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Isis' Message of the Day -
"There is an Indian Belief that everyone is in a house of four rooms:
A physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room everyday, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete."
 ~Rumer Godden~  House of Four Rooms  ~
How everything and everyone is connected. See this series!
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I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~
Today's Angel Message

Uriel's Message - Student and Teacher
The role of the teacher is to facilitate the healing process, to show where the past and present could intersect and create a new paradigm for life. The role of the student is to embody the learning in the lessons presented and apply them to their healing path. The teacher gives, the student receives. And this is a reciprocal process, so the teacher is also the student and the student is also the teacher. When you forget this, you only receive half of the learning, healing and blessings that are available to you in every situation..
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 Archangel Michael: 2012 Network of Consciousness
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
April 22, 2012
With angelic love I come forward to connect with your energies, uniting the Creator aspect within us as one source of light. I am Archangel Michael; I come forward to you with a sacred message about the unity between your land and the Archangels at this special time of transformation upon the Earth. I wish for you to know that the Angelic Kingdom are supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity whole heartedly and that we are ready to truly be of service to you, lending our energy to create such tremendous change on the Earth. The energy of the Angels and Archangel is deeply appropriate to support the Earth as the vibration needed upon the Earth and within each being is a selfless love, which we can assist in activating. In order for the Earth's ascension a greater volume of love is needed on the Earth but this love must flow from the hearts and souls of humanity. It is now time for you to take responsibility of your own ascension and that of the Earth and its civilisation. In truth the energy and expression of love is the only way to activate and achieve further ascension, this is why we, the Angels, known for our loving vibration are stepping forward to be of greater service.
We wish to share with you some important information about the coming time upon the Earth. Many of you are, have and will visit what you know as sacred sites upon the Earth, places of sacred energy, power points or energy vortexes. There is a need for many of you to anchor your high vibrational energies into these areas as you will change the vibration of the sacred sites from the old energy to the new energies of ascension. Many of the sacred sites were aligned to assist ascension in the past but as each person or group visits the sacred sites they are altering the vibration and alignment of the sites so that the presently needed alignments and energy vibrations can manifest. In truth I am saying that your sacred sites are changing from old energy to new energy. This doesn't mean that you will lose your heritage or the past wisdom or purpose of the sacred sites, you will always understand and remember this knowledge within your being but the sacred sites will change to hold an alignment and purpose that is appropriate for this current era. Sacred sites will activate but they may not activate into their original purpose but will be activated to give to humanity what is needed. It is a great time of transitions as the energy portals and even the chakras transform to achieve a new purpose for the Earth. The sacred sites will always remain sacred but may begin to offer a different service to humanity. The Earth is letting go of the past also, but humanity is also remembering the sacred energies and skills of their past allowing for the sacred past energies to be anchor into the Earth in new appropriate ways for your times. The purpose for all energy points upon the Earth will alter as their alignment with the Creator shifts. Please do not hold any fear because of my message, the Earth is simply transforming and realigning in the same way that you are at this time. Many people when visiting sacred or energetic sites upon the Earth in 2013 will notice the difference in the energy and purpose of these sites; each will be unique but a greater power and radiance will be expressed. Some sites will be reformed into their original purpose but with different energetic and vibrational alignments.
Another piece of important information that I wish to share with you is the fact that an Archangel has been assigned and aligned to each of your sacred or energetic sites upon the Earth. Each site will be aligned to a different Archangel so that the diverse qualities of the Archangels can be anchored into the Earth. A quality will be expressed into the sacred and energetic sites from the Archangel allowing the energy to flow with abundance into the Earth and around these special sites. A different Archangel has also been assigned to each of the Earth's chakras to ensure that a wealth of the most appropriate qualities is expressed from the Archangel into the Earth. This means that the sacred qualities of the Archangels are merging and integrating with the Earth but more importantly we must remember that these qualities are of the Creator's mighty soul. The Archangels are working to allow the energetic sites and chakras to truly embody their quality. This will mean that much negativity from the past and present will be dissolved allowing for a deep healing, cleansing and energising to take place.
