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2.)  SaLuSa: We Are Ambassadors of the Light
3.)  Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love Known as Determination
4.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
5.)  To Life
6.)  It Is Only At a Point of Emptiness That You Will Become Full

Isis' Message of the Day -
"It's time we put thoughts of lack behind us. It's time for us to discover the secrets of the stars, to sail to an uncharted land, to open up a new heaven where our spirits can soar. But first we'll have to make changes. And lasting change does not happen over night.  Lasting change happens in infinitesimal increments: a day, an hour, a minute, a heartbeat at a time."

~ Sarah Ban Breathnach ~
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
The fourth dimension could be called a “transitional reality,” for this is where you begin to let go of all the pre-conditioning of the past. The fourth-dimensional realm is more emotional in nature, and therefore, the heart and feeling nature are the major focus. The ancients called the fourth dimension the realm of Maya or illusion. The collective mass consciousness of humanity fills the lower three levels of the fourth dimension, and this is where most of humanity exists mentally until they gradually begin to turn inward and listen to the nudgings of their Soul-Self.  The ego desire-body is the master manipulator of this realm, and it constantly urges one to seek more satisfaction and happiness via sensation and external means of gratification.
I AM Archangel Michael
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SaLuSa: We Are Ambassadors of the Light
Through Mike Quinsey
March 16, 2012
You have an amusing expression, about the shoe being on the other foot, and that is how it is as the Light is now dictating what happens, although the dark Ones never give up trying to exert their control over things. Soon they will be forced to surrender to our demands, and since they now have no means of escape there is really no alternative for them. It means we along with our allies can go pressing ahead with our plans. Each project is underway and that will result in a sudden wealth of information reaching you. Events are such that the facts can no longer be kept hidden, and with that there will be an explosion of people coming forward to tell what they know. It may take longer where the Vatican is concerned, as it is akin to a secret society that has kept its dark secrets hidden well away. However, nothing will remain concealed for too long, as you are entitled to know the truth and the extent to which you have been deceived.
For the time being you will have to rely on us for the truth, or other sources of information that appear on your Internet. It is relatively free of interference, although the dark Ones will focus on whistleblowers who are prepared to reveal much that has happened or is taking place now that is a threat to you. We have an overall view of it all, as from our place in the skies we are able to monitor what is going on in any part of the world. We guard those of the Light who are especially protected because of their importance to everyone on Earth, and have a major part to play in seeing the changes go through as planned. We are the invisible forces that operate anywhere and everywhere the dark Ones are likely to be. Many of them now know the role we are playing and are reluctantly being forced to accept that they cannot stop progress. Neither can they stop the cleansing that is under way, that also involves making theirbases inoperative and their nuclear weapons ineffective and unusable.
Be assured that as soon as we can broadcast to you, we will do so as everyone needs to know of our intent where you are concerned. It is also important that you know that while we have to remove objects of war, it does not result in loss of life and whether it be aircraft or ships on the high seas, the crews and other personnel are lifted off the planet. At a suitable time they will be returned but not in the capacity of war forces, but as peace forces. That means that they can be redeployed into jobs that are non-combat. It illustrates our high intentions to convey to you that we are Ambassadors of the Light, and bring messages of peace and unification. It is time to come together as one big family, which we really are in the eyes of God. Those that cannot give up their prejudice against others on the basis of color or creed, will have no place in the Ascension process. Until all people accept that they are All One and live accordingly, there will be no mass Ascension. By your choice or actions you shall be known, and it will reveal exactly where you are on the Path of Evolution.
Let us again confirm that you cannot achieve levels of existence that are above your levels of vibration. You may have good family members, or friends that you love and wish to accompany you on your path to Ascension. However, when it comes to their spiritual evolution they may not necessarily be ready for such advancement, and you must allow them to go their way. Since all is in the Now and in the higher dimensions there is no time as you experience it, there is every chance you can reconnect with them. Love is a very powerful link that cannot be broken, and will bring you together again. Let us raise another important point that needs to be understood if you want to advance. You cannot expect to do so if you refuse to let go of hatred where another soul is concerned. By your way of thinking you may have good cause to feel that way, but it will hold you back all of the time. Be prepared to be magnanimous and "forgive" those that you believe have sinned against you. That is the greatest action you could possibly take to prove you have evolved, and it also considerably helps the other soul involved. Think about it Dear Ones, and make your peace with each other before it is too late.
Once you have set your sights on Ascension, put the effort in to pave your way so that it is a pathway of complete Light and Love. It is much easier to do it than you probably imagine, it just needs a little thought and perseverance. If you slip up try to do better next time and you will almost certainly succeed. You will actually feel yourself becoming detached from the old vibrations, and they will no longer have any pull on you. Remember also that you are helped all along the way, inspired and urged ever onwards in the Light. As you do so, your ego will have less influence over what you do, although it has been programmed by you to be loyal to self. That often means putting yourself first in situations where you would be best advised to think before you act. Giving of yourself to others will show that you understand the Oneness Of All That Is.
