2011 The Year Of The Indigo {Channeled}

1.)  Today's Angel Message
2.)  SaLuSa: The Central Sun Powers the Whole Universe
3.)  Archangel Michael: 2011 The Year of the Indigo
4.)  2011: Ready for a New and Improved You?
5.)  Jeshua - Message of the Day
6.)  The Garden of Pride
7.)  Akashic Records: Indigo and Crystal Children

Isis' Message of the Day -
There are no strangers on this planet only family we have yet to meet. We are ALL children of God! Brothers and sisters experiencing being in the human family. Are you your brothers keeper? Yes, for you are your brother. Just as you cannot be separate yourself from your Creator you cannot separate yourself from each other. It matters not what color your skin or what part of Mother Earth you come from you are part of One family . . . the Human family of God.
I AM ISIS a "Spiritual Warrior of the Light."
In my hand I hold the Sword of Truth.
I wish you Joy, Love & Peace,
~ Lady of the Light ~

Today's Angel Message
Dear Ones, You are all dear to us. We see your growth. We see your struggles. We see your triumphs. Keep focused on the Divinity (divine spark within). Know that you are surrounded by love from the Creator/God/All That Is. You are creating a new day and a new way.  A new World.  We are here to assist you. See the beauty around you. Start noticing the beauty in faces. If you think of the face as hills and valleys with the winds of time carving its uniqueness, you will begin to look at people differently. Instead of looking for “classic beauty,” look for the beauty forged from life experiences. See the many triumphs that are etched on the faces of those around you. Bless them for what they have gone through. Bless them for their courage. Bless them for their valor. Bless them for their laughter and Bless your hearts.
Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW a licensed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience in traditional therapy, psychic intuitive therapy, and healing energy work.
Cynthia has been described this way: "Take the best therapist you have ever experienced along with an amazing healer and psychic - toss in some angels and some pretty interesting guides - and you get Cindy Shelton. Her ability to get right to the essence of you and your problems is awesome. She's one of a kind!"  *  www.cynthialeeshelton.com/   *   

SaLuSa: The Central Sun Powers the Whole Universe
January 7, 2011
We see you at different stages of understanding and in preparation for the coming changes. Your approach has a lot to do with your personal beliefs and what it is you actually want to happen. Much of this results from your own programming, and even subconscious memories of past lives. What is going to make a difference and enable you to make an enlightened choice of which path to take, will depend if you have kept an open mind. It is certain that every soul alive today has at different times, been faced with the truth about Humanity and its divine destiny. Some will ignore it and follow their mindset that has become so strong, that there is little leeway if any to change. We are not suggesting that such an approach is wrong, because it is you who determine the pathway that you follow. However, it will become somewhat easier if you consider what is put to you. Allow for the fact that you might be in error where the truth is concerned, and when you find it placed before you it will be easier to integrate it into your beliefs.
One certainty is that all in time will come to understand that the God you all worship is one and the same. Names are meaningless and even ancient history has to be read with certain reservations, as it goes back to days when much was handed over only by word of mouth. You cannot therefore take everything as read today as after many years it carries inaccuracies, and not least of all because of the number of times it will have been translated. Discussion therefore becomes a necessary and healthy way to become discerning and able to adjust to the true message. We must mention the false gods that were on Earth some 5000 years ago as they were responsible for misleading Man into believing that those who thought different to you were your enemies, and should be killed. That belief stands true to today, yet on examination and in respect of the higher teachings received over many centuries, we believe it will be understood that the One God is Omnipotent and is absolute Love. Furthermore, it has no religious connection and given to all souls regardless. It is a point to reflect on, because if you desire to ascend there is no place in the higher dimensions for anything but Universal Love.
We have often told you that there is not much you need to do to ascend, and if you can simply find it in your heart to love all souls then everything else will fall into place. You are sparks of God and what indeed would you expect of yourselves as the sons and daughters of God. The Earth has carried you far and as duality comes to an end, you will shake off the last of the lower energies so that you become a radiant Being of Light. You are beginning to realise that much of what you have become to accept as real, is in fact of your own creation and is an illusion. Your civilisation has reached that point where it has little left to teach you about duality. However, for those who refuse to release themselves from the controlling ways of the old paradigm, there is due allowance made so that they may evolve as they have chosen. That is your privilege granted to you by the Prime Creator, and in accordance with the freewill also given to you.
There will soon come times when we will address all of the problems that you have created for yourselves, and we will lead you onwards to the final days of this cycle. It will be sometimes be hectic but our presence is your assurance that you will not be left “to stew in your own juice,” as you are inclined to say. We are loving souls that give of ourselves with unlimited love, and wish we could fully convey to you the extent of the service we are here to give you. Meeting us will do a lot to remove any doubts you may have, and we are happy for you to judge us by our actions. Forget the ages old comic pictures of what aliens are supposed to be and look like, as we are in some instances every bit as human looking as you are. It is not as if we have never been seen by you previously, and various civilisations of our Federation have been contacting certain individuals for many years of your lifetime.
Already although only a few days have elapsed since the New Year started, you are hearing of various activities and not all necessarily exactly what you would like. As we have told you before, the dark Ones are also operating within the Law of Freewill, but the Light has reversed the balance and now leads the way home. The dark Ones do however have an obstinate desire to carry on even although they know it will bring their demise. There comes a point where they must allow the Light to take over as the dominant power, and with the help of our allies we are pushing hard to break their resistance. So you are due for some surprises that may possibly come without much advance notice. However, many of you who keep abreast of what is happening all around the world, are picking up the clues to what is about to happen.
Have no fear Dear Ones, have you not been told that victory is already yours. Just allow some time for it to manifest upon Earth and off you will go with a joyful step and happiness in your hearts. The best is clearly to come, and we have the answers to the financial collapse that hovers over you. Out of all the travails you have had or are to experience, will come the sweetness of success. So we ask that you stay cheerful and confident regardless of the outer happenings because the changes are upon you. Just be patient a little longer as you everything to gain, and in real terms very little to lose. The plan for you is immaculate and your destiny, and provides for all that is necessary to see you firmly step on the path to Ascension.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the Galactic Federation is a tremendous force for good, and we will not allow you to be taken advantage of any longer. There may be scuffles but we certainly will prevent any plans that may further damage Mother Earth, as she has lovingly carried you on her back for eons of time and like you she also has to move towards Ascension. As we have mentioned a number of times, such a Universal event is to happen on an enormously large scale. You would find it difficult to comprehend what it entails, and the great Beings that are holding the power to move a Universe into a higher dimension. The Central Sun powers the whole Universe and its energies are creating changes in all kinds of matter, so that Ascension is achieved according to the Creator’s Plan.
Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey

2011: Ready for a New and Improved You?
by Jill Renee
January 6, 2011

In a recent article I shared a message “What Channel Are You On?” which discussed the importance of our energetic vibration on our experience, joy, love and peace within. 
Each of us are choosing our experience, every moment of every day.  It takes some practice, but you can become quite good at making the experience everything you want. 
How do we do this?  How do we become good at making the journey what we REALLY want vs. the one some of us might be getting, the one that may be making us miserable? 
First, trust yourself.  The master within you, the aspect of God within each of us, the part that wrote your original plan for this journey is still with you, whether you acknowledge that beautiful, loving, all powerful part of yourself or not.  You are a unique expression of God.  This Creator part of you is there, perhaps quietly in the background, honoring your journey, knowing that all experience is valuable, that there really are no mistakes, just many, many lessons. 
This first step, in my belief structure, is the most important.  It affects your vibration more than anything else.  It is where you find your own power source, so you don’t “need” any one else’s power to feel fulfilled.  It is THE source of unconditional love, which starts by acknowledging and loving the God part within you and then recognizing the God part within everything in your awareness.  Please spend adequate energy here for it will be well worth it.  If you are in need of assistance, please seek it wherever you are led.  I also recommend true wisdom through meditation, asking for direct assistance from your Higher Self, your Divine within.  If meditation isn’t yet in your repertoire then please seek wise counsel from a being in human form who radiates light and joy from their very essence.  They reached that state from embracing the New Energies available to Earth and they are an example to you of what is possible at this magical time on Gaia.
A great follow on step is to look for the flow in your life.  What are you continuously led to?  What are the “coincidences” and synchronicities indicating to you?  Synchronicities are in fact very purposeful and never random.  In what direction is your heart pulling you? 
It could be that you actually are in a fairly nice flow, feeling like you are doing pretty much what you want to do in your journey but that you notice some minor adjustments are needed.  These adjustments may be your entrance ticket to more love, joy and inner peace than you have ever had on this journey. 
Others reading this may feel quite off track, feeling like everything is busting loose all over and that you have little or no control over anything.  In your situation, dear one, Let Go!  Let go of whatever you are so desperately hanging onto that the Universe is trying to tell you to stop fighting.  Sometimes it is in this letting go that you allow yourself the energy to discover where you really want to be, how you really want to be, who you really want to be.  A fresh start is waiting for you if you desire it – just ask your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels for assistance.  They will celebrate in your asking and in the providing assistance to you. 
I understand that for some of you a new direction may be at odds with everything you’ve built or worked for.  There may be loved ones close to you who won’t agree or will try and talk you out of your new plan or new approach.  But, whose journey are you living, beautiful soul?  Whose life is this?  And, very importantly, are you so certain it is an either/or decision?  Isn’t it possible you can achieve your new way of being from where you are now, simply by changing your thoughts, your perception of the current situation?  Might you find joy, love and inner peace AND remain where you are?  The fifth dimension and higher is filled with “And” situations; it is in the third dimensional game that we are so riddled with “Or” situations.  Look for the And!  Look for wanting your cake and eating it, too!  Shoot for the stars, Empowered One. 
I send you love and blessings for a magical 2011.
Jill Renee
About Jill
I discovered my psychic/intuitive abilities as recently as February 2009 and have been sharing them and expanding them ever since.  The intense energies on Earth at this time allow for very rapid expansion and somehow I feel like everything is right on schedule for me; waking up amidst the "New Energies"..
By May 2009, I began to access my gifts as a conscious channel, starting as communication with my spirit guides and higher self.  Also, I soon began accessing wisdom and teachings from other high dimensional beings including Mother Mary, Jesus, Thoth, Gaia, Pleiadian and Arcuturian-based energies, and other higher dimensional beings including the Angelic realms.  The shared information has a high level of relevance, insight and, of course love.  I share their insights in articles, videos, group readings and speaking engagements as well as private sessions.