 In areas where there are a number of sites in one area an Archangel will oversee the entire area. If you are visiting a sacred or energetic site you may wish to connect to discover the Archangel overseeing this site so that you may also embody the quality and assist the Archangel by allow the quality to be anchored through your being while you are present at the sacred site. It is a most beautiful achievement as when you travel away from the point of anchoring for the quality you will be radiating the quality into and across the land. With many people travelling all over the world or even to their local energetic places we see that the qualities of the Archangels will be begin to merge and so the quality of one Archangel will be taken to another energetic point and so further integration of the Creator's light will occur. You may also find that you are inspired to connect with a place upon the Earth whether it is physically or in meditation as a connection with a certain Archangel is needed. Through this process of realising that Archangels are working with sacred energy centres on the Earth we will also allow for new Archangels to be discovered that will assist in leading the way in this time of transitions. Please be open and receptive if you find that an Archangel that you connect with is unfamiliar to you, welcome this Archangel, its mission and devotion to the Earth.
Around the time of 12/12/12 for a period, the Archangels will align themselves with greater intensity to the sacred sites of the Earth and will anchor a new level of consciousness for humanity to accept into the Earth. The sacred, energetic and chakra sites of the Earth will overflow with this new consciousness being channelled from the Creator through the Archangels and into the Earth. This will create a continuously flowing network of light and consciousness linking all the sacred sites into a vast network of energy. The new consciousness anchored by the Archangels will continue to flow creating a rise in the vibration of the Earth, humanity will be able to open their heart especially as well as their minds to receiving this consciousness. If you are near an energetic point or the network that is built you will be able to feel the intensity of the consciousness being anchored or you can simply connect through meditation. The consciousness may be extremely intense when you accept it wholeheartedly into your beings, cells, body and spiritual body, it may create an overwhelming sense of deep meditation within your being as the consciousness of new wisdom, light, codes and vibrations create transformation. Some may feel as if they need to rest, that their mind isn't working as it was or a feeling of a quickening vibration overtaking their entire being. This experience will pass and you will return to your normal state but you may feel a deep transformation within your being. As the new consciousness flows many people when connecting with the consciousness could experience great visions, inspirational guidance and enlightenment. The wealth of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that will be fed into the consciousness network will be immeasurable.
This process of a network of consciousness flowing for many days across the entire Earth will be felt by all, there will be a need for many to act as anchors to maintain the network upon the Earth, others will be guided to act as a cleansing source of light to ensure that the network isn't harmed or destroyed in any way. Many people will be guided together to achieve this purpose supporting the great network of consciousness that will unfold creating much transformation on the Earth and within the souls of many.
It will be important at this time to allow yourself to be receptive to the consciousness anchoring as many will be able to grasp wisdom and inspiration that they have been waiting to receive. Please keep my words within your mind; many occasions such as the one I have spoken of today will occur regularly in the future.
Please remember that now is the time for preparation, clearing and empowering the positive energies within your being so that they can be magnified by the energy of the Creator, you will then be able to accept new consciousness from the network of consciousness created by the Archangels upon the Earth.
In love,
Archangel Michael
May you walk in the love and light always,
Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website
www.wisdomofthelight.com  she shares the channeled messages of the Creator’s helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet.  She offers a service of channeled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.
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Greetings from the Federation:
Channeler: Wanderer of the Skies
There is a great sense of hope developing on your world today as your collective thoughts focus on the arrest of the Illuminati and the restructuring of your financial systems. These are as have been intended. They are being played out all over your world in an orchestrated manner that would overwhelm you in its strategic development if you could know its depth and breath. We are here to speak about that which we can without jeopardizing actions already in play that you will see come to fruition over the coming weeks.
Prepare for great movements of information all over your globe that will focus those who are not in tune with what you have been accomplishing all this while. This will be the next, and greatest to date, mass awakening of individuals who have been asleep through the process thus far. This information will come from many sources, including your media, which has even now begun to unravel the Illuminati control about it. Truth is rolling over those that resist, and those who have always wanted this information to "get out" now see no impediment to their actions to make it so. This trickle will now become the floodgates of information that are a precursor to disclosure.
