A 2-Way Street

Cedomil Vugrincic
(ENLIGHTENMENT Service Sector)
Beloved brothers and sisters in spirit unity;
The March's Interim-Paper #88 on the subject of "GOD's RELATION TO THE INDIVIDUAL;THE INFINITE SPIRIT - The Ministry of Mind" - is posted on the website  www.LighttoParadise.com, Interim-Papers, Group VIII,  Interim-Papers 76 -  . 
"We have faith and trust in one God of all and in all".
God bless and may His love and peace be upon you, 
P.S. With respect to the rapidly evolving times of the dramatic  advancements in the human planetary consciousness, so called planetary "Correcting Time", great efforts are underway to accelerate the unification and streamlining of the collective human planetary  awareness with the cosmic mind.
The participating Teaching Mission-Correcting Time T/R's and T/R groups now have the opportunity to join the The Christ Michael's Global Spiritual Network (CMGSN). The intent of CMGSN is to organize and coordinate participating T/R groups by specialty, through the www.ChristMichaelsGlobalSpiritualNetwork.com   within the twelve sectors (12) of the seraphic planetary activity as disclosed in the Urantia book, Paper 114 , sections 6 & 7, and they are-epochal, progress, religious,nation life, races, future, enlightenment, health, home and family, industry, diversion, and super-human ministry (p.1254-9).   In order to join, the members/groups and their celestial hosts/teachers should be in agreement with the Intent and Introduction to the CMGSN and be willing to compassionatelly and conjointly participate in their particular T/Rd sector of planetary activity under the super-planetary guidance and supervision of the Michael's-Melchizedek-seraphic corps. CMGSNs contact email addresses are - ChristMichaelsGSN@Yahoo.com  and ChristMichaelsGSN@Yahoogroups.com .
Coordinator's Email Address is LighttoParadise@Hotmail.com .
To join the Service Sectors 1-12 just send your email to the ServiceSector1(or other sector number)-subscribe@Yahoogroups.com..
The readers are encouraged to join the email circuit - TMtranscripts@Circuit1.TeamCircuits.com , and also to search through TML archives - www.TMarchives.com  (English) andwww.TMarchives.com.BR  (Portuguese, Spanish), www.Urantia.LT  to benefit from the super-planetary transmisions given through the TR members of various Teaching  Mission groups.
Do not wait Beloveds. Practice stillness, and expand and multiply your T/R groups. Find through T/Ring who your celestial TM teacher is and begin to walk your guided divine talk about the Fatherhood of one God for all and about the brotherhood of all man. Perhaps you might have a special interest in one of below listed sectors of the seraphic planetary activity and supervision that you want to focus on your T/Ring efforts.
Remeber Eregon's (tml 5/04) statement: "The 'Correcting Time' is conducted through the efforts of mortal beings and the 'Teaching Mission' is conducted by the celestials."
Machiventa (tml 10/04): "Our future progress in this mission now will come to be more clearly defined by yourselves, as we will await your cue to initiate our spirit response. Rely on your intuitive sense of how to proceed then put yourself in motion, and at that point we may function more closely together as we direct your movement. I offer these words of encouragement today that you simply engage in movement and trust in faith that your actions will be guided as a response to your willing desire, and let nature take its course. The entire plan of progression is not left up to you, but the very beginning of this grand plan is yours to play out." 
Christ Michael of Nebadon (tml 10/04): "Machiventa has spoken today of your role in our mission. You are authorized by me to function asociated with my melchizedek helpers and all other spirit beings who have enlisted in this service to Urantia. It is my authority that empowers each participant."
Elyon (tml 10/04): "Accept your acceptance by Machiventa to be missionary of the Correcting Time. You have received your authorization from Michael who is the power behind your intentions and subsequent action. With Michael acknowledging your abilities you are more than prepared for service ministry."
Archangel Michael (tml 10/04): "We are asking you to no longer sit passively by the wayside and do nothing.. You are being asked to stand up and be counted, for your dynamic Life Force energy is needed now as never before.You are much more powerful in your thought forms and actions than you can imagine, my brave friends, and you are playing an important role in attaining a peaceful solution to a very unsettling world situation. The energy you are radiating from your heart center has just as much an influence on the outcome of the devastating conflicts around the world as those who are on the 'front lines'. We can inspire, direct and assist you, but you and you alone must take the action that will result in Heaven on Earth."
Aaron (tml 10/04): "We ask you to contemplate what is that you truly seek in this communication, to ponder what value you gain and then to recognize this resource and to utilize it, not only for the benefit of your personal growth and development, but for the potential edification of humanity. So again, ponder the value you see in this process and how you can benefit from the process, not only for yourself, but for all."
