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Isis' Message of the Day -
"A grain of dust contains the whole universe.  When a flower opens, the whole world appears."
 ~ Zen ~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this series!
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~
Today's Angel Message

My dear friends, we love you so very much.
Treat one another with loving kindness. It will change your reality. What if you knew that everyone you met, everyone you interacted with, and everyone you saw on the street, on the news, and in your neighborhoods was a living, breathing incarnation of God's love. What if you knew that every person was held close to the heart of God, beloved by angels, and no matter how unthinkable their behavior, good at the core of their being. What if you knew that they, like you, no matter how unconscious they may seem, are really also on a quest for love? How would you treat one another then dear ones? We implore you no matter what actions you take in the physical world, no matter what words you speak, try your best to come from love.
For in truth, the person that cuts you off in traffic is in need of love or they would not be behaving that way. The person that acts in an angry fashion around you requires your prayers. The one who is insensitive and unkind is really a hurting child. Dear ones, we are not asking you to remain around unkind behavior, nor are we asking you to stuff your feelings. We are not asking you to remain silent when you feel compelled to speak. We are simply asking you to be kind to yourself first - to treat yourself with utmost sensitivity and care, and then from that space of loving kindness, to base your words and deeds in love as well.
If you correct a child, or an adult behaving like a child, you can do so with love. If you walk away from a barking, snarling, snapping dog, or a barking, snarling, snapping individual, you can do so without any need to defend or justify your actions. you can simply move away and keep them in your prayers, for in truth, they are in desperate need of peace.
Your world would be a much better place, if instead of sinking into the darkness of those around you, you chose to remain in your light. Some would find comfort an step into the light; others would run away and remain in darkness. However, you would find that all of humanity would sort itself out into groups of like mind and heart and you would all be much happier.
So try, do your best, to allow your words and actions to come from a space of love... love of God, love of self, and then love of others.
God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
With much love,
Ann Albers
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Walk-In and Ascension Portal Out?
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
April 7. 2012
Was blessed indeed with many a 'past life' of some purported notability' and was in the throes of being shown those significant journeys so that It would be preparing me for my mission in this current incarnation on Terra/ Mother Earth. The previous tenant of this body physical was quite some lighted guy, going by the many past life experiences that were also coming into my mind set during our preparations at the start of this intended 5 years or so mission. Being the new tenant of this revitalized earth-space-suit was I privy, of course, to remember not only my own prior experiences but also those of the outgoing soul at the switch-over. It would appear that his contract or soul blueprint did not qualify him re-activating the crystal portal / time caps and my blueprint obviously did, having assisted in closing them down during  the end times of Atlantis some 13,500 -14,000 years ago.
It is quite a challenge at times adjusting to the abnormalities of physical / human 3D life and difficult also to re-adjust to such a heavier vibration. The switch over occurred in the Autumn Equinox of 1995, whilst 'I' was being driven in a car by a fellow traveler whom suddenly had "no control whatsoever as bizarre energies completely took over," and created a time warp and small window that I and the previous tenant used to change places, so to speak! In the resulting car incident I came in - and he was ejected out of the physical body and into spirit, as agreed by prior Universal agreement. It was that simple! I was rushed by helicopter to Hospital diagnosed with a broken neck, but upon being there for less than a day was then discharged as the break had healed and ceased to be! There were in fact no other injuries to anyone and all was amicably sorted. The fellow traveler driving the car played her part well.
This was the time that I and a group of 'Pleiadians' from Australia had the same energies, namely Matthew, Zeus, Metatron, downloading a list of crystal portal/ timecap locations to be reactivated again. These were completed on May 4, 2000, as this final portal was ignited in Anchorage, Alaska, and the whole process was finalized and set on green for go! Much work has been further carried out on them since by many efficient Lightworkers / technicians and alchemists. We see the grandness that all have co-created with these reactivations for all is set on 'GO' for the ascension of Mother Earth, at this now designated and rightful time.