Indeed, we have had our hand in the rocket launch recently making news and it is now abundantly clear that there can be no reprisal from rogue military operations on our actions in the world. While fear mongering will cause many to focus on nuclear weapons and their potential use in terrorist activities, we say, as we have always advised, that there is nothing to fear at all.
Your nation of Iceland is being used as a testing ground for the rolling out of financial strategies for the betterment of your planet. It would be wise to follow their progress in this respect, as it will be the fate of all nations in a very brief period of time. We have always advised you that such an action would never come from the larger powers and nations of the world, but they will follow in lockstep once the actions begin their domino effect.
The time of doubt is at an end. The time of hope has begun. Now, you will begin to see real change occur, palpable and observable by all. These matters will come on so quickly it will spin your head. Hold on now for the beginning of the beginning. And as these changes come, so will Gaia react to your hope and love. She is already making changes that will benefit all. There are several more massive earthquakes yet to occur, all with minimal damage to life, as these changes continue.
We are forever with you, our family. We look forward to our reunion and the chance to share with you our love and excitement for your future.
Be at peace.
 Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, from time to time allow your imagination—and that is what it will feel like at first—to take you to a place of Oneness with all life forms. Have you ever been a tree? Of course. Have you ever in human form hugged a tree? Yes. And has the tree hugged you back? Of course. There is great vibratory love and beingness with all of nature.
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Heavenletter #4169
Thrilling to the Light of God
April 24, 2012
God said:
Hear Me, oh, hear Me. I long to be heard. I long to be understood. Rather, I long for you to understand Me. It is not that I have to be understood. It is you who bears understanding. It is you I want. Let's walk down a lover's lane together, hand in hand, heart in heart. We are long-standing Friends. We have known each other forever. There never was a moment that We did not know each other. We have been around a long time. We have gone around the block together, and We are deep deep friends.
Our hearts call out. "Hear Me. Let's connect."
And if you cannot presently hear Me, well, then, you can speak to Me. I will translate you into God. That means I will translate you into My vibration which needs no words. Our hearts speak in their own language which is the language of love. We don't need words. We need love, and We have it.
I am cultivating the love within you that exists and has never stopped existing. Your memory is short, that's all. You are rife with love, with love so mighty that it is earth-shattering. What do you think is the power of the tides and the mountains and My Will?
You don't stand a chance of veering from Me. You are caught in My net of love, and love will blaze across your heart and mind, and any distance you perceive between Us will be vanquished. You are the rising sun of My heart. There is no ending to Our love nor was there ever a beginning. We are Infinity's song, and I sing it. That means you sing it too, or you hear it even if faintly in the background. You can locate Our love. You can. You can feel Our love bursting through its bonds of time.
Today We are freeing love from any shackles that may have bound it. Love is unbounded, and love is rearing its heart so it can reach everywhere and be seen, be known, be picked up, be favored, shine. Shine on, o love. We are vanquished by love. Love takes over, and We are taken in love, overjoyed in love. We are love brandishing its glory, its glow, its gold.
Our love is golden. Our love is the mightiest force in life. Love is Superman, beloveds, and can knock down any supposed detriments to it. Love wins every time. Love is the champion, the winner, the victorious, the embracer. Yes, let Our hearts be full of love and wrapped in love, and be like stars shining at night and be like the sun shining during the day so that love is known, and love covers the Universe with itself.
What can equal love? Not diamonds, not rubies, for, after all, what do you have when you hold them in your hand? Only what significance you give to them. Everything is a symbol for the bright shining light of love. Nothing comes near to love but love.
And, this love I speak of, is yours. Uncage this love, and let it reach the mountaintops, and let it be sung from the mountaintops, and let love be sung from your heart. Let your love become the consciousness of the Universe. Why not? What else would you really want to be the consciousness of the world? Why would you ever want less than the very best, and the very best is love, love pure and simple, love undaunted, love captured only by more love and more and more, thrilling to the heart and thrilling to the Light of God.