You have many, many things on your minds as this cycle closes, and it is to your credit that a lot of it has to do with other people. However, Dear Ones please leave time for your own needs, and do not neglect your obligation to your own life plan. Most souls will have an instinctive feeling as to why they are here, and it is important as you have your lessons to learn to bring an end to your time in duality. Finding a balance is essential and then you can go onwards without feeling pressurized, knowing that you are fulfilling your own needs as well as others. You will soon know when you have found it, as life takes on a new meaning and flows by much more smoothly.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and much encouraged by the progress our allies have made. We have friends in very high places who are prepared to use their authority to assist us against the dark Ones, who as we have already said are as good as finished as a formidable power. They thought they were invincible but have learnt the hard way that they are in fact no match for the forces of Light. We have as you might say, asked them to go quietly, but unfortunately like spoilt children they do not like doing what they are told. Have no fear, we are more than a match for them, and they will be put out of circulation, and placed where they cannot possibly interfere with you. We say go about your daily activities with love in your heart, and we could not ask more from you.
Thank you SaLuSa. 
Mike Quinsey
Mike Quinsey
I receive my messages from SaLuSa telepathically, he is speaking for the Galactic Federation. I have never had the advantage of being able to have a relationship where I can ask questions. I sit down at a specific time to make contact and then I get images or what I call 'packages" of images or words which I translate straight away onto the computer. Since March, 2004 I have been in contact with beings from the Galactic Federation.  *  

Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love Known as Determination
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
March 15, 2012
Beloved Ones,
We would like to have discourse on the quality of Love known as determination. This quality is exceedingly important in any endeavor that One works upon and it is this which will help One to accomplish successfully the goal that was set. It is determination that underlies the strength and will that a Soul exhibits in their daily lives and in their long term goals of achievement. It shows up in many ways throughout One’s daily existence. Without this quality, nothing would be created.
It is this quality that enables One to awaken each morning ready to face another day and continue to work upon One’s goals and projects. It is this quality that brings to light One’s inner mettle and true character, for without employing determination in any situation, true progress on the spiritual journey would not take place. With any discipline, determination is required on an ongoing basis to bring it into manifestation. It reflects a Love of self to exhibit this quality in all activities.
In spiritual goals, it is determination to achieve a higher outcome that brings it into manifestation within One’s own Being. It gives the impetus to keep on keeping on no matter what lessons and challenges are being brought before you for learning, consideration and contemplation. It allows One to take one step after another in order to move forward on their journey. Determination is the key to achievement in all tasks set before you. It is, in a sense, a magical key to open the door to surpassing all seeming limitations in One’s surroundings, experience and environment.
In relationships with others, it is determination to uphold the unspoken boundaries of trust and confidence that are present in close associations with the Other which creates a strong foundation and stability that upholds the feelings of joy, companionship and camaraderie between them. It is this quality in a person that keeps the fires of Love and nurturance sustainable and ever growing in greater Love and Oneness. It is important to the continuation of good feelings between all peoples and hones the individual’s finer qualities into a shining example for others to experience and emulate. 
It is determination that will sustain the heart of One who is experiencing much trauma and setback in their personal experiences. It is this quality that helps people surpass every condition that is less than the ideal that they strive for. It is the fuel for action to continue to take place to move One forward upon their Path in life. It is this quality which is crucial to the practice of alchemy in the changing of the heaviness or negativity One is experiencing into a finer, more sublime and harmonious outcome. In every act One undertakes, this quality can bring supreme success and fulfillment to the One who employs it. With this quality of Love working daily in your lives, Dear Ones, there can be no room for the concept of failure. 
Walk your daily Path employing determination and all that is yours as a Divine Child will flow to you from the Universe following the law of attraction. We commend you for exercising determination throughout your life which helped you to arrive on the Ascension Path to a higher consciousness and Being.
I AM Archangel Gabriel
2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.
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Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, hugs are very important, but you have to acknowledge first the power of the Christ in you in order to go forward bravely into this new world and to smile, where others may be saying, “It can’t be done. You can’t do that. We’ve tried that. It can’t be done.” Well, then you go and you prove that it can be done, and everyone feels a new change of energy.
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Heavenletter #4130
To Life
March 16, 2012
God said:
There is no knowing in certainty specific aspects of what life holds for you. I am going to tell you, however, that life holds many wonders for you. Life itself awaits you even as you are already in it, moving in it, living it, masquerading in it.
For much of life in the world, as it has been, you have been marching in a parade, and you have been on the sidewalk watching the parade as well. Life is, indeed, something to look at.