Sondjah (tml 12/04): "We hope you understand why our presence here, this immense effort of Michael that he has invested in the Correcting Time, why this has been done. It is done for you, you individually, each one of you. We will do our part to encourage your decisions of rightness, to remove separation, and to be among us easily, peacefully, and joyfully, as our peer. You are needed, you are wanted: your presence is desired on all morontial levels. We want to encourage you to appreciate that too."
Rayson (tml 12/04): "So when you look back upon this year, and so many emanations that are so new to your thinking to the Teaching Mission / Correcting Time, these my friends, are simply small, necessary, reasonable and logical increments of development that are essential for the reclamation or the healing of your planet. What we find jarring, is the complacency of so many people, the shock of so many people who believe that this is not the time for this preparation, this is not the time for the arrival, this is not the time for anything this dramatic to occur, but that it is continually business as usual, a staid pattern of entrenched mediocrity. From those of you who have this awareness, we have no less expectation than that you provide your most excellent performances in your lives."
Archangel Michael (LM-1-2005): "The time of waiting and preparation are over. The time for action has been initiated. Only you can decide how you will express the precious gift of love. Allow us to share our Light with you as, together, we fill the darkest corners on Earth with the transforming vibrations of love.. Feel it, experience it to the fullest, and pass it on."
Aaron (tml 1/05): "The truth is that you have been prepared, with your willingness, to represent points of light throughout your world, not as some massively-promoted, excitement-filled, miraculous endeavor, but as interconnected individuals who can spread common awareness that the goal of life is more than material and more than an idea about God, but rather found in your personal seeking to God and an awareness of intercommunication with spiritual forces, coupled with your continuous efforts to manifest those values gained therefrom in service to your fellows, such that the eventual recognition of planetary fellowship can occur."
Machiventa (tml 2/05): "While we are  not engaged in marching in conformity, we likewise may be called to act in unison...also function under the overall mission statement of Michael and his reinstatement plan for our world. It is necessary that we act alike as it is natural course of action to listen to the same beat and function within the same meter while we exhibit our diversity."
Machiventa (tml 3/05): "My friends, we do not live in an isolated world of jubilant, ecstatic, joyous reveling in spirituality. We - you and I and your celestial teachers and the Mechizedeks who are here - the midwayers- we live on a material planet, wrestling with its primitive natures to bring it into The Days of Light and Life. These are spiritual realities manifest on the material world. They are inescapable. Yes, you can go to a monastery or convent in some remote place of the world and divest your life of this interface, this conflict, but you are most helpful to Christ Michaels's plans for the rehabilitation of your planet by your active, conscious participation. No less is asked from you, and no more is needed, than that to help elevate your planet through the efforts of the Christ Michael in the Correcting Time."
Machiventa (tml 3/05): "You must become the highest ideals that you are aware of, not just to know of these ideals or to express these ideals, but rather become these ideals.. Portray that which you know to be true. Become the truth in your lives.. Actions are so many times more powerful than any words. The strongest and most powerful thing you can do is to live your life in line with the highest spiritual realities that you are aware of, to become the embodiment of these spiritual realities making them real in your life. Having had the benefit of the teaching and the learning, we must then put into practice that which we have learned."
Isadora (tml 4/05): "Your world is beset by many challenges in many and varied areas. You have no idea the transforming effect, the miraculous transformation that can and will take place, when a significant number of individuals begin to ask the question 'How can I be of selfless service?' In accepting the mantle of apostleship, in this time of correction, you have accepted the responsibility of beginning to ask this question, thereby, becoming an example such that others may come to re-think what such service entails. The lighting of an altruistic spirit would be and will be transformative in ways that you can only imagine, having never experienced such a spirit."
Emil (tml 5/05): "You are the ones who will do the work which will transform our planet. You are the hands, feet, eyes and ears of Spirit. It is not for Spirit to do the work, but for you, my children. You only need to express willful desire to become a part of the great transformation and reorganization of this world and I assure you that you will become actively involved."
Monjoronson (tml 5/05): "Great times are upon us. We shall all see great spiritual successes in our endeavors. No longer will we be timid in  approach but we will act as if we know of a certainty of the grand and glorious nature of our Divine Parents who desire to be recognized and who desire that their children be lifted from darkness. It is you who will shine the light. It is divine energy that will shine through you and it is by your action of flipping the switch and of directing the beam that this project will succeed."
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