4 the Betterment of all Mankind

My dear brothers and sisters. All part of the same world and yet so different you are. I speak now to you not as a leader or a ruler but just as one of you. For it doesn’t matter who I am, I am your sister and nothing more. We as one is what matters and how we will make the world and our home a better world to live in. I dream of a better world each day and I know it is possible to achieve it, but I can not do it alone and I will not be able to change mankind alone. That is impossible to do.

But if you would just stop and think about a world where women are not afraid to leave the house alone, where children aren’t abused and raped, where innocent aren’t killed and the poor aren’t rubbed and tell me how that makes you feel. The way we live now is not good for us and not good for them. Weather you are the killer or the killed it doesn’t matter, it is about the fact that an action caused a reaction by the world in the eyes of freedom.

And I know we all would like a better mankind but only by thinking to better the world we are seeing it wrong. You can not better the world for you all have free will and are responsible for your own actions, all you can change is yourself and that should be more than enough. For it is the hardest thing to do change thyself and remove the mask of egoism from the face you carry. Stop hiding behind it and dare to change your mentality. Be a hero and chose life instead of death. It is so easy to ignore the pain and so hard to accept it as truth. So as you see to change yourself is hard enough, how do you expect to change everyone else?

So take one moment a day, everyday and look in the mirror. Tell yourself what you see. Who is it you see? What does he make you think? Are you proud of the one in the mirror? Why? So many questions and you have no answers. And if you do you lie about them and mask them. Such a low action of no self respect. So tell yourself what would you rather be and tell yourself how. I know you all know the answers even if you say you don’t. Know yourself and know what kind of asshole you are. Tell yourself you are an asshole and accept it. Cause we all are somewhere inside. By accepting the good as well as the bad you become balanced. If you want the world to be in peace, you have to be that first. How do you expect peace if you have none.

Secondly do one good deed a day. Just one. Anything at all. Say thank you to the man who let you pass, hold the door of the elevator to the person yelling at you to wait, listen to the people who need someone to listen to just for one moment and don’t talk or advise, just listen to them, help a sick old lady carry her bags home. Drive a sick animal to the vet, just anything at all. Something so small can make a world of difference. When people are nice to you, how do you react? You are nice as well because it makes you feel good. So you imagine how others will react id you are nice to them? They would be nicer as well. And if we all do one good deed a day it would mean thousands a month, imagine the world we would live in?

Last but not least, share a cent for the hungry in Africa so they would have half a bread a week. Give your change to the homeless lady around the corner. Give 2 bucks to that poor boy across the street each week for cleaning your driveway. We have so much money that we have no idea how to spend it. And even the one who says they don’t… they always have a cent to spare. I know I live with very little myself still have 7 pounds a month for warchild. And all the politicians that say we will make a change and do this if you elect us.. what a bunch of crap that is. All they think of is more money and more power. They will not ever make a change cause they do not have to. You allow them to not do it.

So tell me if you go outside right now and look around all the misery in your feet what does that tell you? That mankind is sunk so low it pretends it doesn’t see it. It pretends it is all picture perfect. Well it is not. And you are the people to start the change. You be the change. You start and the rest will follow. One man can defeat an army and one persons action can cause a domino reaction of faith.

Thank you for the time.