Having duly fulfilled and mission accomplished, so to speak, came the time when my stay here was lengthened somewhat, more than expected, and therefore new blueprints or soul contract agreed, to help further on the planet with the grounding of ever upgrading or intensified incoming energies. My contract now is at a point - like many other dear souls doing similar and adding to their workloads - a point where there is special dispensation given and it is likened to an 'open ended contract' with no specific exit point indicated but with a knowing that an exit point can suddenly be divinely orchestrated. To date have I been twelve years overdue to the intended five year mission. This, my body physical, duly primed for 60 approx earthly years of on planet usage or durability has already been 12 years over it's 'sell by date'...and it begs the question how many in a similar position as I might be afforded their ascension portal's in the very nearness of now time?
I hail from universal 815 future, application by Metatron, Sanat Kumara and Buddha, locale Asclepius. Ship held at Universal 593, Omega Central, and in future as Ashtar Command. Feelings are that "ascension portals" will be offered to individuals as they cease to stay in more add-on's, and all energy workings satisfied, duly signed and sealed, as per contract completeness. The signs of these ascension portals have I been blessed to experience as over this last decade or so has it been shown to me, indicating there is an opportunity to utilize this energy window when all missions complete and exit this time line of 3D limitation. It becomes too increasingly uncomfortable to maintain the body physical in such a lower vibration. Feeling that maybe others will benefit from these words do I continue to share my experiences and hopefully it will be right for those who recognize what Is being said.
In semi-meditative state with total relaxation there shows a vibrant golden light hue of color that encapsulates your whole being. Allow yourself to relax ever more into it, welcoming it with simple clarity and in total acceptance...You may see around you, in your minds eye, a string of crystal pyramids that form a vibrant circle of energy around / in your true vision. It is pulsing and glowing and it shows you where you are in the ascension portal's mirror of self. You might see it vibrating three quarters around you, leaving a quarter of that shimmering crystal string of pyramids open...and therefore in need of a little more 'self working on' yet so that you may finally complete that string of pulsing crystals. It is delicate gentle work and it's duration is about 20 minutes or so that I am blessed to envision it. When It is nearly complete your heart begins to embrace it more and even more, it is an exquisite state of inner contemplation that is both beautiful and incredibly uplifting. When the circle, or string of golden white pulsing crystal pyramids are complete then you have a choice presented to you and only you can decide.
 Also your choice has to be made within the 'blinking of an eye.' It is not for one who hesitates for it is an instantaneous 'blip'.. to either step backwards....or to go immediately (in) forward entering it in the magnificent golden, delicate blue, brilliant white pulsing energies and colors, allowing yourself to be absorbed totally into this beautiful window of ascension. This window of opportunity, this moment of truth in everyone's heart and soul. The true merger of yin and yang, as the angelic choirs and joyful music of the spheres resound around your totality of being. This then is the choice that some might be experiencing in the very nearness of time. It is for you and you alone to choose that which is yours to be.
This process is not for everyone and it is Not designed or desired for everyone, but it is for those who will recognize it as their God Given Gift should they wish to ascend in the 'Now' into their higher state of being, as and when your journey is rightfully over and your mighty magnificent multi-faceted, multi-dimensional state of being urges you on. If so, then so be it!
Selemat Jahin
Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and ever United Kingdoms. Please share and copy giving due credit to it’s source. Be still and know that truth will always outshine untruth and love / light will always conquer the dark. * gabbitas1@aol.com  *           
 Light Streamings: Allowing for Love
by Carol Fitzpatrick
April 6, 2012
Welcome to the softer, gentler energies of April. Every part of our energy system is being integrated into a new DNA configuration for aligning with and anchoring into the new earth grid of consciousness.
There is no doubt about it. Creative forces are flowing through us. We continue to be enlivened with very high frequencies of light that, at times, take our breath away. In turn, this process of clearing and integrating is aiding in the release of the more ingrained aspects of fear that are held within our emotional and physical light body.
These past few months have been a lot of hard work but it has been well worth the effort. These new wave patterns are helping us to finally let go of our past emotional traumas at a core level.
Draconian-like creatures may continue to spring up to scare us into thinking that we have arrived at a very different place. But indeed; Not. They are merely testing our resolve to be fully free.
The reality of the mind will have you thinking that fear is real and can affect your peace of mind. But with practice, in clear terms, nothing can harm you without your express permission.