Dear Lady of the Light,
Your beautiful writing about the Statue of Liberty  * 
www.godwriting.org/world-peace/freedom-illegal-aliens.htm  * Thank you so much, dear friend. Gloria *
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by Jayme Price
April 21, 2012
The response system of creation is the field of unity that connects All Life.  You are part of this; unique, valuable and powerful just as you are and also connected to All.  This is the illusion of separation, the reflection ‘out there’ in its Whole Truth, is within you, too.  You are a powerful Being of Light - that is your action/reflection energy.  You are also the vacuum of space, the magnetic glue that allows the Light to flow, to build, to Be.  Love is the connective force that binds All Life, though that bind is only created through choice.  When you accept your power of uniqueness and unity, you become the Alpha, the triangle, the linear united, supporting the Whole – the Omega, the circle of Life.  All that is in-between is mere joy of journey.  Enjoy.  Share.
Sharing is give/receive in balance.  What feels balanced for one may not feel balanced for another – such is the beauty of choice.  Feeling choiceless?  Utilize your powerful ability to create with your focus and allow response.  Allow creation to respond, for you are also the glue that holds this universe together.  How powerful are you?  The weight of the world need not be on your shoulders, for your power to magnetize more Love is in-built into all the invisible space between each atom of your anatomy.  Greet the world with sharing and it will give/receive as such.  Your choice is your focus and your focus is your intent.  Your intent feeds massive amounts of information into the field, which willingly shares itself with you for creation.  Sharing is Life continuing.  Do you feel Fellowship with life?  Abadonment?  Confusion?  Reach out for Fellowship, for Creation Responds in Love and abandonment or confusion are melted into Love’s embrace.
As we sit to Blast Fellowship, we are releasing the fear of mistakes, unworthiness, insignificance and disempowerement.  We are activating the Truth of our Power (Love) and the Truth of Creation - that Love is the force that binds form.  We are becoming all that we always were by mere choice to end the fear and share our beautiful Light with the world.  We are supporting the Light of others as the rainbows shines its cohesive diversity.  We are choosing Life, choosing Self and choosing Love, for they are merely different degrees of Same.  We are embracing our uniqueness, enjoying the uniqueness of others and creating Fellowship where there was only confusion and separation before.  We are the uniters of uniqueness, bravely opening our arms to Love, no matter what the response.  Blast on!
Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel and teacher. She channels Light Language, which are universal language codes that your heart and infinite mind speak fluently. Light Language works like a stem cell, it is Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjust to your needs in each moment as guided by your Higher Self. When Jamye is running healing frequencies, she speaks and signs Light Language, tones, emotes, and physically clears imbalances through Divine Grace. Jamye’s work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion and empowerment. She teaches self-love, forgiveness and finding a perspective of Love to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life. Jamye’s passion is Ascension - bringing people to the understanding of the Truth of who they are; cherished, powerful and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with All Life. Jamye offers private sessions by phone, group sessions and classes, Light Language healing CDs and a free Monthly Newsletter and Weekly LightBlast to help assist Lightworkers on their Divine Path. For more information visit *
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Cycles of Becoming
Humanity is an evolving species whose path is moving from human to divine, from the third dimension, fixed in time and space, to multi-dimensional, universal awareness.  This all takes place through the path of becoming, which is humanity's evolutionary cycle that has taken it from light to dark and back to light, as humanity learns to become aware of itself as the embodiment of Source through frequencies of energy and light. But this is the bigger picture of a process that is continuously occurring within each of us because we go through cycles of becoming every day.
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Jennifer Hoffman is an author, intuitive mystic, channel, speaker, self and life mastery expert and host of the top-rated Enlightening Life radio show on Blog Talk Radio. Since 2004, Jennifer has written the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, a source of education, information and enlightenment to its more than 2 million readers. Through Jennifer's work her clients experience profound soul level healing, self and life empowerment and experience more joyful and abundant living. A recognized leader in the transformational and self help fields, Jennifer regularly teaches, writes and speaks on the global stage. Learn more about her work at
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