Oakbridge University - Jeshua - Message of the Day
Beloved one, when you know who you are, the aura expands, even to the place where those who have the eyes to see it can see it and will see it. And you will do things that you have read about, such as walking a foot off of the ground, being on Cloud Nine, as they call it. You will do miraculous things, because it is easy to do.
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HEAVEN #3696
The Garden of Pride
January 7, 2011
God said:
However you do things in life, there are other ways for you to do them. There are other platforms to come from. Because you have always been a certain way doesn’t mean you must continue being the same way. I ask you to adjure from saying: “That’s how I am. That’s how I will always be.” Why would you close the door on life? Why would you let so much in, and no more, and feel virtuous about it? I have seen those who sometimes are smug in telling someone off, for instance, as if that were a proud thing to do. How can that be a proud thing to do? Why would anyone wish to be proud of that?
You may want change in your life, yet you may want change without your changing. Let Me put it this way. You want change in your life, and, at the same time, you don’t want to have to change. You may want new gifts from life, and yet want everything else as before. It is your life I am speaking of. Life is meant to be a flowing stream, not a stationary object.
What is so hard about letting a little change in? I am suggesting you change your mind about something. I am suggesting you let the past go. Past ways are of the past. They have not always held you in good stead.
In a sense, when it comes to certain areas of life, you have been rigid. You have been for one thing and against another. You have held prejudices. You have said: “I will never change my mind about this.” And you have held on to an opinion as if an opinion were a rare antique to be polished. An opinion is just an opinion. Opinions do not have to be permanent. Your stance in life does not have to pretend to be permanent. If you feel you have been casting pearls before swine, you have some changing to do.
You do not always have to be at the peak of the mountain. Gain a wider frontier. Be humble rather than prideful. If you play baseball, learn how to pitch more gainfully, learn how to catch more gainfully. Take a chance on change.
Even when you are unwilling to budge, odds are that life will pull the carpet out from under you. Life is patient, yet it does not stay still. True, you are a creature of habit, yet you are more than that. Do not purse your lips quite so tightly. Do not be quite so sure that you know all the answers.
Rather than be smart, be kind. Rather than show off, don’t show off. When you put someone down and make him or her feel small, you don’t make yourself big. Rather, you are showing your size. Add to your arsenal of ways to reveal yourself in the world. When it comes to kindness and thoughtfulness, you are on the right track. Do not close out life by squashing anyone else.
Kindness and thoughtfulness do not mean that you put up with everything. It’s just that you don’t always every minute every time put yourself first. There is some truth to the idea that the one who comes last comes first when he who comes last is not inordinately proud of himself. Do good deeds, and disappear from the garden of pride. Be virtuous without pinning medals on yourself.
You don’t have to have the last word. You are not to punctuate life. You are to serve. You are not to capitalize on your assets in life. You are not to make a big thing of them.
Be kind and courteous. Be considerate of your fellow man. If this means changing your ways, then, by all means, change your ways. Be the sun that shines. Add to the happiness of your corner of the world.
Dear Lady of the Light,
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Akashic Records: Indigo and Crystal Children
Channeled by Jen Eramith MA
January 3, 2011
What are indigo and crystal?  How many are there and are they still being born?
The terms "Indigo" and "Crystal Children" are used to describe the idea that children who have been born in the last two or three generations have been bringing a new kind of light to the human experience.  This is something that was new 30 or 40 years ago.  For thousands of years, human beings have been born with the same basic contract for what it means to be human.  Any given person brings part of their soul's energy and experience with them to become part of their personality and life mission -- yet you forget most of your soul's wisdom.
