Activating the Network of Light

Activating the Network of Light
January 23, 2010

Dearest Beloved Children of God,

At the present time, the hearts and minds of the world rest upon the island nation of Haiti which was so severely devastated in the recent earthquake. This attention is much needed both for the needs of the present, and to highlight the great suffering that they have lived with for countless generations.

Beloved ones, this is a time of purification when what has been broken may be healed, through the strength of God's light, and through the resolve, courage and determination of those souls who are called to step forward to assist.

There are many invisible needs, and areas of long standing suffering that also exist in the world today, and yet God's love is abundant and ever present. Where an open heart exists, and where a soul has opened the doorway to listen to their inner guidance and calling, then light can enter the world, love can enter the world, and what is painful shall be healed.

At this time of great need, those lightworkers and faithful servants of God who are willing are being assisted to move into greater empowerment and greater capacity. Although the steps forward may not feel sufficient to the tasks at hand, this forward motion will continue and accelerate. Your heart will guide you and call you to where you are most needed.

At this time dearest ones, your precious love, light and caring are needed for those that are suffering. You are uniquely created by God for a sacred purpose which your heart knows. All that is needed is that you allow this love to flow from your heart towards the areas where you are called.

We are gathering with those on the Earth to assist the people of Haiti, and all those who are in need, through the new Response of Light gatherings, which are creating a greater activation of the network of light on the Earth. You are invited to join us and to share your love, your light and your guidance to bring healing to the world. We are deeply grateful for your presence here. With all love and blessings, Amen.
Love and blessings,

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Response of Light

Upholding the Oneness of All - Helping at times of need

'Response of Light' was born in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake in January, 2010. Many who wanted to help the suffering and the dying looked for ways to do so in terms of offering financial aid, but were less clear about how to help in ways that were spiritually powerful and effective.

The first meeting of 'Response of Light' took place as a convergence of souls committed to aligning with the Divine Source of light and love and with the Realms of Light to send spiritual light, hope, comfort, strength, and upliftment to those in need. This meeting was based on three assumptions:

1) That there is only one Consciousness operating here that we are all part of. Therefore, what we contribute through thought, love and intention affects the whole and can be directed where we will within this one Consciousness.

2)That there is a synergy that exists when a group gathers to send light and healing somewhere that creates a force greater than the sum of its parts.

3) That invoking Divine light and love brings the higher dimensions of light into the physical realm for purposes of healing. This is how the Realms of Light operate at all times and this is how invocation works to help the planet.

Based on these three assumptions, and having no exclusions based on belief or religious preference, we are committing ourselves to establishing a global network of souls desiring to sit together in meditative prayer (each within their own location) on a short-notice, crisis-oriented basis, to respond to potential future crises that involve the welfare of a large group or nation.

Our sitting times will be determined by the urgency of the situation, and your signing the form below at: ( ) signifies your desire to join us in a collective global effort to send healing to those in need. Joining the mailing list will allow you to receive e-mailed messages at times of humanitarian crises so that you can play a part in the easing of pain and the creation of hope.

Thank you. Blessings to your heart which embraces the Oneness of all.
Julie Redstone