1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
3.)  8:8 Lion's Gate Invocation
4.)  8:8 Lions Gate
5.)  Learn to Be Happy
6.) The Light

Isis' Message of the Day -
Do you believe the Inscription on The Statue of Liberty?
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
If you do then how can you turn away anyone wanting to better their lives. Every one of your ancestors were immigrants at one time and you wouldn't be here if everyone thought the way some are doing today about those from other countries today. The Creator of All That Is created each and every human being on this planet. There is ONE Family on this planet . . . the human family. Mother Earth is ONE, mankind has separated the planet into nations, countries and states.
It is time to live as the ONE we are.
I AM ISIS a "Spritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones. Blessings to all. We of the angelic realm salute you. We honor who you are. We see what you cannot see about you. We know that which makes up you. Believe and have faith in your self for you are worthy of God/Creator's love. Open to receive. Allow the love we have for you in. Imagine this love streaming into your heart on a river of light. Feel the warmth and caring. Know that you are special as a child is to one's mother. We believe in you. Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"
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Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, when you are in a confrontation of some sort or a place where perhaps the other person is seeing differently than you are and they are telling you that you are perhaps not correct in your thinking, and you are toe to toe with them, if you smile it changes the whole energy.
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8:8 Lion's Gate Invocation
by Anrita Melchizedek
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On August 8th, we enter into yet another unprecedented activity of Light, a window of opportunity of accelerated consciousness, to experience the Initiation of Resurrection, through the amplification of the Spiritual Sun of Sirius, and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, and the Great White Lodge within the etheric of Sirius.
Astrologically Sirius rises before our Sun at different times, through the month of July and August, lifting all Life into the encodings of their Highest Potentials, through this Galactic Alignment of Light, and allowing for a deeper merging with our Christed Overself of the Light, through initiations of Light experienced in parallel realities and timelines, primarily in ancient Egypt and Atlantis.
Through this gateway of accelerated Cosmic Consciousness awareness, we are lifted through the Left Eye and then Right Eye of Horus and into the Central Eye of Horus, and the teachings of Light from On High through the Order of Melchizedek.  Through this event,  the key codes to these teachings, found energetically within the dormant DNA, are activated through this crystalline matrix of Sirian Light, and the Cosmic Ray of Galactic Service, as it spirals forth from the Ascension Seat in Sirius, through this quadrant of the Galaxy, and into the Unity Grid of Light, into the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Sphinx and related etheric Temples of Light, then through the chakras, leylines and sacred sites, and into the hearts and minds of all Life on this Earth plane, expanding senses and realities into a sixth dimensional frequency of Light.
Invocation to the 8:8 Lion's Gateway
As I align with my Higher Light, my Mighty I Am Presence, and Mother/Father God, I now call forth the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, the Great White Lodge within the etheric of Sirius, and the Order of Melchizedek.
I now request to be taken into the Ascension Seat in the King's Chamber, and to re-experience my initiations of Light from ancient Egypt and Atlantis, through the Cosmic ray of Galactic Service and the Language of Light through the Beings of Light from On High,
assisting in these initiations of Light.
As I enter into this Ascension Seat through an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light I am placed in an Initiations Chamber of Light, lifting me into the Left Eye of Horus through Divine Love, and now into the Right Eye of Horus, through the Language of Light, sacred geometry, hieroglyphics and the understanding of my immortal nature as this sacred Master Being of Light, and now through the Middle Eye of Horus, bringing through an alignment of Light from the Galactic Center, and the Cosmic ray of Galactic Service.
The dormant DNA is now activated to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow, as I receive these downloads of Light from the etheric of Sirius, and through the portal of Light found with the right paw of the Sphinx, holding the Records of Light for all Life on this Earth plane.
I now merge with my Mighty I Am Presence, taking on these crystalline encodings of Light through Seraphis Bey's Ascension Retreat in Luxor, and experiencing the sixth initiation, the Initiation of Resurrection, through the Overlighting of Order of Melchizedek and the Temple of the Ascension Flame.

As the chakras merge in One Unified Column of Light,  I experience my physical ascension, taking on these master codes of the I AM Avatar blueprint becoming that which I have forever been, my Mighty I Am Presence.

I now assist in activating these key codes of Light through the Unity Grid of Light, allowing the experience of the merging with their Higher Self and Mighty I Am Presence to be experienced for all Life by 2012.

I Am an Initiate of Light,
I Am a Keeper of Light,
I Am an Ambassador of Light,
I Am an Immortal Being of Light,
I Am all that I Am.
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8:8 Lions Gate
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
August 6, 2010
As above so below. This configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all pervious limitations. It is a number of going beyond what you know to be your normal boundaries. It asks you to fly to the moon and stop by the Milky Way on your way back. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source. It is success, prosperity and big business with the added flavor of universal blessings. It is finally remembering about your divine inheritance promised to you by your Holy Creator. It is turning you nose up at earthly limitation and walking forward and upward into a place of opulence and bounty.