In the reality of the heart there is only one of us here. We are many reflections of the one. Oneness. We are one with our father, mother, God essence. We are that. We are that in all of creation. In creation there is great diversity and still there is only one--one force that animates and grows into awareness of Self. Self allows and grows into the many nuances and expressions of love beyond measure.
If this is so then how do we cross the great divide between the mind and the heart of God that we are already? How does one know when one has arrived?
In all my awareness of life there is and has always been one answer to the many questions that I am asked every day. How can I cross that invisible river that separates me from my heart? Sometimes this crossing seems daunting, sometimes insurmountable, yet the answer to the question always flows forth with ease and grace.
Of course! Of course the solution is to love one self so completely that any fear held by the mind has to melt away. When we are loving ourselves, we naturally move away from all that disturbs us, haunts us, torments or confuses us. Of course!
Why then do we stay in the harsh conditions that only perpetuate pain and anguish?
Why do we continue to offer up our happiness to confusion or to obsessively, compulsively try to understand why the other is causing us such pain? Why, we wonder, does the other not want to change and make our life better?
Because the other is giving us a gift of movement. 
The very nature of ascension is to first recognize the fear or the pain of constriction caused by the fear of change. Then simply move. Create some form of movement by first recognizing that it's time to move away from or confront whatever is pushing at you. Then move away from the constriction and begin accepting the flow of grace in your life again.
Move away from control dramas and liberate yourself from the constriction. To create movement in your life is to let go of your belief that the only source of love comes from outside yourself. When you externalize your power, rather than listening to your own heart, you find yourself dimming down your light for the sake of tradition, the kind of tradition that only serves to bind you.
Why do we do these things to ourselves in the first place?
We have been taught to love in such a backwards way that it's challenging to see the patterns of lack and control that are holding us captive. The mind is like that. We hold on tight because we have been led to believe that there is only so much (or worse yet), not enough, to go around.
The human condition would have us believing that we must stay quiet or conform in order to protect what's left in a shrinking world of limited resources. That belief is at the very heart of the global challenges facing the human race in present moment.
If we were to buy into that thinking, there is most certainly a plethora of evidence to show us that we are right. But if we soften our eyes and drop into our heart's center, we see a different reality unfolding.
Those who cannot sustain love are a dying breed.
In the reality of the heart, we feel a flow of vital energy permeating everyone and everything that allows this life affirming energy in. The natural kingdoms offer no resistance and are brilliant in their reflections. The plants and animals bask in the amplified field of this life giving force thrive and enliven their eco-systems.
This force also nourishes us. It feels good and right aligned as we rest in the knowing that we are loved beyond measure, that the world is abundant and that everything we desire is just a breath away. Allowing is our true nature in this abundantly prosperous creative universe where all are living, loving, honoring and working together as one.
Gone are the struggles and conflicts of the mind. Instead there is a clear sense of optimism and knowing that all is truly well. Competition and control dramas are superseded by clear goals and alignments with others in co-creation of ever expanding expressions of love, joy and peace.
Feeling trumps thinking every time. Love opens fear up and liberates those dark hollow spaces then fills the heart with joy.
Every time we move into the divine embrace within ourselves, we are not only liberating our very own mind but also others.
How can it "Not" be that?
We are all one. Even as we sit in the belief of separation, we are one together in all our diverse expressions.
When one gets up and walks out of a life or pattern of constriction, everyone takes notice, and is affected. One steps out and another steps in. That's evolution. All voids are filled by a new vibration of choice.
Even so, there is notice and opportunity to shift into higher states of awareness as we listen to our heart and yield to the power and presence of love.
Where are we going with this?
We've crossed the threshold between these rivers, these two life expressions, and many of us are fully anchored into this new earth grid of consciousness. Now what?
The others now need to hear your voice, to see you, to feel or sense your presence.
We are one family of humanity yet how can it be that two worlds, two distinct realities can co-exist without affecting the other?
It's not possible. Everything on some level of awareness is clearly connected.
The human race has been through so many cycles of change but never one that has evolved by consciously ascending through the heart. This time the way through the void of the great divide is by accepting and allowing the presence of love without condition to permeate your life and all your relationships.
