Absolute Truth Already Exists Within You {Channeled}


Alabama, US of A, October 25, 2010. 
Unknown Teacher
Subject: “News.”
Received by Oscar.
Teacher: “How hard it is to keep yourself centered in this age!  The media constantly draws your attention to things that don’t deserve it.  This is the reason why sometimes a ‘diet’ without news, gossip, radio, television or internet is desirable.  All this is mostly noise that prevents you from hearing the inner voice that whispers softly to you regarding the path to take.
“Many human beings of the present are not really poor in spirit.  They are just distracted.  This is aggravated because many take advantage of the media to keep the masses away from their true being and purpose.  Being siblings on this planet, you should take care of each other, but from the point of view of eternity, is it important if famous actor A is dating famous singer B?  For your personal spiritual progress, does it matter if there was an earthquake on the other side of the world?
“The need for being informed is another false need created by those dedicated to selling news.  For your spiritual development, all you need to know is already within yourself, and just by dedicating a few minutes each day to Silence you will be able to discover all you need.  Even for a satisfactory performance in your material life you need to know very few things.
“This bombardment of information often robs most people of hope.  Unfortunately, bad news sells better than good news. The more gruesome the crime, the further it reaches in the international arena.  But know that from every horrible crime committed, there are many who live their entire lives without ever hurting anyone.  For every death in a war, there are many who each day open their eyes to a greater spiritual reality.  For every message of despair, there are many who send words of encouragement.  You may not find hope in the news of the world, but on High there is a detailed record of the progress of good and the degree to which our Father’s will is being done in this sphere.  And yes, without doubt we are slowly, but certainly, getting closer to the dawn of the Age of Light and Life.”
The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are slowly getting closer to the dawn of the Age of Light and Life.