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QUESTION -  Dear Spirit: My sister asked for a neutral implant several years ago. She was in a car accident in April 2004 when the person who hit her ran a red light. The night following her accident, out of desperation, I requested that whatever contracts she'd made regarding the events of the previous day be broken. She'd expressed the desire, before the accident, to break all contracts. I didn't know at the time of my request that her doctors didn't expect her to live beyond 48 hours after the accident. She's now home and making great progress in her recuperation. My question is, can contracts be broken on behalf of another person if it's known that it was their intention to do so? And, did I commit an energetic or universal faux pas in making my request?
ANSWER Dear one, God is not in a vacuum when it comes to these things. At some level, your sister fully asked for these things. You only helped facilitate her own intent. Not only has the beginning contract been eliminated in her life, but the traffic "accident" was all part of this. This is a rebirth for her! Can she feel it? At some time in the future, let her celebrate this rebirth and all that comes with it. There's far more going on here than you know. As for your part? Blessed is the Human who cares so much for another that they join for a moment in the other's sacred quest. You did well. This is what family does.
QUESTION - Dear Spirit: I've read your books and attended several of your live channellings. Some years ago, I requested the neutral implant. I've worked assiduously to live in the now, to free myself of previous contracts, and use this time to the fullest in helping the world reach its greatest potential. What confuses me is that on April 19th of this year I was involved in a serious car wreck that has left me battling to regain my ability to walk, the use of my right arm, and the life I had before the accident. If I neutralized all previous contracts and neutralized my karma, why the car wreck?
ANSWER Dear one, we honor your life and also the timing of everything around you. At this moment, you should, too. For with time you'll regain all that you're working for. Meanwhile, ponder this: The implant is defined as "your implantation of permission to shift." You did. The "accident" was all part of a major life change and happened on schedule. Your implant request changed your future... for there you sit, alive! I don't wish to be overly dramatic, but you changed everything right before the accident, including your lifeline, your contract, and your purpose on Earth. The accident had nothing to do with your karma. Surviving it did.
Many of you aren't understanding your power to shift what you've been given. So many are looking at things in such a shallow way. Receiving the implant doesn't necessarily mean that traffic accidents won't happen to you; instead, it gives you permission to shift an old reality around the event.
In the case above, this dear one still doesn't understand that the very accident that would have taken her life under a different reality is now set to allow her a totally different reality. Her healing will occur, and she'll be a different person on the planet, ready to move on to the kinds of things that will change her future, and those around her. She may even come to a point where she can celebrate the accident. That's the wisdom of master-hood.
QUESTION - Dear Spirit: Some years ago when I was walking outside one morning, I heard someone calling me by my name, but I couldn't see anybody. This has happened a couple of times. I asked a few spiritual friends about this. They said that this was only a test to see if I was ready for spiritual enlightenment. I wonder if this is true.
ANSWER Finally, an answer! What took you so long? We've been trying to see if you could accept that you're not alone. Perhaps the next time we call, you won't have to go ask a friend and write a question for us to honor you!
Not all voices that are heard are spiritual. Some are a result of imbalances within your biology. In your case, you were indeed clearly hearing us trying to get your attention. The difference will always be apparent. For in a spiritual setting, it will be accompanied by good feelings, love, and appropriate honor. You might ask, "Well, what do you want?" The answer? "For you to know that you're never alone, and to take that knowledge and begin to relax with the fact that you're also a piece of God." It's all about self-worth.
Congratulations, dear one. You are awake!
Thank U 4 your visit - John
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