ANGER - Anger arises as a protection against pain. If somebody hurts
you, you become angry as a protection of your being against pain.
So every pain is suppressed by anger-layers and layers of anger on
pain ... In fact anger can become a bondage. - Ordinarily, anger is
not bad. Ordinarily, anger is part of natural life; it comes and
goes. But if you repress it, then it becomes a problem. Then you go
on accumulating it. Then it is not a question of coming and going;
it becomes your very being. Then it is not that you are sometimes
angry; you remain anger, you remain in rage, and you just wait for
somebody to provoke it. Or even a hint of provocation and you catch
fire and you do things for which, later on, you will say, "I did it
in spite of me." - Repressed anger becomes a temporary madness.
Anger is active sadness; sadness is inactive anger. They are not two
things. - Anger and sadness are both faces of the same energy ...
repressed. - Patience comes when you are neither angry nor sad.
Patience is a great phenomenon. When you are neither angry against
anybody nor sad against anybody-sadness and anger both have gone;
your energies have settled, centered, you are at home ... Patience
means now you have come back home. Now nothing distracts, nothing
disturbs. You are so happy, so blissful inside, that everything else
is irrelevant. - Anger is just a mental vomit. There is NO NEED to
throw anger on anybody. You can go on a long walk-it means something
is inside that needs fast activity so that it is released. Just take
a ride to a park and do a little jogging and you will feel it is
released. Do this until you are relaxed. Within a five-minute
catharsis you will feel unburdened, and once you know this you will
never throw it on anybody, because that is ABSOLUTELY foolish. -
First thing in transformation then is to express anger, but not on
anybody, because if you express it on somebody you cannot express it
totally. You may like to kill, but it is not possible; you may like
to bite, but it is not possible. But that can be done to a pillow;
a pillow means "already enlightened"; the pillow is enlightened, a
Buddha. The pillow will not react, and the pillow will not go to any
court, and the pillow will not bring any enmity against you, and the
pillow will not DO anything; the pillow will be happy. And the
pillow will laugh at you ---
JUSTICE - Only love can be just because only love can understand.
Without love there is no understanding and without understanding
how can there be any justice? - If you want to understand the truth
you have to be very loving. If you really want to understand the
whole of life in all its dimensions, you have to approach it with
great love and care. You have to be very tender, soft. - And then a
new phenomenon arises in you: your life becomes full of justice.
You cannot be unjust then; you cannot be unfair then - it is
impossible. A loving person cannot be unfair.

All wars come about as a result of the overflowing of the
collective thought form of negativity.

Once a negative thought form is created it needs to run its course.{ The
length of this process however, varies according to the number of
loving thoughts of others who provide a positive thought form,} a
balance to the negative energy, and an option for those trapped in the
negative well-of-life. > Pray for PEACE and JUSTICE ---

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COOLNESS * Bliss and coolness go together. If you attain to bliss you
will become cool, and if you attain to coolness you will attain to
bliss. Bliss has no excitement in it. It is simple coolness, silence.
It has no fever, no passion in it ... Remain cool - whatsoever the
situation, whatsoever the excitement, suddenly remember that you have
to be cool, and relax, and catch hold of your inner coolness. If
somebody is insulting you, remember that you have to be cool, and this
person is giving you an opportunity. Be thankful to them and don't be
distracted by them. If you can remain cool and indifferent where
ordinarily you get easily excited and passion is aroused, when anger
comes and distracts you and you become feverish, suddenly you will see
that bliss is showering all around you. - You manage coolness, God
manages bliss. You take one step, and he takes one step towards you
immediately. It is fifty/fifty.

Your "DESTINY" *** You are and
draw what you think.
Your thoughts are your destiny,
{And it can be Ours! - They affect us all}-
The negative or lustful thoughts
which are not Rejected,
produces a momentary
Painful Pleasure, - then -
Pleasure to Intent -
Intent to Action -
Action to Habit -
Habit to Addiction -
Addiction, to a kind of Necessity -
And necessity, to the death of your
mind; body; and spirit --> PRAY/MEDITATE,
Seek Silence & Solitude > {when you have a
chance} - Silence has a beautiful voice
all it's own,- it will in time, tell you
what you need to know - take a walk in
the park or any 'natural' setting;
at least once a week, if you can ---
Without God, no order is possible,
only chaos-illusion, because our very center
is missing which can create the order.
That center I call awareness, meditation -
inexhaustible law, that only those who
become aware know who they are ---

PEACE - The only thing worth remembering again and again
is: what peace there may be in silence. Give a little time,
energy, to silent moments, because only in silent moments
will you know what peace is. And the person who has tasted
something of peace is rich, is immensely rich - all others
are beggars - because he starts knowing the inner kingdom
of God. Peace is the door to the inner kingdom of God.
Silence helps you to know peace and peace leads you into God.

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