2012 & Beyond




The Great Shift
Co-Creating A New World
for 2012 And Beyond
What information is the most important to know before entering the
year 2009?
You are now in the Desert Days of extreme polarity, to which
we have dedicated much reflection in earlier messages. You are
in the process of cracking apart your material world while Gaia,
wise mother, pushes you to the extremes. She is tossing you
about, flooding you with emotion, blowing down your illusions
so that you recognize how the material focus of your world is as
impermanent as autumn leaves.
    In this context of linear time, the last six lunar cycles of the
solar year, your fears of survival will be tested with more extreme
weather patterns, political and social instability, and further eco-
nomic uncertainty.
    You will be confronted with conditions that guide you
either upward, along that vertical axis of spirit over mat-
ter, or downward, where you cling to your possessions, sym-
bols of your focus on limitation and the search for permanence
in an impermanent world. It is your decision, and yours alone, of
just how much you intend to suffer as Gaia's cracks the shell of her
mortal existence and cleanses her physical frame for rites of passage
into her immortal light body. For those of you whose focus is on the
peaceful progression of the One Heart on the spiral of conscious-
ness, a great sense of Unity will illuminate your passage through
the valleys of turmoil and darkness. As you share your insights
and experience, you create such brilliant fields of light that your
fears of the shadow fade into oblivion. In the dynamics of astro-
physical cosmometry, your galaxy is preparing a most exquisite
alignment as Earths axis shifts and leans toward the galactic
plane, which has been defined by your astrologers as the "Holy
Cross." This celestial field manifested mid-June 2008, marking
a phenomenal point of evolutionary acceleration for Earth and all
life on the surface and deep within the inner worlds.
    It is the astro-marker on the time-space continuum that her-
alds your progression from the extremes of the duality conscious-
ness to the merging of the male/female aspects--the Unification
of the polar extremes--of your societies and your souls.
    The last Holy Cross alignment to occur in your galaxy was
the time of the Great Flood, at that time that you recognize as
the sinking of Atlantis, where the darkness was purified in the
waters of Gaia and the new was birthed.
 I think it's important to take further this information about this
 unusual astrological alignment that contains the potential of a phe-
 nomenal point of evolution acceleration for Earth and all life on the
 surfaces because the last time that this kind of alignment occurred
was the sinking of Atlantis. How will we be affected?
 We have consistently pointed the way of liberation and transi-
 tion as beginning through the purified heart, where you experi-
 ence unconditional love and fearlessness. In a sense, the heart is
 of itself a holy cross, for it is the intersection point of the higher
 and lower energies and the epicenter of the left and right align-
 ments of your own physical forms.
    There are many climacric moments of transition lying be-
fore you, and all are facilitated by your focused intent to release
yourselves from those emotional traps and conditions that pro-
voke feelings of unworthiness, suffering, intolerance, and guilt.
These, in the purified heart, transmute into unconditional love
and forgiveness, which are one and the same.
    Your choice is to clear yourselves of these imbalances now
or to hold onto the drama of your suffering: your dark cloak of
unresolved emotion and karma. This is the process that deter-
mines not only your passage through the Holy Cross alignment,
but how you live every day of your lives. It is the only measure
of your preparation. Are you willing to love yourselves and all
others simply because they exist--in divine order--or will you
spend the rest of your time in body demanding that the universe
conform to the conditions you place before yourself?
    To forgive yourselves and others for all that creates dishar-
mony in your experience and to replace that imbalance with a
deep understanding of how the choice is yours to make are the
simplest of guidelines to the pathway of your passage. Pear and
the need to somehow control the outcome are your deterrents.
    When you contemplate the true magnificence of your Earth,
and the perpetual birthing of life, you let go of the paralysis that
fear brings. You look to the stars, knowing the Divine Plan is in
perfect order and wonder, rather than fear, what incredible leaps
you are destined for.
    Your preparation lies in your surrender--letting go,
letting God.
From the High Council's perspective, what does the next few years
hold for us? Since this  is The Great Shift, how can we better
prepare for what is coming?
