2010: The Year You Blossom



Beloved children, this is your Father Michael.  Nestled away in the deepest places of your consciousness is your divine connection—that living spark of God awaiting you to enter into intimate and loving communion.  As you begin a new year of growth and change, I invite you to focus on your indwelling Light of God within and ask me to radiate my essence into you to help you draw closer to this light.

This light of God within is your place of comfort and security; it discloses what is true and right to you..  You intuit this presence of God within from a different mental vantage point…it is your faith that deepens your connection and allows your mind to elevate to the higher levels of consciousness.  Faith, living trust in the presence of God within builds the structures of cosmic consciousness.

As your Universe Father, I will help you access this living LIGHT within.  Ask me to sit with you in the quietness of your heart and ask me to radiate my love for you into you.  Trust that this love will grow within your heart and help you connect with your own fragment of God living within, and that you will continue to be guided by the light of LOVE from the inside out! 

Trust in this, my beloveds, and make 2010 the year you blossom in our Creator’s LOVE!