A Beautiful Chorus of Flowers


God said:

You are a flower that issued from My heart. You know that flowers are beautiful. You are always struck by their beauty. Imagine the miracle of a flower. How beautifully it raises itself up. A flower rises to the sun. It knows its destiny and offers itself fully to the Sun and Me and you.

I look at the children of My heart, the myriad reflections of My heart, and I see a field of flowers. I am an Artist, and I painted a world filled with a garden of souls in the form of flowering human beings. Can you imagine the immensity of the joy I feel when I look out into My garden? It is beautiful, the flowers that grow. This is a changing field of flowers, this world of human beings. I see such happiness, such joy in your blooming, blossoming, expanding, and My garden bursts into joy, and the garden sings a song that overflows My heart, sings a song and dances to it.

What are you but My flowers who can dance in the silence of love proclaimed? A breeze moves the flowers in My garden. A breeze moves you, and you also seemingly move yourself. You are not firmly planted in the ground and, like beautiful daisies, sway, a beautiful chorus of flowers.

Yet you can float anywhere and everywhere, and take your song with you.

Isn't it amazing that you sometimes feel alone? You, who are in a phenomenal chorus, feel you are doing a solo, a solo that is unheard and often unseen. You are like a flower with the web of a spider covering you up. Ah, yet it is you who has to see your own beauty. You do not need to stand on a hill in order to view yourself. Wherever you are, view yourself as love in bloom as I do view you.

When you see yourself in the beauty you are, so will you see all the other flowers of humanity the same. You do see others as you see yourself. See yourself from a new vantage, and you will see others the same. If you want to know how you think of yourself, look at how you see others.

You have picked a few flowers from the flower garden of the world and held them to your bosom. Look again, and tell Me which flower should not have your love? Pick a whole bouquet and come back for more. Luscious is this field of flowering human beings. Some stand straight, some bend, some fall all the way over and seem underfoot. Love the flowers all, for I planted them for you.

Every human being is someone I created. I created each flower of humanity to give and receive love, and that includes you, and that includes every single flower in My garden. Abstain not from love. That a flower of mine is dried out, wilted, astray does not qualify it to be left out of your bouquet. With your love, your universal emanation of love, a flower will regain its composure. It will regain its standing up. It will blossom again. Never step on a flower in My garden. Remember what you are looking at. You are looking at the flowers I planted in My garden. I planted with love. What I love is yours to love. Look with eyes of love. Look with a mind of love. Look with a heart of love. From your heart of love, issue love. And from the hearts of others, see into their love. Bring out their love by seeing as I do see, and see Me.