2-0-1-2- Is Your Year {Channeled}


Ashtar: 2-0-1-2 is Your Year!
Given through Susan Leland
January 10, 2012
Ashtar Teleconference 1/10/12
Well Greetings Everyone! We are so pleased to be here with all of you, and this is such a special time for all of us! We are seeing more and more the coming to fruition of all of the different kinds of events, and even conversations, which have taken place, and which are culminating now in all of these wondrous changes that you're hearing about. The financial changes alone, are spectacular. They are huge. They have never happened before on this Planet! 
And we understand that there can be some confusion, and lack of clarity about what this is going to mean, because until you actually have the dollars, or whatever in your hands, you are not going to really know for sure what it is that you want to do with it, because you don't know how much you're going to receive, and you don't know what it's going to cost, because there are all kinds of scenarios out there about this and that are going to disappear, these things are going to come in to take their places, and prices are going to change, or not, or whatever, and we suggest that you just look at the sources. The NESARA, the information about NESARA is a good one, for instance, to access, to get some clarity on that, because it is only natural that this is the time to prepare for all of these external events which are going on in the World, and we have chosen the finance as only one of them, but it is a big one. It is huge. It is going to have an impact on every living being upon Planet Earth. 
And there is no question that it is going to impact on everyone here in this gathering, because many of you are just waiting to receive your dollars to go to your next step, which is a kind of, what you call, a humanitarian service as a general description, but it is a way of helping the Planet, and it doesn't necessarily restrict itself to helping the Human Kingdom. There are members of all of the Kingdoms which are calling out now, and saying, "Yes, it's time; let's heal; let's go forward together in a higher vibration." That's what Ascension is all about. Everybody who is going to make the Ascension, which is the moving of your consciousness up into higher vibrational lifestyles; everyone who is going to make the Ascension is understanding that these changes need to be a cooperative effort. You've already given permission for them to happen, and now they're happening, and they're going to be happening faster, and faster, and faster. And sometimes it feels as though you're literally swept out to sea. That's a figurative term, but what it means is, you can easily feel as though you're not in the driver's seat, that because all of these things are happening around you, they're happening to you. You get bombarded day after day. 
Let's take weather as another kind of an instance, which is very much on everyone's mind. Some of you are anticipating snow storms. There is news of recurring earthquakes in the so called ring of fire, and there have been some recently, and will be some more in areas that are not part of the ring of fire. Pay attention! These earthquakes have been measuring rather large on the scale, but they've not been doing nearly the damage that they could have otherwise. Mother Gaia is responding to your messages, to the messages from all of Her Kingdoms, "Let's get together. Let's help each other." And She is responding also to the mitigations which we are able to put forth, because you have invited us to do so. 
Nevertheless, if you live in an area which is known to be an area of what you call seismic activity, of larger size or frequency, we understand that it might be troublesome to you. That fear can build up simply because you are wondering and worrying about what's going to happen in your next moment. There is nothing Beloved Family, nothing, that will cloud your vision as fast as fear! 
And so when we have our guest speaker* come on, there will be quite a bit of talk about where fear originates from, and what more you might be able to do to get yourself more at ease. When you are in the driver's seat, and not feeling as though all of these things are out of your control, you will find that you will actually be able to direct inflows of dollars, and outflows of Love toward relationships that may seem to be a little bit sticky, or stuck, or perhaps having some bumps, some big bumps, that might seem like impossible challenges. And it is to have the wisdom as well. That's part of clarity, is wisdom. 
If you don't have wisdom, then what you see can easily be misperceived. Your discernment can be, shall we say, out of harmony, or out of balance. And so it is to have some wisdom about these things, too. It is to know what is there that is really important for you. It may not be what's really important for your neighbor, but that's all right. It's what's really important for you that makes the difference that counts. 
And so it is that it might be that you will discover something within your own wisdom sources, within your own self and your guidance team that is with each and every one of you, that is contrary, or seems to be contrary, to what someone else says is their wisdom. And it is learning to have the understanding, because sometimes it has to be learned, sometimes it's something that you can hear about, but you just have to practice it, because it doesn't feel like it's your wisdom, or your path, or whatever, at the start. 