You observe yourself as you march, and you draw conclusions. You march deliberately to the beat of the drums. And silently, objectively, you watch yourself march, and you may beat the drums you march to as well. And this is life as you know it, activity observed, and conclusions drawn.
You are more than the masquerade you think you are. You have taken a costume as your identity, and, in the same way, so have you seen others as the costumes they wear. Or you have seen yourself and others as the splendor of a house lived in or the zeros of a pay check. What people wear is only what they wear. Where people live is a description of the house where they live and where they live is not who they are. Their pay check is only their paycheck. The paycheck can be taken to mean any number of things, none of which may be true.
Someone's smile may be true, or it may not, but, definitely, the status of individuals, high or low, is a masquerade. There is a collective masquerade in the world. Labels are given, and labels are used, when labels are only labels and don't come near the Truth. When all are One, what does status have to do with anything?
It is as if in life, there is a juggler who tosses oranges up into the air. Some come down, and some don't yet. Some come down as apples, and some come down as turnips. Life is often a juggling act. You live in two worlds at once, and you juggle the two sides of your life.
Your life is ever-moving. It is definitely not stationary. And yet you, a silent witness, bear testimony to the appearance of your life on Earth.
The movement of your life is one side of the coin. The stillness is another. There are other dimensions as well, yet that is for another day.
You are the silent witness of your life, and then you, the you who is under the spell of the relative word, draw conclusions from what you have seen. And so you label your life. You say it is beautiful, or it is good, or it okay, or it is rough, or it is tragic. It is only life.
And so you judge the value of your life, as if only one arrangement is okay and any other way is not okay, as if your life has to be a way it isn't. And so you start and stop your life and perhaps block its flow. You pause in your life as you assess it, as though you were a county assessor adding up points.
There is more to your life than what happens in it. There is more to you than what appears. There is more to everything than you can imagine. Admit to yourself now that you don't know all that much about your life. You will know more when you let go of gauging your life and possibly condemning it.
Take life as it comes, Enjoy being alive. You don't have to argue with life. You don't have to decide that life is wrong, and that you are right.
Life is going to do its thing. Have some understanding of life. Be easy with yourself. Be easy on life. Be easy.
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It Is Only At a Point of Emptiness That You Will Become Full
as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
The numerical energy of the word ‘money’ and the vibration of the words ‘the United States of America’ is a nine vibration. The destiny of nine is to turn the darkness into light, to stand aligned with that which is honorable and battle for integrity. In the last few years both the energy of money and the USA have gotten off track. 
Since the vibrations of the word money and USA is one and the same they will always be walking hand in hand down memory lane, feasting on regrets and supping on ‘the what if’s." Within these Nine musings is a holy trinity of energy three times three. We are destined to learn much about the vibration of money while we are here on planet earth. 
The original doctrine of the early Americans who had worked very hard to buck the European system, was 'for the people; by the people.’ The Founders of the original channeled words of ‘the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution’ were aligned with the ancient teachings of the Masonic Order. The Masons were knowledgeable in secrets, holy instructs and ancient truths. Their bloodline came from the Great Architect of the Universe, a school of thought birthed from father to son. The USA was built on an honorable foundation with cornerstones that were laid down for the future of mankind. The original doctrines were solid and would not wear with the weather of human affairs. 
It is at this point of reference we should place our dollars and sense. Money holds the same consciousness as the USA and its political temperature. Stop nursing your financial fever and 'get it right' once and for all. Think about how many people touch each and every dollar. Millions of people touch, hold, and spend every dollar that passes their way. Their consciousness goes into the actual element of the money thru touch and thought.  When you get any money, hold it for a minute, and  place the vibration of love into it (another #9 vibration) shifting the frequency once and for all. Let it go back out into the populace and radiate love within each financial interaction. 
Money has shifted in accordance with our once solid belief system as presented to us from outside sources that wish to take our faith and hope of a shiny future away. Every financial fear weakens our immune systems and strips away our joy. Our beliefs like our pockets have turned inside out and upside down into the "land of not enough," ‘Not enough Money, not enough gas, and not enough Hope for a shiny future.’ All of these factors have lain beneath the surface for many years festering. Turmoil and 'not enough' have been consistent companions for far to long. The upside-down cake mix of money and commerce have been as a Nile crocodile lurking beneath the surface waiting to leap without warning. 
The quantum consciousness of money responds to our every hidden thought. The deep seeded genetic fear of 'not enough' needs only a single second in the land of lack to take root. As soon as you feel a sense of dread, immediately cancel/clear  that dark thought, replacing it with the golden thought of plenty. Life mirrors our inner fears before it ever reaches our inner hopes. The secret to receiving the everlasting great wealth of the universe is to 'give when you have nothing to give.' It is at this point of emptiness you will then become full.  Believing even when there is no proof of the pudding except for a deep knowing in your heart. 
