2012 Awakening



Individuals awaken to their mission at different times. There are also
those whose mission it is to stay relatively asleep. Celebrate them! They
are doing their job. Many Light Workers and New Thought Practitioners
believe that everyone should see the world as they do. This enthusiasm
is not limited to any one belief system.
   Souls that slumber and stay immersed in limiting beliefs are offering
you a tremendous gift. They provide you the discernment of your choice.
Without them, you would never know if you had arrived at your clarity!
Loving them unconditionally, as they are, is the ultimate test of your
truth. Or as Zadkiel once said: "Sri Ram Kaa, some plants grow better in
shade. Love them all."
   Suspend your judgment, and practice noninterference. Trust that
ALL will find their way. The job for each and every one of us is to be
that which we are. Through our presence we will model and influence
others to become that which they are.
  The return to loving global relationships seems awkward and inconceiv-
able at first. Truthfully, not everyone will immediately appreciate the gift
being offered. Authentic relationship begins with the Divine relationship
with Spirit, with your own Divine Self. Once you find the peace that is your
truth, then you can be in healthy relationship with others. Without anchor-
ing the Divine Self, outer relationships will fall short of true nourishment.
   In the light of true love, healing happens. In the light of Divine surrender,
individuals learn to trust their inner nature and thus find their divinity.
   Searching for the fast track to personal growth? Here it is:
   Love yourself unconditionally and trust your heart without
   You don't need a technique or skill; you need only to trust your heart!
Know that your heart will guide you to those who can teach you the
 skills you need to fully express yourself. If you want a deeper relation-
 ship with Spirit, you must ask for it! Connect with the Divine daily, and
 call in your guidance. Be willing to receive. Let go! Surrender what
 surrender looks like.
The process of awakening is readily mirrored in our external world.
Spirit conspires to help you become conscious of what your soul is call-
ing forth, usually by dismantling those things in your life which inhibit
your true expression. Spirit will help you recognize what you truly need.
Be open to how this expresses, as it may look like losing your job, a love
partner or friend, moving to a new town, illness, even the death of a
loved one. A seeming life crisis offers powerful gifts. Use these shifts
to call forth a deeper understanding of your truth.
   Reflect on the following question and allow yourself to really go deep
with your response. What if tomorrow was your last day on the planet?
Would your priorities shift? Hmmmm?
   Yes, we are at the time of great change and realignments; therefore,
 it is time to get real. It is time to enjoy your life. True joy comes from
 alignment with your soul's path.
   Use the external as a mirror to help you see what is shifting inside.
 There are no accidents. However, our interpretation of external events
 is often filled with human error! Let go of all interpretations and jump
 into the Galactic Flow that is upon you now.

Spiritual progress is not measured
by phenomena or altered states of
consciousness. Know that you are on the
path as you become the observer of the
moments of deep peace and trust. Unlock
the recognition that All Is Truly Well!
By recognizing the Divine Perfection in
everything, you will find Union in all its
manifest perfection.
                          {To be continued, please check back.}                          

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