This single act of empowerment is all that it takes to shift an entire race, and it happens in the quiet of the moment as we speak our truth. Like a soft embrace, truth spoken with compassion opens the heart. This gentle but clear signal carries an inherent message: We are all one, and we are loved.
How simple is that?
Carol Fitzpatrick
Carol Fitzpatrick is an avid spiriitual activist. She uses her gift to help others understand what is beyond the fives senses; to help people to see clearer pictures of their lives, and to understand what role they have chosen to play in service to humanity at this critical time. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. It is her role as a translator for the Guides, angels and other light beings who are here to share their wisdom that brings her the greatest joy in service to others.
Carol resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is the mother of two grown children.
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Looking at Your Significant Other
by Neale Donald Walsch
April 6, 2012
My dear friends...
Over the past several months we have been looking here at the Holy Experience and yourself. Now let's look at the Holy Experience and your significant other.
Everyone has a significant other--whether they are in an intimate, romantic relationship or not. Of course, the term "significant other" does not refer only to a person with whom you sleep. It refers to any being with whom you share the largest portion of your life. That could be a sister or brother, a parent, a child, a close friend.
When discussing the Holy Experience and yourself, I said: "Always, with your choices, you are answering a single question: Who am I? Every act is an act of self-definition. When you embrace the implications of that sentence utterly, you begin the process of the Holy Experience with your Self."
Now I am going to say the same thing, only as it pertains to your significant other.
Always, with your choices, you are answering a single question: Who is this other? Every act involving another is an act of definition of the other. When you embrace the implications of that sentence utterly, you begin the process of the Holy Experience with your significant other.
Everyone is who you say they are. If you say they are your best friend, they are. If you say they are your enemy, they are. If you say they are your most trusted companion, they are. That is because you are the one doing the deciding.
Other people tend to show up in our lives exactly as we think that they will. Even if they don't in their world, in our world they do. This is another way of saying that if you have a definite thought about someone, it almost does not matter what they do. You will still think of them in the way that you do.
Have you ever noticed how two people can have nearly polar-opposite experiences of the same third party? One person says that the third person is wonderful, while the other says that the third person is horrible. Both are right, for both have created their experience of that third person in their reality.
It doesn't matter what that third person does. In fact, that third person can do the exact same thing to both of the others, and one of the others will think it's wonderful while the second will think it's horrible. I've actually seen this happen!
I saw a person bid $10,000 once at a local charity auction, and two people with whom I am acquainted saw it in entirely different ways. The first thought it was wonderful and incredibly generous; a typical gesture of a very kind and open-hearted man. The second thought it was show-offy and incredibly gauche; a typical "over the top" gesture by an ego maniacal power grabber and attention-getter.
It has always seemed to be that The Holy Experience has to do with always seeing the Other in the highest possible light, with the highest possible motives--and even if they are making a "mistake," or behaving "badly" in our estimate, that we hold them in compassion and forgiveness and love.
And we'll continue to look at this as our exploration of The Holy Experience proceeds in this space next week.
Hugs and love,
P.S. The thoughts above come from The Holy Experience, a full-length book that you may download for free at www.nealedonaldwalsch.com. Simply click on the Free Resources icon. *
Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. * (http://www.cwg.org) * Blog: * www.TheAlternativeVoice.org  *
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 Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, when you realize that there is a repeating pattern in your life, that is the moment of awakening. That is the moment when you begin to ask, “What more is going on here?” That is the moment when you listen for the voice of the Brotherhood, the voice of the Masters, and what have I called you but Master. I have called you a Master, for I know that which you are. Each and every one of you, as you feel yourself to be separate beings, are the extension of the Higher Master that you understand would be separate from you, but is not separate from you. You would not be, you would not be having the human experience if it were not for the Higher Master of you that allows you to play as the separate being.
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Heavenletter #4154
The Field in Which Love Is to Grow
April 9, 2012
God said:
Are you tired of the subject of love? Do you feel that enough has been said about love? Do you perhaps feel that love is too peripheral a subject? That love has eluded you and perhaps is not for you? You may have eluded love, but love would never elude you. You may have been unaware of love. That is not love's fault. Be aware of love right now. Consider that love stands on every street corner waiting for you to appear.