Sometimes you have to pay attention, and practice learning to let go. It is not up to you how someone else thinks, how someone else perceives. Their system is theirs, and yours is yours. It is wondrous indeed when you have one or more beings in the Human bodies to share your wisdom with, is it not? So perhaps instead of saying, 'Oooh, I just have to keep pushing on this one, or that one, until they come around to my point of view - perhaps it is to say, 'Oh, you are so wonderful! I Love you beyond words, but your path is a bit different than mine, so ho'oponopono. Be in Peace. And I now call forth to me the ones who are on the same path, or a path that is so similar that we can share, and be joyful with each other!' And sometimes this is the way it goes. There are relationships which are changing so fast, and that which seemed to be the perfect relationship yesterday, may not be so today. And that also can create a lot of fear within your beings, and we understand that. 
You see on the ships we have what we have called a circular relationship of One. And it is because in the higher dimensions, everyone is feeling the same high vibrations of Love and Joy and Bliss, and differences of opinion are not the norm. Everybody is invited to voice their ideas, their visions, their inspirations, and we recognize that it's all coming from the One we all are, so everybody's in agreement. Now that might sound rather strange, and particularly to a 3D - what do you call it - a mentality, but it is Truth. 
So what you are doing anyway is learning to be in Harmony, and allowing yourselves to feel harmonious with the World, and then calling to you, whether they be Humans or members of other Kingdoms, those you associate with, and have relationship with, who are on the same wavelength. It doesn't mean they have to think exactly the same thing as you, it doesn't mean they have to say exactly the same words just as you're saying them or thinking them. That's not quite it, but it is to be recognizing high vibrations in each other. 
See, here we go again, we're getting back to feelings, but this is where it emanates from, Beloved Ones. You cannot any longer think with your brain about how to resolve a relationship; it doesn't work. Oh we know, "Men are from Mars," and all of that, but it really does not work any more. You can go to classes, you can understand human behavior, and all of those things, but it's the feelings that are emanating from your hearts that are telling you the Truth. 
And so it is to listen to what it is that you're feeling in your hearts, and allow yourselves to acknowledge that Truth, and to derive your Wisdom. Now does that mean that you shut down your brains? No, your brains are expanding; your brains are more and more connected, so that you can feel, or understand, shall we say, your feelings that you have in your emotional being, understand and accept them in your brain so you don't have to struggle anymore. Humm! Struggle - what a concept! 
We have to give you what you call applause for inventing struggle. What a good job you've done in your Human bodies, and what we're trying to tell you is that the time for struggling is past. Let go; do your housecleaning! We are observing that more and more of you are saying, "Oh, now I get it." This is good. This is good. You are starting to realize that maybe you really needed to do more house-cleaning, you needed to go underneath, shall we say, the layers on the top, and really clean it out, clean it up, and keep working on it, because there's always new inspiration for new material, informational and otherwise, to come in for you to cleanse and clear. 
And if it doesn't come all the way into your fields, in other words, if you recognize it and turn it around - ho'oponopono, or some form of transformation, transmutation - this is wondrous indeed. Just be sure you transform it; don't just send it on its way. Because you know what's going to happen, well it's going to go out to the World, and it's going to contribute to a little bit of a lower vibration. 
So we really advise you, coming from our hearts right to yours, you don't even have to let it stop and flow around, and linger around, and piddle around as they say in your brains, just let it come right to your hearts. Get that housecleaning done. Take care of yourselves. There is nobody more important in this entire World, or Universe for you to pay attention to than you!!! 
It is wondrous indeed when you can help your neighbor, your friend, your family member, or the total stranger who knocks at your door, or whom you pass on the street. That is wondrous. And yes, that is a way of raising your own vibrations, because the loving act, or actions or words that you give, circulate throughout your entire being too. They don't just go, and leave you empty. No, no, they stay with you even as you're sharing them, because you're bringing in even more Love as you share it. We've done that many times together in this group. 