In order to become human, it was necessary to forget who you truly are.  That dynamic of remember a little bit of your soul, but forgetting most of who you really are, has been relatively steady for thousands of years.  Beginning in the 1960's, and increasing greatly in the 1980's, there have been babies born with a different kind of contract.  Their agreement is to remember more of who they are and to bring that light into their human experiences.  This helps all of humanity evolve toward remembering more of who you really are.  But it is difficult to be one who holds more light than those around you, and this is what distinguishes an Indigo or Crystal child from their peers.
In the 1960's, you might say that one in every thousand children had an Indigo contract.  In the 1970's the rate increased to something like one in every one hundred children.  By the 1990's, about 70 or 80 percent of babies born had a contract to bring more light to Planet Earth.  And this light is crystalline energy -- it is the pure light of Love that creates everything in the universe.  When more children had this contract than not, you began to find ways to distinguish differences among them, so you came up with names beyond "Indigo" to describe them.  All these names point to the same basic dynamic, and offer help understanding differences among them.
Because humanity has adjusted to the crystalline energy being brought by these generations, there is now room in the basic human contract.  It is now possible for everyone to remember more of who they truly are and to carry with you the light of your soul during your human lifetime.  During the 1980's, a series of harmonic alignments occurred, including the Harmonic Convergence, that opened an even more expansive and enlightened contract for humanity.  It was after this time that Crystal Children began to be born. 
This is all part of the evolution of humanity.  Humanity has evolved enough that it is now true that if you are alive on Planet Earth at this time, you are connected to crystalline energy.  There are enough of you moving through enlightenment at this time that is now possible for any one of you to move into crystalline energy.  Moving through enlightenment means renegotiating your contract in order to include more light and remember more of you who really are.  It no longer matters whether you were born with an Indigo or Crystal contract.  You can become an Indigo or Crystal adult through your own enlightenment process.  It was important for you to recognize Indigo and Crystal children and to support them, and now it is most important that you recognize that all of you are special.  All of you are divine.  Everyone one of you chose to be alive on Planet Earth at this time because humanity is evolving toward light and you play a fundamental role in that evolution.
It can be very useful to look back and realize that you were an Indigo child.  It can be very useful to acknowledge the children in your life and what contracts and special needs they might have because they are Indigo, Crystal, or otherwise special.  But ultimately the most important thing you can do is to recognize that the crystalline energy is simply a shift in how you see yourself and how much light you bring into your life and carry in your body.  That light becomes brighter as you heal the things that hold you back, let go of your own darkness and shadow, and step into more love in your everyday life.  You -- every one of you -- can be Indigo or Crystal.  In fact, you are becoming so every day as you move through enlightenment.  And just as you would take very good care of a special child, it is time to take very good care of yourself.  You are precious!
From Keepers of the Akashic Records * Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA *
The Akashic Records are an ethereal library, offering infinite information regarding every creation in the Universe. They hold an energetic imprint of a soul's journey from its inception until its return to Source.  Every human being has access to their Akashic Records by divine birthright.  There is a unique Akashic Record for every period of time, and the Records for the period can be accessed.  As we approach each new month, the possibilities and probabilities of the month come into form, and can be understood as a general energy that each of us works with individually.  The Akashic Transformations monthly channeling is offered to you by Jen Eramith in order to facilitate your own experiences as you move through the month. This Monthly Message Preview was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Eramith, M.A.
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