August 8, is composed of the marriage of matter and antimatter. It was a place were the polarities meet and heaven and earth sipped from each other's glass. It was a celebration beyond time that escorted us home through the Sphinx Lions Gate to the Stars. This was an unprecedented event that took place last year. The very ends of our DNA opened as their telemere endings were unwrapped to expose a NU possibility.  What comes to be has not unwrapped fully in time. August 8 ( 8:8) has always been experienced as the Lions Gate doorway opening up a time portal to ancient Egyptian encodings that are precariously balanced between the sphinx and the great pyramid of Giza.  This center point of decision commands undivided attention and energy.
These time coded records are held within a crystalline code in the form of a tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) which exists within the codex and codon of each strand of DNA, within each cell of the body, as well as each cell in the Universe.
In Records of Remembrance are hidden deep within the earth physically. The Mother Matrix of these encodings lives within the great Pyramid of Egypt and the Sphinx. When the ancient skies were aligned in a stellar configuration that opened a doorway the sacred sites with these encodings would then be used to download to earth and humans new levels of truth and wisdom. In this day and time we cannot all get up and zip across the ocean in moment's notice to align with the incoming energies, nor do we need to. We all carry within us every iota of every universal sacred site ever issued to existence. It is just a matter of tuning into these cellular records of truth to receive these energies.
The only way earth can move forward is through the heart (earth). Every toy, tool, meditation and OM is a fruitless tree unless one moves into direct contact with the heart. Since the Universe knows we are a hardheaded stubborn bunch it has aligned some stars to shoot that cosmic cupid arrow our way. Not like a valentine's type of love but a doorway of love so vast one is automatically included within, without one actually knowing.
 As the vibrations of the 8:8 Stargate come forth into materialization the human body bucks at the thought of housing more light, downloading more encodings, or receiving any more truths. If the truth be known the energies of the 8:8 Stargate are being birthed to smooth out the static cling of the personality.  The tiredness comes to slow down the ancient angers that stir in the emotional layer of humanity.
The gravitational pull has increased not lessened as earth begins a new evolutionary spin.  Centrifugal force fails as all that was within the spinning bucket falls changing scientific truths to a point beyond confusion.
The sun behind the sun (at the center of our galactic nucleus) is seen with a new eye. As the invisible light from the superior sun is felt and not seen our humanness explodes with untapped potential.  Pathways of cortical transmissions (from the core projections) intersect with all of earth, challenging even those of devout faith.  The invisible light from the sun behind the sun at galactic center spreads itself over our lives like softened galactic butter soaking into every pore and membrane of our person.
What was once hidden is seen, what was once seen is changed.  The eyes of the soul see with a new clarity redefining what was once considered dark.  The overlapping of the two suns creates a portal (vesica pisces) for all to enter or exit depending upon choice.  Liposuction of the soul moves what had been weighty and dense into a placement of understandability. Deleting the need for repercussions or judgments.  What is, just is, until you shift it.  The 8:8 Stargate assists us in this knowing and portal preparation.
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HEAVEN #3543
Learn to Be Happy
August 7, 2010
God said:
How much you love life may equate to the amount you give to life. Give has many meanings. Give means loving, and give also means accepting. Once again, I ask you to let go of preconceived ideas of what life must look like. If you have the idea that life must look a prescribed way and it doesn’t look like that, naturally you tend to feel that life is wanting. You may feel that you were somehow overlooked. You may come to think that life owes you. No one likes to be owed. You cannot dun life for what you think it owes you. You are not to be a bill collector of life. Nor are you to be life’s spoiled pouting child. Learn to be happy.
It is your birthright to be happy. There is no question there, yet it is also your free choice. It is your choice to choose happiness. It doesn’t make sense for you to wait to win the lottery before you will be happy. Have you been making your happiness conditional? Have you been allowing your happiness to depend upon what life hands you? The odds are that that is just what you have been doing. Kicking and screaming, you have been doing that. If you have been doing just that, you can stop. You can reverse your strategy. You can appreciate life as it is one day to the next.
A bill comes in the mail, and you are not happy. A check comes in the mail, and you are happy. For the moment.
Life seems to keep switching your gears. Beloved, you do not have to hold an alliance with life that allows it to dictate to you how you will feel. If you find yourself feeling glum, you chose it. No one else chooses for you. You have the say of how you will react to your life. It is your life.
Life will offer you pretty much everything. You cannot always pick and choose. And yet you can take life in your stride and not resist what life offers you at any given moment. You don’t have to be knocked about.
You would like to be offered chocolate bon-bons every day, and yet life has its own wisdom. After a while, too many bons-bons, and you may lose your zest for them. Life has many ways of fattening you or putting you on a diet. Either way, you can be happy. Give yourself the freedom to be happy. Life has its own ways of doing things. It keeps going. And so must you.