But it is to be absolutely clear that you must get your own housecleaning done. Then you're going to be, shall we say, more attractive, have more of what you call credibility, because it's going to be an instant recognition that you are a being of Love, a being of Light, and people will be drawn to you for whatever help it is that you have to give. So it's doing your homework within, so that you can be a help to the World, and meanwhile you can be making your plans, because we have been saying now, most recently, this is really the time to start taking an inventory, so to speak. Make a list. What do you have passion for? What are the things that you enjoy doing the most? It doesn't matter what - don't judge yourself! 
Perhaps you have a desire to be an opera singer, but you've never done any operatic singing. Well, don't let that stop you! If you're not sure how to go about it, get yourself, what do you call it, a CD, one of those little round things of opera, and sing along, and it doesn't even have to sound like the voice on the recording. It's you making your own music. It's you expressing yourself. It makes no difference whether you've got papers, you call them degrees, saying that you are an expert in whatever it is! If you have a passion for it, get into it in some way or other. Give it a try. Maybe you just have a passion to have a taste of it. It's like going somewhere; you know, some people want to go to their ideal vacation place for - what do you call it call it - a week, maybe two, and that's grand, and now they're ready to find another place for next time. And some people go to a vacation place, and they say, 'Wow! Why does this have to be a vacation? I think I'll just stay here.' 
Whatever it is Beloved Ones, get the restrictions off. Get them out of your being. We told you, the financial aspects of all of this are coming to each and every one. There will be no restrictions. So what you want to do now is get the feeling of no financial restrictions, and start exploring yourselves within all of your energy fields. If you suddenly are outside of a job, you no longer have a job for whatever reason - you quit, your services were no longer needed. Oh yes, there's a color, there's a piece of paper. It is called the pink slip. Yes, this has happened to many, many, many beings upon the Planet; and it's happening in the animal and the plant kingdom, too, oh yes. 
Retirement may not be exactly what you have in mind, but turn that around. Transform, transmute the feelings of, "Oh I failed, or poor me, or oh, I'm going to starve," or whatever, and transform the whole thing into opportunity. What is the purpose? That's where your wisdom can be a huge help, and if you're in the driver's seat, you can call in your team and you can get true and correct answers. 
If you have the "poor me" attitude, the answers you get are going to come from your ego. And your, ego, humm! How can we say, your ego is a notorious liar in a little higher vibrational way? Let us just say that your ego has one purpose, one mission, and that's to protect you. How about that? Your ego considers itself the equivalent of a professional body guard for you, only "body" meaning all of your bodies. 
So your ego wants to set the tone, your ego wants to say, "Uh uh, you don't want to try being an opera singer, you could crash, and make a fool of yourself," or "you better not be trying to jump over that fence, because you know, you could fall and break your neck," or whatever it is that you see to do. Now, this is different from voices that might be coming from a place, that is, let's just say, entities of darkness. You don't let in entities of darkness. You walk with the Light of the Christ totally surrounding you, or however you choose to do it. 
So you stay out of that vibration of the astral on your way to the higher vibrations, and that's another place your team can come in, because your ego will say, 'Well you'd better stay in your 3D box, because it's just not a safe journey out there.' Your guidance team will say, 'Hold our hands, we'll fly together, and we'll bypass up and out of the 3D box, up and out of 3D, and we'll go higher than that astral plane.' You see there's the difference. It's your discernment of who your companions are. Who do you want to listen to? And when we say, 'Get yourself in the driver's seat,' we're talking about your Higher Self; we're talking about honoring the totality of who you are. 
We're talking about looking in the mirror and greeting the Divine Being that smiles back at you. We're talking about saying, "Hello God; hello Goddess, I AM," and meaning it, no doubts! Now remember there's one being who wants to give you doubts, and our guest speaker* will be working with that. We're just saying, this is the time for you to really access your feelings, your heart, your wisdom. And it's a time for you to just let your ego take a rest, a well deserved rest.
And it's a time for you to be all that you came here to be Beloved Ones, because so much is happening out there. So much is changing on Planet Earth. We mentioned the financial; well how do you like this? Get ready for abundance, huge abundance, of financial wealth in your life. And by the way, enjoy it, because the next thing you know you're going to say, 'Goodbye, I don't need you anymore dollars,' or whatever, because they will not be a part of the higher dimensional lifestyle; money, dollars—no! That's a difficult concept for some. We understand that. 
