4 Your Discernment


(NATION LIFE Service Sector)

Invasion of homes by banks illegal break-in entry is a desperate swan song of the dark cabal's colonial imperialistic system and its corporate financial/banking system of capital realism. 

When the banking corporate foreclosure fraud (see yesterdays post) is connected to the illegal foreclosure break-in entries on a basis of these fraudulent and criminal acts against the people (this post), than people will truly begin to understand the extent of moral bankruptcy of the existing dark cabals corporate system such as finance and banking. As well, everyone still remembers that just recently the Corp. U.S., i.e the North American Government,  has bailed out from bakruptcy these same banks with billions of dollars of the taxpayers/victims money.

The people will now hopefully understand why the American people need to wake up and stand up for their God given rights and elect moral and truthful leaders to lead the American people and the rest of the humanity toward the sustainable life and the sustainable future for our children.