Sometimes you get the silver apple, and sometimes you don’t. You don’t have to lose your place in life because you did or didn’t. You don’t have to take detours from life. No more pouting or moping. They can become habits that are hard to break.
The world does not owe you a living, beloveds. Be amenable with life. Consider life an employer. There are matters that the employer likes a certain way today, even if he changes his mind tomorrow. You may not like how the employer is doing things. What he is doing may even be ridiculous, yet he is the employer, and you make life as easy and beneficial for him as you can.
Life is your employer. You are not the boss of life. You are in life’s employ. Life will serve you. Nevertheless, it behooves you to serve life. Accommodate life. Don’t make a big fuss when life doesn’t accommodate you. You don’t have to take life so personally. You don’t have to avenge it.
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The Light
by Christina Lunden
August 4, 2010
The first affirmation, “I AM a light,” represents a generalization of less understanding of the true power we are connected to.  It’s like driving a car.  When we get in a car as young adults, we are not fully aware of the power and weight of the car we are driving.  All we care about is that we can drive and see our friends and go places without our parents.  That’s okay however; we can have a safer, more fun ride if we learn more about the car and what it takes to drive it.
In the second affirmation, “I AM standing in the Light,” this shows a greater understanding of the broad power of what we are connected to.  But in this affirmation, we are affirming that we are standing.  Standing is okay however we don’t want to get stuck in situations or energy and as such it is advised by Spirit to always be walking.  Even though the “Light” is capitalized, we still don’t have the highest understanding or connection here.
In the third affirmation, “I AM walking in the Light,” we are walking, which is excellent.  Movement, no matter what happens will help you find the easiest path.
The fourth affirmation, “I AM The Light,” shows understanding that there is only One light.  The Light.  And that we have an understanding that we are connected as One with that One Light.
So to raise the energy of our affirmations, we could go back and change them to this:
“I AM The Light.”
“I AM walking in The Light.”
“I AM The Light.”
And you could add more like this:
“I AM expressing The Light in all that I do.”
“I AM conscious of The Light in my life.”
A side note for those of you new to my work, I was taught to call forth the name of God in my affirmations to have the highest energy so that is why I capitalize “I AM.”
The reason that I was told to go through those layers was to help some of you understand why some of your prayers / affirmations are not working as well for you now as they did before.  It is because our intentions to do more and be more here on Earth has raised our energy (Yay!!) so intentions of anything less than “The Light” will be lower than where we have already spiritually ascended.  I hear someone say, “It doesn’t have to be that specific.”  And that is correct, however we are here to assist those of you that want to have the highest, easiest energy, the quickest way possible and having this understanding will do that.
Try this.  Say out loud “the light” and then say, “The Light.” Did you feel the difference?
As spiritual-human beings in this Earth experience, we have been taught that the light was where to be.  Taking that teaching a step higher now that we are ascending, what does life being in The Light on Earth look like?
~ It is recognizing every day in what looks like a crazy world with disorder that everything is actually in Divine Order.
~ It is a life where we see love in the simplest of things; a smile, a flower, a butterfly, etc.
~ It is being able to be in amongst family, friends and co-workers and not trying to fix them understanding that their Souls have complete control over their experience as you do yours.
~ It is the recognition that if we heal and love ourselves, we are really healing and loving all things because we are not separate.
~ It is a life that knows about our spiritual “home” but understands that we are not really gone from that home and we will soon wake up; that there is no need to long for that “home.”  We do what we need to do here in our Earth dream and we will soon wake up with a lot to tell our spiritual family.
~ A life in The Light is peaceful as everything is happening now.
It is just an illusion that we are not always walking in The Light.  We can have whatever experience we want in this place.  Even if we have lost our job or our home, have health issues or bills to pay, we can have The Light as part of our experience by calling it forth.  Then this Light will be like a bright star constantly shining above us and showing us things we couldn’t see before in the darkness.  These things could be different options for the issues that we currently have in our lives.  Or it could be showing us how strongly connected we are to Spirit and convince us to believe in ourselves.  Or so many other things.  Nothing remains hidden in The Light.
Try this visualization: 
Close your eyes and take 3 long, slow, deep breaths. 
Shake out your shoulders.  (Those of you that recognized the tightness there, try to shake out your shoulders at least once a day as the stress is being contained in the shoulders and makes it harder for you to relax and breathe correctly.) 
With your eyes closed look up and see how strong the light is shining over your head. 
Now breathe in and say, “I AM connected to The Light.”
Now what does the light look like?
Breathe in The Light.
Open your eyes whenever you like.
Do you know what this is showing us?  It’s like we are Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz.” We have always had the power to make a stronger connection ourselves.  It was never for us to wait for the connection to be made on the other end.  We are the ones that are controlling our experience.  And we can turn on The Light in our experience any time.  Isn’t it time for you to be in The Light?
Walking with you in The Light,
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