The Light has no beginning and no end, and thus Light in all its myriad of forms (including money) is ever-lasting. Earth is like a big day care center, you can play with all the toys but you can’t take them home. We Own Nothing. So let go of the need for ownership and allow the wealth of the Universe to flow thru you. You are a Conduit of Light.
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The Indigo Child
by Stefanie Miller
March 2012
Since the concept of the Indigo Child became well known many parents, teenagers, and young adults have been able to really identify with the traits and characteristics. While no one wants to label anyone, especially children, those who resonate with this concept feel a deeper understanding, less alone, more empowered and have a sense of comfort in not feeling as alienated and misunderstood.
The term Indigo Child was attributed to the color related to the third eye chakra which is the predominant color of their aura. The third eye is associated with intuition, spiritual insight, and enlightenment. Many Indigo children are gifted with being very intuitive, highly perceptive, and spiritually awakened from a very early age. They can also be highly empathic and easily pick up on what others are thinking and feeling. Until they learn how to shield themselves they will have a tendency to absorb and take on the energies that are around them. Many of these children are able to see angels, spirits, and beyond the veil of usual human perception, thus many have disturbed sleep patterns.
Indigo Children are often referred to as wise beyond their years or old souls. From a very young age they start communicating at an advanced level and amaze others with their insight and knowledge. While it has nothing to do with IQ level or intelligence they just have a natural awareness and acute perception. In fact, many are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and similar conditions of this nature. They tend to learn in their own unique style and have a difficult time being expected to conform to societies rigid standards. They require a variety of teaching methods to accommodate their unique learning style that will assist them in comprehension and retention since processing information takes place in a variety of ways.
Indigo’s tend to be highly sensitive, lack impulse control, and social etiquette. They can be very introverted, due to their sensitive nature, and tend to become over stimulated easily due to sensory overload and will go inward to avoid harsh environments, negative energy, and unpleasant experiences. On the flipside, they may be very extroverted since they have such high energy, crave immediate gratification. They have a life purpose which includes bringing a higher awareness to society to shift it away from the old, outmoded paradigms that no longer work or benefit us into one that is more enlightened and fair.
You can identify an Indigo by their charisma, charm, and keen wit and insight. It doesn’t matter if they are a toddler or a teen. I would like to say Indigo’s shine brightly, though most cannot see their aura but we can easily sense it by how we feel being around them. Their presence makes one feel good, brings happiness, and makes you just want to smile. You can sense their originality, and feel they are very loving, warm, genuine beings.
When an Indigo becomes angry and frustrated with “the system” whether at home or in school they will challenge authority. If it doesn’t go along with what they perceive as being valid, fair, and productive they will become defiant. They have no problem speaking out, taking charge, and causing waves if they feel that their viewpoint is not being understood. Once they become adamant against doing something it is nearly impossible to change their mind if they feel it is unjust or goes against their set of ethics and values. They are all about authenticity and if what they are seeing isn’t in alignment with what they think is right they will lash out!
They are also highly creative, active people who need an outlet for their energy. They need to be challenged, inspired, and stimulated in a way that teaches them to channel their energy more productively. What an Indigo can create and conceptualize is filled with unlimited potential when nurtured in an environment that is conducive for learning and creative expression. The environment at both home and school needs to be a structured, loving place with a strict set of rules with rewards and consequences that are clearly stated and easily defined. There needs to be consistency, follow through, and a routine in their daily schedule but room for thinking outside of the box, an outlet for them to vent their immense amount of energy, and a channel for them to create whether through music, dance, art, creative writing, etc.
As I mentioned before Indigo’s are highly sensitive beings. They tend to have many allergies or asthma and develop skin irritations such as rashes and eczema. Food sensitivities may be prevalent as well to such ingredients as dyes, sugar, processed food, wheat, gluten, and caseins. They also tend to be very emotional and can easily get their feelings hurt. Since they are so empathic they have a tendency to absorb the energy of others and take on their mood and attitude.
I don’t believe in labeling anyone or placing more or less importance on anyone or anything. The consciousness of our planet is shifting and therefore the souls that have elected to come here have a higher consciousness whether you call them Indigo or otherwise since there are many lineages with slightly varying attributes and characteristics but with the life purpose of raising awareness in one way or another. Those of past generations have had to work on themselves to release old thought forms, patterns and ways of doing things, which were passed down to them through their family, ancestors, and society. The children and young adults of today already have a higher understanding of how to make this planet a better place. We have to release the old ways in order to conceive of and implement true and lasting changes in our world. The Indigo’s have come to guide us into a new way of being but first we need to properly and effectively raise and educate them!
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