifetime, but also achieved much satisfaction. I would like to keep the good things I've done or achieved, but I also want to cleanse my past indiscretions and become a person who feels wanted and worthwhile. If I change, what happens to the good parts that I wish to keep?
QUESTION: Dear Spirit, what's the significance when after more and more effort to find a job, I've found nothing? I've made the focus in my heart to be helpful in this world, and I want to change my life for my children, but sometimes I question myself. Do I have a place in this world?
QUESTION: Dearest Spirit, I'm having difficulty with my recent past (which is directly related to self- worth) spilling over into my present so much that I feel like I'm caught in a tornado, unable to see where I am or where to go from here. I'm so confused that I feel I can't move forward. In fact, you once said that not everyone who chose ascension would succeed, and indeed, I feel like I'm failing.
ANSWER: There are many, if not most of you, who are burdened by a basic theme. You were born in an energy on this planet that wasn't balanced in the "self-worth" department. Add to that that your religious leaders told you that you were worthless! This is a mountain to climb, and it affects most of you greatly. I've addressed this in a step-by-step manner, and offer you this message that you might climb out of the hole of depressed self-worth. It's time, and I think you know it. Please see the very recent message that I have offered.

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