Love has been seeking you from pillar to post. Love never ignored you. You simply didn't see the signs. You passed by love without a backward glance. You demanded that love arrive in a certain guise, and so you were perturbed about love. Love didn't wear the hat you expected it to, or it wore no hat at all. Love didn't have a sign hanging from its neck that said: "I am love. Here I am."
You had to read between the lines. Love was anonymous until you picked it out from the crowd. Love was like a movie starlet you had to notice. You had to recognize the stardom of love.
If you want love, then notice love. Welcome love. If you wanted a knight on a white charger, you may have been unwilling to notice a knight who was walking instead of riding. Make room for love. Let love arrive as it does, and welcome it and nourish it.
Despite everything you may think, love requires recognition and nourishment from you.
Love does not arrive as a package in the mail. Love from inside you has to alight. The love within you is the love you have to see and unwrap. Roll out the love in your own heart. Let it be a loran that guides you.
A speck of love can grow into a mountain of love. Love does not have to reach you full-blown. Love may nod to you, and then how you bring out that love is up to you. Of course, you can ignore it. Of course, you have ignored it. If love didn't wear the coat of many colors, you averted your face from it. No matter how hungry you were for love, if it did not appear as you wanted it to, you averted your face from it. You decided that that love was not good enough for you.
From a speck, love can grow. Love has to grow bigger than your mind. You mind doesn't know as much as it thinks. Let's face it. You have, in the past, been a snob of love. Only certain shapes of love would you welcome. Perhaps only the most fantastic love was good enough for you.
You can't be dead pan when it comes to love. When love enters the room you are in, get up and greet it. You may never know what grows from a seedling until you let it grow. Not even a slight glimpse of love is to be ignored. Be a greeter of love.
Love can be wrapped fancy, and not be right for you. Love simple may last long and wear well. Love may be a lei tossed to you. It doesn't matter the form of love. Invite love and welcome it.
Let love be the conductor of the band. Let love seek you out. Let love deck you out with roses. Let love arise, becoming to your heart.
Let your heart soar. Let your heart soar where it soars. Follow the love in your heart. You are the field in which love is to grow.
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Worry and the Economy
by Jim Self
April 6, 2012
Question: One of the things I know that worries a lot of people, even those who consider themselves awake, is this whole question about the economy. Our lives are based on a financial structure. We go to work to earn money to pay for the house and all of the other things that we need to survive and enjoy ourselves. If the economy is crumbling as indeed it is, how will this financial structure be different?
Jim: This is a tough question because there is a lifetime, or more, of beliefs and programing wrapped into how we perceive and move around within this thing called money. Some people believe that as the Shift unfolds, a bag of gold will fall upon their heads and they will be fine and taken care of. Others believe that a whole new monetary system is coming into place that will provide for them. And there are still many who worry and fret or believe they must work very hard to achieve their goals and dreams. Still other "lightworkers" believe that the ideal solution is no form of currency at all. A common thread among many is having their attention on their future life and asking the question “What if...?”
Let’s rephrase the question: "What will the future look like and how much money am I going to have?"
As this separation between the third dimension and the higher vibrations begins to occur, you will get to choose to move around in higher, faster vibrations of Light anchored within your body. As you walk through your day in this brighter field, you will begin to find that things just work. I know that is a funny thing to say: "Just believe it is going to work." It might even sound trite and woo-woo. But I bet you have had experiences in your life where you've found yourself facing what appears to be an absolutely disastrous situation one moment, and then had something unexpected occur that completely unravels the disaster that was threatening you. I cannot quite define how it is going to happen, because the "how" is not clear - and actually not really that important. There are multiple possibilities, and they are all personal to the person doing the creating. You.
Effectively, people will soon wind up in a much, much better space than they might currently be experiencing. However, it is still going to take a little bit of time for this to unfold. You may be losing your house right now, and for me to say, "Trust me, it is going to be fine,” really doesn't seem to be very helpful. But if you could just step back and look at your situation from a higher platform, with a more neutral perspective, you would recognize that this transition in the world economies and governments that we are currently experiencing is going to take some amazing twists and turns. Any changes to the status quo, even those that are necessary, are always challenging for us humans. And while it is not possible for me to provide you with something more tangible right now than repeating "Something WILL work out for you," what I CAN tell you is that two to three years from now (2012) there will be a very different system in place than what we have right now. Moreover, there are multiple possibilities for how we will arrive at that point, but since I do not offer predictions, I cannot say which one is going to unfold.