The process of preparation for the immensity of the celestial
shifts on the outer plane is to prepare yourselves, at the cellular
or inner plane, for the cleansing of toxic consciousness (manifest-
ing as matter), which you have formed by clinging to the den-
sity of judgment, separation, and ego--and surrendering to the
unconditional love that underlies the Cosmos.
    No matter how remote that love can seem at times, it per-
vades all things. To this end, we remind you that you either
believe in God, Prime Creator, or you do not. If you do, then
inherent in that belief you must realize that all that occurs is the
conscious stream of God Mind. From the darkness of the most
difficult hours and the shadows of lost souls, to the brilliance of
the dawn, the glitter of angels, all is in Divine Order.
    To facilitate the process of your transmutation from the den-
sity to the light, learning to experience the unfolding events in
serenity and acceptance, you must seek the spiritual understand-
ing of life and your time in body.
    Practical methods include removing, as much as you pos-
sibly can, all toxic conditions from your environment and all
toxic thoughts from your fields of consciousness. The first is
accomplished by
    + reducing all electromagnetic devices, which interfere
with your natural energy flows and biorhythms;
    + replacing synthetic clothing, food, and chemicals from
your environments with natural fibers, wholesome vegetar-
ian food, and organic substances;
    + drinking of purified water, rearranged at the cellular
level through your conscious thoughts, prayer, and medita-
tions--and the application of sacred geometrical forms;
    + selecting harmonious environments with the best air
quality, soils, and attunement with nature;
    + exercising your physical bodies to remain vigorous
while breathing in prana for the illumination of every cel-
lular unit.
    The second is accomplished through
    + meditation and proper breathing;
    + consciously choosing forgiveness over revenge, toler-
ance over judgment, love over hate, trust over fear;
    + surrendering to unconditional love by loving uncondi-
    + confronting and accepting your emotions by bringing
them to the full light of consciousness before releasing them
through your heart centers and into the Earth to be healed;
    + spending time in nature, loving animals, smelling clean
air, breathing in the splendor of the trees, the flowers--the
gifts of Eden;
    + seeking beauty and taking the time to celebrate all that
is right in your world;
    + avoiding those of the lower vibration who wish to
entrain you in their negative thoughts and actions;
    + intending, in all of your thoughts and actions, that
only the highest good be served.
    Now is the time to take yourselves to the sacred sites of the
Earth, for there you will feel the energies of the Earth, of the an-
cients who worshipped there, of others like you who bring your
love and light to these vortices. You will experience powerful
shifts and acceleration in your energy bodies, particularly in this
time following the manifestation of the Holy Cross (June 2008),
and your experience will be one of unity and connection to Gaia.
    Create altars to Spirit, however you worship, respect-
ing the wisdom underlying the cosmometry of form and
consciousness, the vibration of the vertical axis (spirit-being
Earth) and the power of the horizontal plane to create a place
where you are able to find the absolute epicenter of your own
    We would like to end our participation in this project by
saying that what you need most, at this time of radical change, is
a doctrine of "right thought" that will allow you to focus on what
you already have, what you already know, and what, most impor-
tantly, you have co-created with Gaia, your immensely powerful
and loving mother. If you ask yourselves what you are feeling
overwhelmed about, in the calm of your centered minds and bal-
anced emotional bodies, you cannot bur realize that your fear is
of the unknown--of anything that lurks outside your comfort
zones and those illusory "safety" nets that the power continually
throw over your conscious awareness of what is truly occurring
 in your world.
    You are marketed and maneuvered into feeling powerless and
afraid of the most insignificant things, when you think about
it! Won't you agree that it is becoming more of a challenge to
merely exit your front doors?
    We say to you, however desperate the events may seem to
you, it is all part of your process of awakening. Pay attention
but observe with detachment what goes around you. Be cen-
tered, stilling the lower emotions. Be wary and look carefully
about you, turning your focus away from the horror and toward
beauty, love, and miracles that surround you in every moment of
your lives. Above all, starseed, you do well to remember that you
chose to be here. You chose it, fully aware of the hills and valleys
of your passage.
    Now is the time to remember, dear children of light
and beauty.
    Now is the time to remember who you truly are.
    We hold you in our hearts and mind.
    We are the Sirian High Council.

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