It is so desirable to have wealth for everyone, and abundance for everyone, that St. Germain set this up to do just exactly that, and then He, and we are telling you, 'Well, you use it while it is needed on Planet Earth to accomplish what needs to be accomplished, and that will not take long, and then say, 'Bye Bye!' Forget about money, because there isn't going to be any more, everybody's going to have whatever they want, whatever they need. 
Everybody's going to be one heart, one mind, one consciousness, and it just won't be a part of the lifestyle anymore. Now we understand that can be a bit confusing, so I'm suggesting you start now, start accessing yourselves, the wisdom, within yourselves. Open your hearts, and explore your treasure rooms in your hearts. See what's in there. See what gifts you want to open first, because everybody's got all the gifts, but you will find as Humans in Human bodies that it's much easier to open just one or two at a time.
Well what are the gifts? They're everything. You are the gift, you are the Love, and as the Love you can open up all of your gifts that have to do with sharing Love, expressing Love, and being Love! And that includes all kinds of things: Remote viewing, Out of Body and Time Travel, Telepathic Communication, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, fundamental foundational teachings, that you know are the way to be. There are many, many, teachers who have come and taught the sacred teachings, and they're all based in Love. 
Anybody who teaches fear isn't really operating from the higher dimensional perspective, and it's OK to listen to them and follow them, and they can be your Gurus, and all of that is fabulous, because you have to learn, and you have to discern. In fact we could say, perhaps you want to put up some of those little things, you call them sticky notes, they are marvelous, "Look to discern by feeling." That's how you get your clarity. And with your clarity the other aspect, the other part that you need to move forward with your clarity is your courage. 
Where do you get that? Again, go back to that mirror. Look in that mirror and say, "I honor you - Namaste!" to the Divine One who looks back at you. Courage, one of Mother Sekhmet's favorite words, comes from the word heart, 'Coeur.' Most appropriate, what are you here to do except express with Love, from your hearts. We know that takes courage. 
If you have a partner in your relationship who says, "I don't believe anything that you're telling me; I think you're nuts. I don't believe in this, and I don't believe in that, and I surely don't believe that there is anybody in ships up there." What do you do? What do you do? We aren't going to tell you what to do. You need to get into your heart and express from your heart. Your expression may not be the same as someone else's. It might be something to the effect, though, that "I honor you and your path, and I honor mine," simple statement of Truth coming from your heart with feeling, and with the courage behind it to say something as simple as that. Sometimes it takes more courage to express your Truth in a loving, non-judgmental, compassionate way, than it does to stand and argue. Because you see, again, you've got this little voice that says, 'Go on, just tell them how it really is,' and that little voice can just make things a lot worse in a hurry, when you're trying to be in a relationship with someone who isn't on your path. 
And sometimes it is easier to say, 'I love you, but I must live my Truth just as you must live yours,' and part! And this is happening worldwide. This is happening on all levels. This is happening, leaders of governments are being told, "Uh uh, this is not the path we want to follow. You must stand aside and let someone lead us who has the heart, who understands Love, who like Obama dares to speak of Love and coming together in Love, in loving relationship, and respect." And this is happening in communities where people are getting together, and instead of saying, "Oh, those people just have absolutely no sense of pride, they cannot take care of their yard, their children are running wild," they're getting together, and they're saying, "Beloved Ones, you are community with us, and we are community with you, let's share. Oh, I see that you're a painter, well you have lovely paintings. Why don't we have a community sale of your paintings, and get you the money you need to do your repairs and your fix-up, and we'll help out with that." 
Those are the kinds of things that are happening in community, and in one-on-one relationships and partnerships. It is to put aside the judgment, to disengage from war, and to simply say, 'I love you!' It doesn't mean that you're going to spend the rest of your lives together, itdoesn't mean that you're both going to the same places, or enjoying the same foods, or whatever. You can simply say, 'I love you!' And you can even ask for highest and best good for both. You can invite telepathic communication, and initiate it with the other one, even if the other one seems to be like the wall. You know, you can say in your communications, 'Beloved One, I only want you to know how much I love you. I place no expectations upon you. I simply want you to feel that I love you.' That can tear down walls between people faster than all kinds of arguing, and it feels a lot better too, because, you know what, it's part of your housecleaning too. It will help you. It will help you to get to that place where you have your clarity, and where you know that you are operating from your heart, from your place of courage, and it will be joyful. 
