Perspective On December 2012 And Ascension From "Jason The Crop Circle Maker Of Arcturus" Channeled by Carolyn Evers

Subject: Perspective on December 2012 and Ascension from Jason the Crop Circle Maker from Arcturus

During Carolyn’s radio show on BBS Radio – http://www.bbsradio.com/bbc/the_messenger.php - on June 26th, our crop circle maker friend (Jason) joined us to discuss the
recent crop circles and answer questions from callers. As the show unfolded and
the conversation turned to 2012, Carolyn asked Jason the following

What definition could our friend give us for what Ascension means? What is going to happen in 2012 and the beginning of 2013? If he was going to give some guidance
to the people on Earth, what would he say?

Thank you for your question. I really like the opportunity to share my perspective on this subject. The events that are about to unfold upon your planet are being watched by many beings throughout the
cosmos for many reasons. Firstly, when humanity fell into the very low
vibration, the very high density of the 3rd dimension as you call it, with The
Fall in Atlantis, there were many who thought humanity would not survive the
experience, and the truth of the matter is that you live in the most dense form
of consciousness where beings with a soul such as you and we carry. But you did
survive and you are now approaching the time when you will return to the kind of
vibration that you carried in Atlantis, and indeed will go beyond that.

2012 alignment with Galactic Centre

This change I will address initially from how I see it within your context and so what we see happening is that at the time of the December 2012 solstice, there will be energies that will come to
your solar system, not just from Galactic Centre but indeed from Cosmic Centre,
and indeed energies that will come forth to your solar system from what is the
mirror image of your solar system or indeed the galaxy on the other side of the
black hole, which is a mirror image in dark matter. So there are a number of
sources of energy that will be sent forth to your solar system at the time of
that solstice. These energies will cause many things to happen, you could say.
The first is that they will transform the spacings of the particles of matter in
your world, and I will mention that there was a slight shift in that spacing
that occurred with the solstice that has just passed.

But that is small compared with what will occur at that solstice of December 2012; and this is a momentous moment and it is momentous in part because there is a requirement for humanity to prepare for
that time. There is a requirement to clear all of the past life karmic energies
that you might carry because these energies cannot be taken forth to a higher
dimension, a higher vibration. It is the nature of these sorts of energies and
those beings that have not cleared these energies from their physical bodies,
the impact of the energies coming in will be such that those negative karmic
energies will be destroyed and in doing so the physical body which is holding
those energies will also be destroyed.

I do not mention this as some kind of threat, I mention it for your understanding; and there are also energies of great wisdom coming forth to your planet and to your solar system with this
event, because the mirror image planet, the mirror image of Earth in dark matter
has not experienced The Fall in Atlantis as you did. So they are very advanced
beings and they have not experienced the intermingling with the dark that you
have experienced and so they will be sending forth great wisdom to share with
you; and if you are open to receiving this it will contribute to a great
advancement for those beings who are open to receiving this wisdom. So there are
many things coming forth with those energies and you can look at those energies
as being preparatory for the events that will follow.

2012 alignment with Galactic Centre

There will be an aspect of that soul that you know of as Marietta, the first soul or monad created after the Cherubim and Seraphim Angels, an aspect of that one will be sent forth at the end of that
year that you know of as 2012, after the energies of the solstice and I would
mention that the one you know of as Jeshua is also an aspect of that soul. The
reason that that aspect will be born upon your planet is to trigger the
reawakening, you could say of the human DNA. Few of humanity today are aware
that prior to The Fall your bodies, both physical and energy bodies contained
over 2,000 DNA strands and with the birth of that aspect of Marietta, those
strains will be reactivated. It is hard for you to imagine what impact this will
have upon your skills and abilities. To go from 2 to over 2,000 strands of DNA
is hard to contemplate. It will be a tremendous moment.

That will then be followed by the uplifting, you could say of the vibration of both the planet and all present upon it at the time of the equinox of 2013, and that is the time of what is known as the
Ascension event. This is all of great interest to so many beings across the
cosmos because firstly this transition, a transition of this magnitude has never
occurred before. There have been Ascension events on many other planets, in many
other solar systems you could say, so that event is not unusual, but the level
of change which is coming forth for humanity is a level of change that has never
been seen before. You will be moving from the lowest vibration where a soul
exists anywhere in creation to the highest vibration where a being carries a
physical body; and you could say it is a gift from your Creator for having
chosen to walk this very difficult path upon planet Earth.

It is also of interest to beings across the cosmos because, as Mother Mary has described in more than one of her messages that are recorded on “The 2012 Timeline” page – http://www.the2012countdown.com/The_2012_Time_Line.php
- creation is like a vase, where it rests on the lowest level of vibration and
so when the consciousness of planet Earth is lifted up, so too will the
consciousness of all of creation and this is not understood by humanity, by and
large at this point in time, and it is part of the reason that the events upon
your planet are being watched with such great interest by so many beings.

So that is my perspective of what is unfolding upon your planet.

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