Response: It is up to us.
Jim: Yes - it is up to each and every one of us. So how would "You" like it to be?
One thing I can tell you with great certainty is that if you sit and worry you will experience worry. Worry doesn't get you anywhere you want to be. Worry begins to deteriorate the physicality of the body. It is an extremely invalidating vibrational field. The goal is to stay in present time. You know your rent may be due tomorrow but you are not in tomorrow.
You are living right here - right now. So if you sit here today and worry about what might happen tomorrow you will experience worry today "And" you will continue to attract worry into your life tomorrow. You do have an alternative, however. You can choose to say: "I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow but right now I am going to ground, clear my space, take a number of deep breaths and just see what my possibilities are here."
If you can hold that level of focus in a present-time space, possibilities begin to flow into that more open, easy space. If you focus upon and hold on to worry, you simply create a space of more constriction and worry, and therefore will never see the possibilities that could answer the question and move you into wellbeing.
I hope this makes sense to you. It is very important that we all make this distinction, for we are in a time of fine-tuning every action, every emotion, and every thought in every moment.
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Previously posted.
[The transmission below is in response to a subscriber’s suggestion that all aspects of what we discern as "ego" are meant to diminish and finally disappear entirely as we progress in a spiritual sense.]
Illawarra District, Australia, August 25, 2004.
Teacher Samuel.
Subject: "The Ego, an Essential Commodity."
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel: "I want to talk with you today about language, and how over lengthy periods, at times quite short intervals, the meanings of certain terms and words tend to go through ‘concept changes.’ Yes. Your living languages do change, and individual words and terms can change, shift in meaning, to be understood as something different entirely. ‘Justice done’ is one such term.
"It is most often used in relation to appropriate punishment having been meted out, less often cited in cases of due rewards being granted, or wrongs that were done to someone being righted. This is Samuel, and the subject to be touched upon today deals with the Ego. The concept, ‘Ego,’ is one such term that has undergone this subtle shift in meaning, at least in common use. But there is nothing wrong with ego. It is in fact an essential commodity, and an integral part of the personality.
"The term, Ego, is generally viewed in a negative light-egotistical, a big ego-you know these terms. And where it concerned your ancient ancestors, "big egos" might well have made the difference between survival and extinction. Yes, ego plays its role in ‘survival of the fittest,’ if we can here borrow Darwin’s words, and ego is important to the individual, as well as to the family and even to the extended group.
"It is all throughout your terrestrial journey that ego plays an important role as a survival mechanism. Likewise is it essential in your ages upon ages of morontial (pre-spirit) lives, for it allows you to more clearly discern fairness. A more balanced ego will openly and honestly compare, ‘would this be fair to me, therefore might it be fair to another,’ as your free-will prerogatives will place you in positions of having to make bigger and more important decisions.
"All throughout your eternal career and unto Paradise will you be students at one stage, teachers at another, or both, simultaneously. It happens! And at all times must you treat another correctly, fairly and courteously, as you would wish to be treated by them. Without an ego that will constantly question, assess, "how would I feel in the other person’s place’ it would be obvious that one would frequently be unfair, discourteous, or act incorrectly.
"There is now no great secret about our projected function(s) in the outer universes as they come online and will be inhabited. Our function(s) there are hardly revealed, but certainly obvious. There, inevitably, you will be dealing with those much lower on the evolutionary rungs. Both, a clear memory of your terrestrial ‘moments,’ and a ‘shining’ and perfected ego will be essential.
"Ego is an indispensable ‘good-for-all-time’ Gift of your Creator Father, Who gives, and gives, and gives, more and more and more, and takes nothing away. It is a part of the personality that, like so many other personality aspects, must be honed till it is sharp, tuned till it rings true, shined till it glows. Let no one rob you of a balanced ego.
"This is Samuel of Panoptia, feeling evermore honored to be part of your 11:11 platoon. My love goes with you all."
George: "Thank you Teach."
The 11:11 Progress Group.
Michael est Toujours au Volant.