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From: Wayne Peterson

Perhaps this topic of ETs has run its course and when Jeshua commented in His most recent message through Ken, saying all of us on this planet are from somewhere else, I felt I had to comment.  Jeshua is correct and in the esoteric literature it says our home is Sirius.

If we think of our creation in the far distant past, we were all created by a great solar angel.  Eventually we found our way to this planet.  In a past life as a Greek philosopher, I taught this topic which was known as metempsychosis.  IT is the story of the human earth souls and their long pilgrimage into consciousness.

From as early as the Lemurian Period, long before Atlantis, there were souls coming into our planet from other places.  That continued with larger numbers of souls coming into our planet during Atlantian days.  Since then others have joined in the mix.  Here is a quick outline from my memory so do not expect this outline to be perfectly accurate.  It simply gives a picture of the various types of ETs coming into this planet.

1.  The 105 Kumaras from Venus arrived on earth recently, about 18 million years ago.  Why, because mother nature attempted to create a fully human person (mind, spirit and body) and failed in all attempts.  Thus, the Kumaras arrived and began all over again and eventually created MAN (Manas or thinking human) as opposed to Lillith, the race of mother nature.  Read your Bible.  Venus possessed the Lords of the Flame or MIND and thus were able to create something more than just animals.

2.  A rather advanced race arrived here on our planet in Lemurian days.  They became leaders since their consciousness was advanced.  They became hated for their abilities.  Native earth races eventually caught up and many passed this race. The visitors have now been here for millions of years but never learned well how to achieve Ascension on this planet.  This can be a problem for visitors who experienced evolution on other systems and then have to change modes.

3.  During Atlantian days, huge numbers of souls arrived on planet earth from what Theosophy calls the Moon chain.  That evolution failed and all life was destroyed.  Some were sent to earth to complete their evolution.  Others were sent to other planets.  Some were sent to terrible places which we will not speak of here.  Again, these souls were more advanced in consciousness than those already here, again creating a problem. They appear to have arrived here according to their Rays.  Lord Buddha was from this failed system.  Maitreya is from the old earth evolution.

4.  During most phases of earth development we did receive people from other solar systems.  Why, because planets are always achieving their goal and thus being taken out of existence or destroyed.  The laggards (an esoteric term for those who did not achieve ascension on their planet) needed a place to begin over again.  In many cases our planet was host to some.  However, we are a planet of volunteers.  We do not have souls that are forced to come here.

5.  Occasional visitors.  Some souls from other planets come to earth because they feel the need for a push forward on the evolutionary ladder.  Planet earth is an experiment of fast evolution.  We started very late but our evolution is extremely rapid compared with other systems.  Thus many souls from other planets request an opportunity to come to earth for a few incarnations to get themselves moving again.  In return, they bring into this planet new talent.  However, many visitors at the human level find our method of pain and suffering a bit too much to handle.

6.  AVATARS:  These come from various sources to help teach humanity.  You know the many names of those who give humanity a push forward by their teachings and by their gift of energy.  We humans are nourished mostly by 3rd ray energy (planetary Logos) until recently.  It was Jesus who introduced humanity to the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.  This is still very new to humanity.  We as yet have very little knowledge or ability to feel power of the 1st Ray or God the Father.  Thus, Avatars can demonstrate how to live with these energies.  Such Avatars are evolved far beyond the human level of Ascension.

7.  There are also HUMAN Avatars.  These are visiting beings from various planets who are at the human level of consciousness on their planets but when they come here, they demonstrate qualities we humans do not know.  It is like a foreign exchange student in a high school.  They are different and fun and very human.  These are not the laggards spoken of above.

8.  At this crisis period, we have a rare chance to experience very special Avatars of great power.  Lord Maitreya has invited THEM but none were truly expected to come.  To the surprise of all, including the Solar Logos, several have agreed to visit.  Not in any human form we can see but their energy will allow all humans to feel the presence.  A great Avatar from our birth place was here over 22 million years ago to usher in the individualization of human souls.  He/She/It, has agreed to visit again for the first time since that time since we are now going through a second birth of great importance.  This is an amazing blessing.

Thus, this is a very quick outline of the main points of ETs on our planet. 
Wayne P.

Wayne Peterson is a recently retired career US Diplomat who served the United States for 32 years. For the last 17 years of his career, Mr. Peterson directed the Fulbright Scholarship Program, based in Washington, DC, but which is administered though US embassies throughout the world. As part of his work at Fulbright, Mr. Peterson worked directly with Senator John Kerry on a humanitarian project in Vietnam.

Mr. Peterson started his international service in the Peace Corps, where he founded the extremely successful S.O.S program in Brazil, a privately funded venture which provided aid to the very poorest citizens of that country. Melvin Laird, who later became Secretary of Defense under Richard M. Nixon, was a direct supporter of Mr. Peterson's project.

At the end of his Peace Corps tour of duty, Peterson was approached by the American ambassador in Brazil, who asked him to become a career diplomat and to serve in the embassy in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Peterson passed the qualifying examinations and was accepted into the U.S. Foreign Service before his Peace Corps term was over. For the next 13 years, he served in various diplomatic capacities in Latin America, Southeast Asia and, finally, Africa.

Mr. Peterson returned to Washington where he was awarded the directorship of the Fulbright Scholarship Program, a position he held for 17years. In the course of his career, Mr. Peterson had Thanksgiving Dinner with Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethyl, he had a private meeting with President Richard M. Nixon, and he met Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson.

In addition to being a retired US Diplomat of distinction, Mr. Peterson is also a very spiritually evolved human being. He has led Transmission Meditation groups for many years and is the author of the book, Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings, in which Mr. Peterson describes his direct encounters with spiritual masters such as Maitreya, a spirit being working to help humanity evolve.

Interestingly, Ahtun Re, the spirit being channeled through Kevin Ryerson, who has solved many reincarnation cases presented in Return of the Revolutionaries, is familiar and respectful of Maitreya. Ahtun Re has explained that all great spiritual beings, such as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, Baba Sri Shiva, Sai Baba and Maitreya, all work together with a common purpose, to help humanity evolve spiritually. To learn more about Mr. Peterson's book, please visit his web site, www.waynepeterson.com. We will now examine two past lives of Mr. Peterson's, which were discovered on his own, with a little help from his spiritual master, Maitreya.

Wayne Peterson grew up in the 40s, in rural Wisconsin, outside of Green Bay. As a child, he began having subtle memories of past lives, so subtle, that he didn't realize that reincarnation was the basis for these memories. For example, as a small child, when people asked him what his name was, Wayne would refuse to tell them, since he strongly believed that he had a better name which identified “the real me.”


 [You can read the rest of his story at the above website – quite long but very interesting reading! Ellie]