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Activate Your DNA - Raise Your Frequency
by Selacia
September 9, 2011
How DNA Activation and DNA Healing Shift Your Vibration Higher 
Excerpt from Your Guide to Earth's Pivotal Years - by Selacia
"You and the rest of humanity are in a spiritual transformational process, discovering how to embody a higher consciousness. As you progress in this process, fear becomes less of a driving force in your life. 
"As you grow spiritually, the energy that you broadcast to the world is more loving. This love energy carries a frequency, also thought of as a measurement of vibration. The love frequency is higher than that of fear. The more that you can embody and broadcast the love frequency, the more love you will experience in the world. 
"You are in the process right now of making this shift. It is big and will change everything in your life. This change happens over time. It involves energy and awareness. You will do better on some days than others. After all, the fear-based way of being that you have learned must be unlearned. It is very ingrained in you and in everyone that you meet. 
"You cannot effectively hold the higher-frequency energies if you are out of balance on any level - physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Even the most experienced person will be challenged to stay in balance, so don't judge yourself or others. Discover how to become more mindful of what you are thinking, feeling, and doing. Investigate the put into action the transformational tools that will help you find and stay in your center." 
Moving Into the Higher-Frequency Energies 
As I describe in my new book, each of us is in a process of awakening. We are learning to hold and broadcast the higher-frequency energies of love. This is no easy task. We are steeped in fear, the generations before us conditioned to live in a disconnected and dysfunctional way. What we have learned must be unlearned. The false notions that fed our superstitions and hatred must be brought to light and dismantled. 
One of the most powerful ways I know to bring about needed change is to work with our own DNA. 
Did you know that the DNA in the cells of your body is divine and intelligent - capable of giving you an ongoing source of wisdom? 
Were you aware that what's stored in your DNA will influence your spiritual progress and your ability to hold the higher frequencies of love and joy? 
Our DNA is like an akashic record of our soul's journey over time. All of our experiences are there in the DNA. This includes belief systems, wisdom from past lives, gifts honed in other lifetimes, our tendencies inherited through our genetic line of ancestors, and our judgments and prejudices learned over time. 
For most of us, it takes literally lifetimes to master most of the beneficial qualities like kindness and patience. 
We have the opportunity - with DNA activation and DNA healing - to shift dysfunctional patterns that otherwise could remain obstacles for future lifetimes. As we clear the lower-vibrational patterns, we raise our frequency. As we activate our DNA, we have an immediate boost in our frequency. We connect with a greater awareness of who we are, who we are not, and why we are here. 
Related tools to help us raise our frequency include meditation, sacred sound, therapeutic grade essential oils, and crystals. Because of the potent remedy these tools are to our enlightenment process, I incorporate them into my healing work.
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Complimentary Phone or Skype Consult (by appointment) - to explore DNA healing
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All glory and praises to Source and Isis.
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