Yes, there might be some momentary pain, but it will be joyful. And there are those of you who thought you were on some kind of a path, some kind of a mission of accomplishment, you had your blueprints in front of you, you knew exactly what you were going to do in your next moment, and all of a sudden there's a pause, and it's like- maybe you're not quite so sure anymore. That's all right. That's perfect! Just get within yourselves and rediscover you, and invite yourself to ask questions such as: "Have I learned everything from the direction I was going in, and maybe is it time for me to go in a new direction?" 
It's ok. Maybe some of you want to walk away from what you call professions that you have trained for, and gotten all of those papers to say you're an expert, and it doesn't do for you what it did yesterday. It's all right! Oh there are going to be many people feeling that way, because they're going to look in that mirror, they're going to see the Divine Beings, and they're going to allow themselves their Truth. 'I trained for this, I passed the test for it, I got my papers on the wall, and I did it because it's what my Father did, or my Mother did, or I did it because I knew I could make a lot of dollars doing it, or because everybody told me I had so much potential for doing it,' or whatever.
Love yourselves into your own Truth. Allow yourselves the courage to say, 'Well maybe it's time for me to make some changes in my outer life, because I'm changing my inner self.' And just know that if it feels good, and as long as it is for you to follow your passion without any harm or damage coming to another, which certainly would not be the case if you are Love motivated, then that may be what you need to do. Only you can discern and decide in each case, because even though we're all One, we are individuals. 
It is never to judge another for what they determine to be their course, it is to love them with Compassion, and Forgiveness, and Gratitude for whatever lessons they're teaching you. And it is to be the same. That's your mission, Beloved Ones. When you do that, you shine. You beam your Love Light, and it's so simple, and it's so beautiful. 
That is how you live your passions, and that is how you fulfill the mission that you came here to do. And even if you say, 'You know, I feel like there's someplace else I need to go. I realize that I've fulfilled my mission here, and it's time for me to be leaving this Human body, and going someplace else.' - that is what some people are finding out. This is a time for people to get their directions into the changed mode, if that be where their heart is, or what their heart is telling them. 
Nobody's failed. Nobody has stopped. Even if you decide to leave your body, you're going on. There are many who have left their bodies who are assisting the upraising of the vibrations of Planet Earth, from where they are, because they're no longer restricted by the Human bodies. Now we don't mean to say that if someone you care about leaves their body, that this should give you Joy, not in the beginning, of course not. There is grieving, and that is natural, but we will remind you that no one ever really dies. 
The Spirit lives on, the Spirit Body, and it is with great Love that that Spirit Body can choose to be in communication with you. And you can invite that communication. So, for all of you who are missing someone, remember that you can do that if you choose to, and that can be a pure Love energy exchange of the highest vibration. So you can invite that Love to come in. No, it's not the same as having them there, but it can be if you enter into a conversation. It can be, that is, that that one can become a part of your Guidance Team by your invitation, and that is most joyful. So you go from the grief, and the sorrow, and the sense of loss, into, 'Oh, you're still here? I am not alone. I am not without you,' and then you can even invite that one to be a Guide through you, or to you, however you choose. 
And remember the great reunion is coming anyway. We are in the air. We've said it many times - 2-0-1-2. Fasten your seat belts and get ready, because there's going to be a party that will never stop, a celebration of all celebrations! And so it is that we ask you once again to do your own preparations, Beloved Ones. That's the greatest gift you can give to the World, just being the Love that you are!!! 
We join with you in Oneness, and we tell you we are here with you, because you have invited us to be. So just feel the Love, and know that you're never, ever, walking alone. You never have been, and you never will be, but it is up to you whether to acknowledge the presence of your Guides, your Angels, and all of us who come to assist you with your Ascension processes. 
Thank you, Beloved Ones for your attention in this. We have more to do, but I, Ashtar, am so grateful, I just have to express once more on behalf of all of us who are here with you, the Love, and the appreciation that we have for you. And that has always been and always will be. And so it is! Salut!
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh