2010: The Great Awakening

Hilarion's Weekly Message, January 3-10, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Lightworkers,
The focus for this week is maintaining your integrity and keeping yourselves grounded into the core of Mother Earth. Those of you who have been working a long time with the new frequencies and energies are finding yourselves so far ahead of your brothers and sisters who as yet are unawakened, that you are finding it hard to relate and interact with them for any length of time. Many of you are finding that interaction with those who still abide in the lower unawakened, frequencies a painful exercise in transmutation and the processing of these energies that pull your Light and your higher energy from you. We say to you Dear Ones, that this is a part of your task in your everyday lives upon the Earth…it has always been so throughout your Earthly journeys, in this lifetime and other lifetimes that you have lived upon the Earth. You are helpers who came in voluntarily knowing full well how difficult your task of living upon the Earth in your veils of forgetfulness was going to be. Each of you have the great Flame of Love burning brightly within your hearts and it is this Light that has kept you in the forefront, ever cutting and blazing a trail of Light in order to light the way for those who follow, and follow they shall, Beloved Ones. 
In this coming year of 2010 there will be millions of people who begin to Awaken to the knowledge and awareness of their higher potentials. Your work and sacrifice has made this Awakening much easier for these Ones and so as this happens, the Light you have held for such a long, long time will begin to grow exponentially with each passing day. The more Light that begins to light up the Earth, the more people will Awaken. You might call the year of 2010 the year of the Great Awakening, as this is already occurring and will become more and more discernible as the days, weeks and months continue. As difficult as it has been for each of you as the Trailblazers in this regard, know that your efforts are now beginning to bear fruit and you will see this in all facets of your daily lives. Much that is transpiring behind the scenes will begin to come out into the open and will create a movement of change upon the face of the Planet that will reach the length and breadth of every corner upon your World. Change is the name of the game in 2010. There is much to be excited about, Dear Ones, much more for you to learn and overcome, still, we want you to be very aware that each of you have done this many times before and this knowledge will become a remembering for you very soon. 
The momentum of the Light has been building in greater and greater waves upon the Earth and is now blending with the great Cosmic energies that are inundating every particle of life upon the Earth and within the Earth. This Light creates, as each of you know, much that does not resonate with the Light to come to the surface for your review and release, and this is not a comfortable situation but a very necessary one, if you wish to continue on your Ascension journey. Trust in the process and call upon us whenever you encounter more friction within you and around you than you can comfortably deal with. We are all standing by, ready to give assistance to each of you who calls upon us and again, we remind you that we must be asked, for this is a Universal Law. Much assistance can be given unto each of you, but you must first ASK. If you could only see clearly the great Forces of Light that surround you, you would be dancing all the way through your Ascension process! We upon the Higher realms feel so very excited to see the leaps and bounds that you are making in your journeys of remembrance and tell you that you are very near to your goal. 
It behooves each of you to continue in your activism to bring about the changes for the greater good of all by daily working with the Light Beings and energies. Your decrees and affirmations has a greater reach than you can possibly know at this time …when you repeat a decree, especially more than once, there is a frequency wave that is created and this wave moves out into the atmosphere around the Earth and thereby creates positive change, for even that which could be looked upon as unpleasant changes in the end result become positive changes, for it is all about growth and the coming to greater awareness. I am here to tell you, Beloved Ones, that the days of learning lessons through suffering and hardship are coming to a closure, for the new way will be all about learning through and with Grace. There will be great joyous leaps in consciousness once this becomes fully established upon the Earth plane. You who are the forerunners are asked to move into this awareness and become the creators of this new way of learning and doing. It no longer has to be hard to create anything you desire, it can be a pleasure and a joy to learn and grow and explore all the new information and knowledge that is now awaiting your explorations. Seek and you shall find, Dear Ones. 
Until next week….
I AM Hilarion